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​Ultimate Guide on the Best Vegan Protein Powder Buying Tips, Health Benefits, and MORE!

Ultimate Guide on the Best Vegan Protein Powder Buying Tips, Health Benefits, and MORE!

A healthy and gorgeous physique is an asset.

No wonder many people go through great lengths to improve their appearance and health by hitting the gym, exercising, following the right diet, etc.

And when it comes to improving the body, taking protein powder is no stranger to this scene.

But what if you’ve decided you’d never again eat meat, dairy, or eggs? What’s the best vegan protein powder that works just as amazing - if not, even better - than animal protein sources?

If you’ve been dreaming of enhancing your gains, bulking up, and getting trimmed without switching over to the other side of the bodybuilding fence where everyone’s downing whey protein shake or dumping raw egg yolks in their mouth (Rocky, anyone?), here’s your one-stop-guide for the best plant based protein powder to get.

You’ll realize that vegan protein will suffice in giving you the bod you want.

Choose the perfect vegan protein powder for you and enhance your workouts, achieve your weight loss goals, and be solid strong like a plant-munching gorilla instead of an animal-devouring lion. 🙂

Here’s the only guide you will need on how your body can benefit from a plant based protein powder and how to buy the perfect vegan protein powder for your optimum health

Organic Protein Powder, Vegan Protein… What Do These Powders Have?

​Organic Protein Powder, Vegan Protein… What Do These Powders Have?

For most ripped folks, athletes, and bodybuilders, whey protein is THE protein to get.

It’s all about whey for these people and any gym regulars.

But if you’ve no longer subscribed to dairy consumption, it’s not exactly the route to take because whey comes from milk.

Well, lucky you, milk and dairy products are not the only sources of protein!

Vegans CAN also get their protein and achieve a ripped, strong, and chiseled body from working hard at the gym.

Here are excellent sources of vegan protein that can be found conveniently in those easy-to-prepare plant based protein powder​ drinks for your post-workout sessions.

Have a look at these vegan protein powder ingredients and learn more about what they do to your body. Then, you can have a clearer idea on which one (or two) of these suits your needs and goals best.

1. ​Soy

Soy is the king of vegan protein, at least in terms of popularity. 

It’s been a household name for plant based protein since 1959… And it still continues to ring a bell among protein junkies who are vegan.

So if you see protein powder made from soy, what exactly does that mean?

Simple - its main component is defatted soy flour, with as much as 90% protein or more. That’s straight up protein for you!

Unlike other protein sources like peas and beans, though, there’s not a whole lot of carbs and fats in soy protein. That explains the less gas you experience after gulping a big glass of your favorite smoothie or protein shake with soy as the main ingredient.

Now, soy has been a hot topic in the past because of its phytoestrogen content. This hormone is responsible for enhancing feminine characteristics such as an enlargement of the breast tissue. If you’re a woman, maybe this would fly. But if you’re a guy, this doesn’t sound too appealing, does it?

But let’s debunk this myth.

Yes, it’s just another soy myth. Because in reality, only a very small percentage of the male population has a soy sensitivity. Most importantly, some unwanted side effects linked with a surge in the estrogen level only occurs with regular consumption of massive servings of soy per day… Like 12 or even more servings of soy!

But there’s nothing wrong with checking with your doctor before taking soy protein, so you can put your mind at rest. In fact, that’s always the best route to take when you’re thinking about adding a new supplement to your diet.

2. ​Hemp


It’s not only a plant based, but it’s also a superfood!

Loaded with nutrients including protein, vitamins, minerals, and 20 amino acids - plus ALL 9 are in this one tiny seed, it simply can’t get better than this.

What’s more, hemp is rich in fiber and omega fatty acids to protect your heart, digestive tract, and strengthen your immune system.

If you’re buying vegan protein powder containing hemp, be sure you go for the organic one. You want to get your protein in, not the nasty stuff from pesticides and chemicals!

Pro tip when using hemp protein:

Hemp is pretty course not like those smooth and fine protein powders. So blending hemp up with your fruit smoothie or with plant based milk will give your drink a sandy texture to it.

I would make sprinkle hemp seeds to my oatmeal or add it to my muesli, or if you’re okay with the course texture it brings to your smoothie, that shouldn’t be a problem, too.

3. ​Brown Rice

​​“Wait, rice?? Isn’t that a carb?”

Don’t be deceived by these tiny grains. They do have carbs but they’re not all carbs.

Especially when it comes to brown rice protein, which has nothing to do with its granddaddy, the rice that we’re very much familiar with.

The process of making protein from rice involves reducing the level of carbs, micronutrients and starch in this gran. It’s why the nutritional profile isn’t how it was before the processing started.

And dig this - over 80% of starch is eliminated in brown rice protein, making it the worst source of sugars and carbs because these guys aren’t quite there anymore.

So if you’re into low-carb vegan protein powder, rice protein is for you. Bonus points, as well, for being gluten-free, lactose-free, and zero allergens that are key culprits for gastric upsets.

4. Pea

Nope, these aren’t those green peas you’ve had on your plate growing up as a kid.

Pea protein is from dried peas or field peas… You know, the kind of peas you use to make soup.

It’s amazing how not only can you make soups out of peas but you can also drink it up - in the form of pea protein powder mixed with your shakes or smoothies.

A little something about its protein content, though.

Pea protein lacks some of the 9 essential amino acids, so if you’re shooting for protein powder with all these 9, it’s not the powder for you. But all hope is not lost since you can always try to get the missing ones from the other foods you eat daily such as your whole grains, vegetables and fruits.

Egg-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, pea protein is an excellent vegan protein powder with as much as 80% protein in it.

​5. ​Plant Based Protein Blends and Superfoods

Plant Based Protein Blends and Superfoods

If you want a little bit of everything - and more - protein blends are for you.

As the name implies, this type of vegan protein powder is not just from one plant based protein source but from two or three or more!

There are soy and rice, pea and brown rice, and several other combos for protein blends available in the market.

But there are more things going on behind the blending of two or more different ingredients in this type of protein powder. It’s not just about the nutrients but also to enhance the texture of the powder.

For instance, brown rice protein hardly mixes smoothly when dissolved in water but with the unique and complementary texture of soy, your brown rice and soy protein drink becomes creamy and smooth.

When you drink protein powder plain, as in, just combined with water, it’s not the most exciting drink on the planet. But with a combination of other high-protein and high-fiber ingredients, along with a blend of other plant based protein sources…. Now we’re talking!

Common Questions Asked about Plant Based Protein Powder

Common Questions Asked about Plant Based Protein Powder

So we all know that plant based protein powder comes from different sources, that some may have more or less protein content, and the taste tends to vary, as well.

Then, there are some myths and questions on your mind regarding the safety and health benefits of the powder.

Let’s have the answer to some of your questions nailed down, so you can decide if vegan protein powder is for you or not.

Is Vegan Protein Powder Bad For You?

This is probably the question that arises from people who’s still hung up on the soy controversy.

But like I said earlier, soy protein can only trigger side effects if you consume several times more than the recommended daily amount. If you drink two servings of your protein beverage each day, that’s way less than the 12 or so servings that can cause your body to act up.

Another thing is it’s vegan. There’s no lactose and sucralose here, so you got your gut well taken care of while achieving the most from your protein drink.

On the other hand, whey means bad news for lactose-intolerant folks. It’s high in milk and sugar, making you prone to bloating, diarrhea, and flatulence.

So to avoid these risks, there are two things to do.

Check the Label

How well do you know and trust the company that makes the vegan protein powder?

This is the first thing to look for, followed by the list of ingredients in the label.

You want to be sure that not only you’re getting your protein in but you’re benefitting from it because it’s 100% safe, organic, and free from allergens.

Know Your Needs

Do you wish to gain muscle that’s why you’re thinking about taking protein powder?

Or maybe you’re into this whole bodybuilding, Mr. Universe kind of a body?

Perhaps you want to reduce your craving, and you think protein can help curb your appetite?

You have to first define your needs and get the answer straight as to why you want to take protein powder. Once you’ve identified your needs, you can start scouting the shop for a safe, effective, and best kind of plant protein powder for your health.

Is Vegan Protein Powder Good For Building Muscle?

Is Vegan Protein Powder Good For Building Muscle?

The straight answer to this question is a big yes.

Protein supports the growth and development of muscle, so you can get ripped from taking the 
best vegan protein powder combined with regular exercise and workout.

Taking protein powder will not magically transform your body but you have to work hard for it by exercising. Then, drink up your protein powder smoothie instead of feasting on your bags of chips and soda after your workout.

Is Vegan Protein Powder Good For Weight Loss?

Protein is great for giving your body a full sensation.

On the other hand, if you’re not feeling satisfied because it’s either your sweet craving is attacking you or your tummy is grumbling after not eating anything substantial the night before, chances are, you’ll attack the first doughnut shop you pass by.

Bad idea if you’re trying to lose weight…

But if you’re full, satiated, and satisfied from drinking your nutritious protein powder, then the craving for something you’ll only regret won’t even register in your brain.

When you stay on track with your diet, you don’t have the urge to eat foods that are not good for you, then you can achieve weight loss with the help of protein powder. It’s so filling and substantial, yet void of components that don’t help with your weight loss or weight management goals.

What is the Healthiest Vegan Protein Powder

What is the Healthiest Vegan Protein Powder

Now you’re aware of the different types of vegan protein powder sources, the benefits of plant based protein powder, and why you should consider using this type of powder to lose or manage weight, build muscles, and be healthier.

So the question now is -

What is the healthiest vegan protein powder?

There’s no single answer to this, not just one product that fits the bill.

Instead, it’s a matter of what deciding what product works for you best based on your specific needs. If you’re into bodybuilding, then the healthiest and the best vegan protein powder is one that caters to help you meet that goal. If it’s weight loss, then you want that particular feature in the powder you buy.

But essentially, the
best vegan protein powder is one that is from an organic, all-natural, preservative-free source.

If it’s from a clean source, from a reputable company, and free from questionable ingredients, then you have in your hands - and in your tummy - the healthiest and best vegan protein powder.

Our Vegan Protein Powder Review and Buying Guide

There are dozens of vegan protein powder brands in the market with their unique selling points and specifications.

But if you’re just going to pick one, which one should you get?

It can be tough reading the specs that may sound quite the same to you.

And you just sometimes want to cut to the chase and boom, pick up that organic protein powder from a bunch of similarly good ones.

So when
choosing the ultimate vegan protein powder, you need to consider more than just your budget.

You want to make sure the ingredients are from an organic source, the protein content and nutritional profile matches your requirements, and that it’s from a trusted company.

We help you narrow down your options by presenting you a few of our top picks for the best vegan protein powder according to their main functions and components.

Best Vegan Protein Powder for Bodybuilding

Best Vegan Protein Powder for Bodybuilding

Bodybuilders and powerlifters agree - you gotta get your protein!

It’s an important nutrient responsible for repairing, nourishing, and building healthy tissues in the body. Protein also supplies your body with energy, which is essential for athletes or sports enthusiasts engaged in endurance activities such as swimming, running, and cycling.

So if you’re vegan and thinking about upping your protein consumption, the best way to do this is by adding in vegan protein powder to your drinks. With low fat content and average level of carbs, along with other nutrients that promote your strength, stamina, and endurance, you can improve your performance while sticking to your vegan diet.

Here are two of the top-notch vegan protein powder in the market that any bodybuilder need to take.

Garden of Life Non-GMO Raw Certified Vegan Organic Protein Vanilla Powder

Not only is this plant based protein powder vegan but it’s also organic. Hitting two birds in one stone!

Garden of Life Organic Vegan Protein powder contains a whopping 4 grams of BCAAs that help speed up recovery from fatigue or damages to the muscle after training. So it’s your go-to after putting stress to your body, i.e. after a long hike, strenuous workout, and intense sports.

No wonder it’s the protein powder of choice by the USA Track and Field!

This amazing protein powder has 13 different vegan protein sources (all organic) including amaranth, pea, buckwheat, brown rice, chia seed, quinoa, adzuki bean, millet, and several others. It’s packed with probiotics, digestive enzymes, and essential amino acids.

You can choose from 4 flavors to this powder - vanilla spiced chai, vanilla, original, and chocolate cacao.

The taste leaves a ton to be desired, though, so you might want to blend the powder up with almond milk and fruits and enjoy a tasty smoothie!

Vega Sport Chocolate Protein Powder

Another excellent protein powder for vegans, Vega Sport is perfect for folks engaged in tough workouts, marathons, and bodybuilding. In fact, Brendan Brazier, ultramarathoner and Ironman triathlete developed this product for people into endurance sports like him! Infused with turmeric, probiotics, and tart cherry, this vegan protein powder offers quick recovery from seriously intense workouts.

A serving of this powder gives you an insane 30 grams of vegan protein, 2 grams of carbs, 2 grams of fiber - and just 150 calories.

Made from protein blends including sunflower seed proteins, pumpkin, pea, and alfalfa, this powder also has glutamine and BCAAs for outstanding athletic performance.

If you need a soy-free, vegan, organic, and gluten-free protein powder to improve your strength, build stamina and endurance, and max your performance level, Vega Sport got you covered. You can also choose from a variety of flavors that complement your taste buds including chocolate, mocha, berry, and vanilla.

Just like most vegan protein powders, the taste is a little on the bland side. So just add some fruits to it, nut milk, and maybe a natural sweetener of your choice, and your drink is ready to go!

Best Vegan Protein Powder for Weight Loss

Best Vegan Protein Powder for Weight Loss

​Can vegan protein powder actually help you lose weight??

Well, yes and no.

For the most part, it’s your food choices that can influence weight loss, along with regular exercise and workouts.

But what an organic protein powder can do is improve your metabolism and keep you satiated without having you consume a ton of calories.

High-protein diets help with a more efficient metabolism, which means you get to burn more calories. Protein also reduces your risk of bingeing and obsessing with food since you feel fuller, thus eliminating unnecessary thoughts of food.

So by using vegan protein powder that has a great protein-calorie ratio and some L-glutamine and medium-chain triglycerides, you will feel fuller and have less cravings throughout the day. Now that sure helps for your weight loss goals!

Below are two of the best vegan protein powder for weight loss worth a try.

Orgain Vegan Organic Gluten Free Plant Based Protein Powder

If you want a protein powder that actually supports your health, metabolism, strength, performance AND tastes good, Orgain is the one for you.

It’s got 21 grams of protein per serving, along with 5 grams of fiber, BCAAs, 3 grams of carb, and just 150 calories for two scoops of this powder.

This powder contains a blend of vegan protein ingredients such as pea, hemp, chia seed, and brown rice. With a balanced and impressive nutritional profile, this powder is definitely a craving stopper and a weight loss essential.

As for the flavors, there’s chocolate fudge and vanilla bean to choose from, and both are equally tasty. Blend up some frozen bananas, add some almond milk if you want, and dump in two scoops of Orgain vegan protein powder, and you’re supercharged for the day minus the bloating and gas!

Sunwarrior Warrior Blend Vegan Protein Powder

Where else can you find a drink that’s got 100 calories and 18 grams of protein and complete amino acids?

Definitely not from a bottle of soda!

Sunwarrior Warrior Blend is the ultimate weight loss protein powder that keeps you satiated longer and energizes you for hours. It is made from vegan and organic sources including cranberry, hemp seed, and pea. Plus, it also contains coconut, which is packed with amino acids including Leucine, Lysine, Arginine, and BCAAs.

Available in mocha, berry, vanilla, and the unflavored varieties, Warrior Blend is an outstanding addition to your diet.

Just a word of advice - this powder is a little sandy/ gritty because of the hemp seed. So you’ll need to blend this powder up with a high-powered blender to prevent the powder from settling to the bottom.

Additional Uses of Plant Based Protein Powder

Additional Uses of Plant Based Protein Powder

Bodybuilding, powerlifting, sports, weight loss…

What else is a vegan protein powder used for?

You don’t have to be some jacked dude or weight-conscious guy or gal to consider adding some protein powder to your diet.

Even if you’re not a gym buff, protein powder can do you good because it serves as a supplement, as well.

For instance, raw vegans who are not getting enough protein and essential amino acids from their diet can benefit from vegan protein powder. The same is true for menopausal and perimenopausal women who need a natural supplement that can help alleviate uncomfortable symptoms during this phase in their lives.

The soy isoflavones in soy protein powder helps reduce symptoms such as mood swings, night sweats, and hot flashes that make life harder for women going through menopause.

So whether you’re a child, teen, adult, or senior, vegan protein powder can definitely benefit your health and well-being!

Feel Great, Look Great, BE Great with the Best Vegan Protein Powder for You!

Vegan protein powder is a life-changer no matter what your activity level may be.

Whether you’re a powerlifter, yoga teacher, body builder, or just an average adult doing your normal activities, the best vegan protein powder can improve your health.

By supplementing your body with protein, fiber, some carbs, fats, and a good amount of BCAAs, you’ll notice the positive change not just in your appearance but even in your strength, stamina, and mood.

Be sure to choose the right organic vegan protein powder for you, take it regularly and as indicated in the packaging, and welcome the more amazing YOU that’s thriving with health and energy naturally!

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