CHALLENGE LIFE BETTER - Challenge Life Better


Your heart is pounding, wondering how it’s going to turn out. 

The iron gate feels cold and heavy against your chest.

Will you come out as a champion?

Or will you eat someone’s dust?

Then you look inside you, close your eyes, listen to your heart.

You are a thoroughbred race horse -

And you’ve got what it takes.

You can do it.

You are made for this.

You have the capacity to make it and own it.

And guess what - this race... It’s your race.

Not with anyone.

But only with yourself.

The first curve is always a tough one, but you say:

“Not today. This very moment, I will do everything I can and get past this”.

And you push forward. Up to the very end.

It’s your race.

And at your own pace you start and make it happen.

No opponents to beat.

You are racing, you are challenging, doing the best and making every second count.

Not concerned whether the crowds approve or disapprove.

This is your game, your race.

And you’re doing this for yourself.

One experience.

One breath.

One steady step at a time.

That’s all that matters.