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How to Choose the Best Organic Soap for Your Body

​How to Choose the Best Organic Soap for Your Body

How to Choose the Best Organic Soap for Your Body

How sure are you that your current soap is actually good for your skin?

Unless it’s organic soap, you might as well toss your old soap out. You’re not doing your health any favor by using it over and over.

So what’s the best organic soap to use?

And why should you even use organic soap?

Keep reading and you’ll never think of using any bath soap except for homemade, natural, organic soap!

What’s the Best Soap for Your Skin?

There are hundreds of bath soap ads you can find all around you.

These all claim to be the best for your skin but the question is – what kind of soap should you buy that is actually good and beneficial to your body?

First of all, let’s take a look at what your skin does and how the soap you use impacts your health.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body. It absorbs every single thing it comes in contact with – the air you breathe, the water you use for bathing, and all the components that your soap has.

Can you imagine the dangers you’re putting your skin and essentially your health into when you use soap that contains nasty chemicals in it?

You’re unintentionally feeding your skin and your body with toxins!

This is why the only best soap to use for your body is one that is organic and made from healthy, safe, and natural ingredients.

None of those dyes, artificial fragrances, and hazardous chemicals that wreak havoc to your health.

Organic soap, particular handmade soap with all-natural ingredients is the best and safest soap for your skin. And here’s why…

​Is Organic Soap Good For You?

​Is Organic Soap Good For You?

People with sensitive skin don’t respond well to soaps loaded with chemicals.

They end up suffering from rashes, skin irritation, redness, and itching. It’s definitely not worth subjecting your body to all of these nasties.

These are common with soaps that have irritants in them, chemicals that are too strong for your skin to handle. In fact, these shouldn’t be on your skin at all because they don’t serve any purpose to your health!

On the other hand, organic soap ingredients are free from chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and other additives that harm your body.

These soaps also do not have glycerin, or a kind of moisturizing agent that can cause your skin to become dry, itchy, and unhealthy.

Organic Soap Ingredients

So the question is, what does organic soap contain?

If you read the label, you will notice two things – that organic soap contains natural ingredients, and the ingredients are pesticide-free.

To give you a clearer idea on what exactly you’re feeding your body when you use organic soap, here’s a look at the different ingredients typical of this kind of soap:

Natural Moisturizers

Instead of using chemicals to “moisturize” your skin, organic soap contains herbs and natural oils that help keep your skin soft, smooth, and moisturized.

These include aloe, olive oil, coconut oil, essential oils, and unrefined African shea butter.

Sometimes, handmade natural soap may contain just one type of natural oil while others may be a combination of different essential oils.

Just be sure to check if the oils used are from a sustainable source and 100% organic to ease your worries about toxins being present in the soap.

Natural Exfoliants

Organic Soap Ingredients

Exfoliants help reveal a glowing, healthy, and smooth skin underneath.

This is why it would be good to find an organic soap with natural exfoliants to scrub away dead and unhealthy skin cells to bring out the radiant skin that glows naturally.

Common exfoliants you can find in natural soaps include oats and Moroccan red clay.

Natural Fragrances

Unscented soaps from organic sources are great for you since you can be sure that no harsh fragrances are used in the soap. But if you prefer your soap to have a hint of fragrance, then you should go for one made from natural ingredients.

Some of these natural fragrances are obtained from peppermint, rose petals, cinnamon, lavender, sage, and jasmine.

Not only are these healthy for your skin but these add a hint of fragrance to your soap that lingers in your body.

Is It Organic Soap or Not?

Some soaps are labeled as organic, but you still have to be cautious of the ingredients.  

You need to check the label and read it carefully to be sure that your soap is indeed organic and natural.

Stay away from soaps that contain additives such as SLS, parabens, glycerine, and surfactants that cause irritation to your skin. These materials are so harsh that they are even used for cleaning the grease and dirt from car engines!

Your skin is no way comparable to a car engine, obviously – so why use a soap that’s intended for that purpose??

Conventional bath soaps contain a slew of harsh chemicals that irritate and damage your skin.

Stay away from these and read labels carefully to eliminate these risks.

​Organic Soap Benefits – What You Can Get from using Natural Soap?

​Organic Soap Benefits

By choosing organic soap over conventional soap, you are getting all of these benefits:

1. Beautiful Skin

No longer will you need to suffer the risk of using chemical-laden soaps for your skin.

Organic soap keeps your skin healthy, which is evident in smooth, clear, and radiant skin. 

2. Ethical Choice

Organic soaps that are cruelty-free and does not support animal testing are ethical and make you feel good about yourself and your contribution to reducing your carbon footprint on the planet.

You will feel great knowing that you are not supporting in any way those companies that harm animals, as well as the environment since these companies grow and use ingredients containing pesticides and chemicals that negatively impact the environment.

3. Healthy Body 

Imperfections on your skin such as rashes, acne, and itching mean something’s not right in your body.

So once you have noticed that your skin has become clearer and more radiant, it only means that your health is getting better, too.

What could be better than having excellent health?!

Make the Right Choice and Use Organic Soap for Your Skin

Use Organic Soap for Your Skin

You have only one body, and it deserves your TLC.

So if you truly care about your health and your life, be sure to start making better choices with the soap you use.

Organic soaps are the best choice for your skin because not only are these free from harsh chemicals but these also contain nutrients that help your body to thrive.

Care for your body, for the animals, and for the environment by using organic soaps from sustainable and natural resources. Your body will thank you for it!

Colloidal Silver Dosage

Colloidal Silver Dosage That Can Treat Various Infections

Colloidal Silver Dosage That Can Treat Various Infections

What if I told you that there’s a safe, effective, and 100% natural way to treat infections? And it’s nothing new to the history of humankind. It’s been around for centuries…

Since Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire! Colloidal silver has been known to treat diseases and ensure overall health. But the question is – what’s the required colloidal silver dosage for different ailments?

Keep reading and I’ll let you in these amazing revelations on colloidal silver dosage for colds, ear pain, respiratory infections, and important tips on how to take colloidal silver orally to actually reap all the wonderful health benefits it offers.

Let’s dive deeper into it!

Is Colloidal Silver Safe?

I know what you’re thinking – silver is a metal and the idea of ingesting it seems rather intimidating for some people.

But it’s completely safe, as long as you’re using TRUE colloidal silver, which I’ll elaborate more in the next sections.

As for the safety of colloidal silver, you can rest assured that it’s absolutely safe. In fact, even young children can take it without having to worry about colloidal silver side effects.

Just take a look at these impressive facts.

Colloidal Silver Uses During the Ancient Times and Over the Years

Colloidal Silver Uses During the Ancient Times and Over the Years

Here are pieces of evidence that there is nothing new about the use of silver, which takes us back hundreds of years ago.

Ancient Greece

In Ancient Greece, people retained the freshness of water, wine, and other liquids by using silver vessels like jugs, jars, and sealed containers.

Roman Empire

Silver urns were used in Ancient Rome to store wine as this type of container prevents spoilage.

Middle Ages

The wealthy people believed that it was their silverware that protected them from the pangs of the plague during the Middle Ages.

Australia and the U.S

In Australia, the people suspended silverware such as silver spoons in the water tanks to keep the liquid fresh.

Pioneers who trekked for months in the American West placed silver coins in water containers to protect their drinking water from algae, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms.


Ayurveda, the oldest, natural medicine system in India, includes the use of small amounts of silver in various healing herbs and tonics. Silver served as a rejuvenating agent or elixir for sick individuals.

In addition to all of these, colloidal silver was regarded as a bactericide hundreds of years before antibiotics were created. Hospitals used colloidal silver to treat patients suffering from a bacterial and viral infection for over 1000 years.

So you see – there is nothing new to colloidal silver. It’s been the go-to natural medicine ages and ages ago, and its benefits remain to be true even up to this modern day!

How Much Colloidal Silver to Take When Sick?

How Much Colloidal Silver to Take When Sick

Now that you know about the history of colloidal silver as natural medicine, let’s talk about colloidal silver dosages.

Colloidal Silver Dosage for Colds and Upper Respiratory Infection

If you are suffering from colds, cough, and other infections in the upper respiratory system, I advise that you take 3 to 4 ounces of colloidal silver daily.

Do this until the infection is gone and there is no longer any symptoms.

Ear Infections Caused by Bacteria

Using antibiotics often come with nasty side effects, so if you want a natural medicine for ear infections, colloidal silver is good for that.

Simply place a few drops of colloidal silver in the ear. This is what I’ve done to my children when they suffer from ear infections, and in a day or two, the infections are completely gone.

And yes, no side effects or long term bad effects on the health.

Colloidal Silver Dosage for Staph Infection, UTI, Candida, Herpes, Etc.

For any type of infection including Candida, Herpes, Staph, and even urinary tract infection, colloidal silver is an excellent natural treatment that works best for these ailments.

Mix in 2 ounces of collodial silver juice or water. Do this 2 times a day. Then, drink this mixture daily until the infections are gone.

Sinus Infections, Seasonal Allergies, Hay Fever

Do you suffer from seasonal allergies, hay fever, pollen allergy, and the like?

Or are you prone to sinus infections?

Forget those nasty pills and nasal sprays that contain steroids and other chemicals that lead to serious long-term effects on your body.

Colloidal silver is a natural and effective treatment for sinus infections and seasonal allergies.

My wife had severe sinus infections for many years until she started using colloidal silver for her sinuses. The last 5 to 7 years, she had absolutely no sinus infections because the colloidal silver completely healed her from it!

What she does is simply fill up a nasal spray with colloidal silver and half with saline nasal spray, then spray it inside her nose 2 or more times daily.

I also have created a potent tincture made from colloidal silver and other natural ingredients to treat seasonal allergies and hay fever. The result is phenomenal, according to my clients who have tried this product.

Not only did the symptoms go away but their seasonal allergies were gone for good!

Most importantly, there were zero side effects at all and no more coming back of those allergies because the body’s immune system became stronger and is no longer under attack by those allergens.

Colloidal Silver Vs. Ionic Silver

I mentioned earlier that there is TRUE colloidal silver and one that you shouldn’t mess with, which is ionic silver.

When we talk about true colloidal silver, this means that there are 20 to 25 parts per million of silver.

Colloidal silver contains nanoparticles of complete metallic silver, and these components do not mix or merge with the other elements or with each other.

On the other hand, ionic silver is missing one electron. When it misses an electron, this ionic silver transforms into silver chloride once it enters the body due to the sodium chloride (salt) supply inside of you. This is also the reason why people who consume highly concentrated ionic silver turn blue, which is a disease called agyria. This skin discoloration is permanent and irreversible. The blood has actually become photosensitive.

But true colloidal silver contains 20 to 25 parts per million, which is just what is safe for your body and effective in treating bacterial and even viral infections.

If you want to get authentic colloidal silver that is safe and effective for treating infections, I highly recommend the Time Challenger Colloidal Advantage Silver that I make available to my clients.

Colloidal Silver Takes the Infections Away… Naturally

Colloidal Silver Takes the Infections Away

When it comes to treating infections, the best way to go is a natural way.

Not only will you be able to get rid of the symptoms but you’re also targeting the root of the problem.

And, most importantly, natural medicine is safe because it does not contain harmful chemicals that threaten your overall health and cause side effects.

So give real colloidal silver a try today for those infections you have and experience the amazing results that you deserve to have!

Step by Step – How to Awaken Your Body’s Natural Antihistamines Fast


How to Awaken Your Body’s Natural Antihistamines Fast

Are you tired of seasonal allergies, hay fever, and pollen allergies?

What if I tell you that there’s a natural antihistamine that can put an end to all your allergies… Once and for all?

And by that, I mean, never ever having to take another antihistamine because your allergies will be completely gone?!

Amazing, isn’t it?

The best part is since it’s an herb antihistamine, you don’t have to experience nasty side effects that some antihistamines have.

It’s 100% natural, organic, and it attacks the cause of allergies instead of just dealing with the symptoms.

So what’s this natural antihistamine?

Keep reading, and you’ll be surprised by what you’re about to find out! I know many of my clients were!

Herbal Antihistamines Right In Your Very Own Yard

Wait, what? There are natural antihistamines in my yard? Not at the pharmacy???

Are there any natural antihistamines?

You bet.

You don’t even have to go too far or buy super expensive antihistamines that barely work.

The answer is right in your backyard.

And I’ve got another secret that I’ll reveal in a minute…

But first, let’s talk about those herbal antihistamines that you can make yourself.


DIY Natural Antihistamine – Yes, You Can Make Your Own!

Before we get down to work, I want you to clearly define what you’re allergic to.

Is it a particular flower like a rose? Or maybe it’s dandelions?

Maybe you sneeze and your nose gets all runny when you sit in the grass?

You have to be clear about what exactly triggers your seasonal allergies. This way, you can create a natural antihistamine that will counter those nasty symptoms and help build your immune system over time.

With a stronger immune system and immunity against those allergens, you’ll no longer have to keep sneezing, coughing, getting headaches, and suffering from all those unbearable allergy symptoms.

So take a good look at your yard and identify those plants that trigger your allergies.

Once you’re done with that, we can go get started in creating a DIY herb antihistamine that you and even your kids can use to put an end to seasonal allergies.

1. Collect samples of allergens.

You’ll need to go get samples of those plants that cause allergy symptoms.

If you’re allergic to roses, you need to collect some petals of these flowers that you’re allergic to.

But here’s the tricky part – you have to get the right amount of those allergens. Don’t get too much or too little. Otherwise, you won’t get the positive effects you’re aiming for.

It just won’t work if you don’t have enough or you have too much of the sample.

When you’re done with this step, proceed to the next.

2. Make your natural antihistamine tincture.

After gathering the samples, you can begin preparing the tincture. Again, this one needs to be done right, and there are specific instructions to do this.

First, you’ll need the right materials, which include a liter of 95% grain alcohol, colloidal silver (100%), and distilled water.

Let me warn you against some colloidal silver available in stores that are not actually pure. I’m talking about ionic colloidal silver, the kind that turns your skin blue-gray. That’s nasty stuff you don’t want to mess with!

And the worst part, it’s irreversible.

The thing about ionic colloidal silver is it does not even kill bacteria and other pathogens in your body. They also tend to take up your protein and those fat cells, and yes, it’s completely unsafe.

This is why I only recommend true colloidal silver, which you can find on my website.

3. Let the mixture sit for 4 weeks or more.

Once you have your mixtures in a jar, you can begin the extraction process. During this time, the samples will soak in the mixture of colloidal silver, distilled water, and alcohol.

That’s all there is to it.

You don’t need to do anything. Just let it extract and break down the components in the samples, and after 4 to 6 weeks, you can start using the tincture.

4. Follow the correct dosage for the tincture.

I advise that you take 3 to 5 drops of the tincture and just hold it under your tongue to be absorbed by your blood vessels.

As you keep taking the tincture regularly, your body will be able to build a tolerance to these allergens until they never wreak havoc to your body again!


Natural Antihistamine Within Your Reach…

Isn’t it great to know that you can make your very own natural antihistamine?!

But I know what you’re thinking – 4 to 6 weeks is a long wait if you need a potent, herb antihistamine NOW.

This is why I have created this powerful, effective, and purely natural antihistamine that can be within your reach anytime.

No need to wait for a month or so to start taking it!

This product is available on my website, and you can simply go check it out and get yourself a potent tincture that will put an end to your seasonal allergy woes.

Ready to start the fight against allergies?!

Grab a bottle of this 100% organic and effective herb antihistamine tincture and see the difference in your health!

7 Things Cancer Cannot Do

7 Things Cancer Cannot Do

7 Things Cancer Cannot Do

Cancer is a fatal illness that wreaks havoc to millions of people worldwide. According to the National Cancer Institute, cancer is one of the primary causes of death in the world. Over 8 million deaths globally were attributed to cancer in 2012.

But here’s a surprising fact…In 2016, about 15.5 million individuals in the United States survived from cancer. And with recent technologies, the number of cancer survivors are expected to rise in the coming years. All hope is not lost, after all!

This is why if you or your loved ones are currently suffering from cancer, you should not lose hope: There are many things that cancer cannot do.

It may cause pain, sorrow, suffering, and desperation but cancer can never break you. Here are just some of the things that cancer will and can never ever touch.

What Cancer Cannot Do – 7 Reasons Why Cancer is Powerless Over You

Maybe you have been diagnosed with cancer. Or perhaps it’s someone you know, someone you care deeply about who has been dealing with cancer.

But here’s the thing – cancer is powerless over so many things about you and your life.

These 7 things are just a few of what cancer can never do to you and cannot take away.

1. Cancer cannot destroy your soul.

There are good days and there are better days. Today may not be as good as how you want it to be.

Perhaps you’re experiencing so much discomfort, pains here and there. Or you’re generally not feeling OK. But tell you what – cancer can’t destroy your spirit. Never.

There may be cancer cells in some areas of your body right now but they can never touch or get to your spirit. It’s just not a possibility.

Strive to strengthen your spirit by surrounding yourself with inspirational, positive, and encouraging people, things, music.

Read the Bible, listen to inspirational and soothing music, have regular conversations with people who are uplifting and optimistic.

These things can keep your spirit, your soul thriving, which can impact your mood, emotions, and ultimately, how your body feels.

Studies have been made on how adopting a more positive outlook in life can even help with cancer!

So just because you have cancer right now, it does not mean it’s the end of you. Cancer can never destroy your very core, which is your soul.

Cancer cannot stop you from living your dreams.

2. Cancer cannot stop you from living your dreams.

Remember those dreams you’ve got? Those goals, aspirations, and wishes that you have in your mind or written in your journal?

Go chase after them and live them! YES, even in the midst of cancer.

Cancer can never stop you from actualizing those dreams. You may need the help of someone to help you do them but still, you’re the main man/ woman behind the realization of those dreams you’ve got.

Go write that book you’ve always wanted to write. Create a scrapbook full of memories. Play the piano. Do them all!

Nothing can ever stop you from making those dreams happen. It’s been proven in the film The Bucket List, and you can make your own version of that movie by simply living your life.

You are breathing, your heart is pumping, you are alive! Create your bucket list and check everything off in that list today and in the days to come!

3. Cancer cannot pull you away from love.

Love is what keeps you going. It is the moving force, the inner power that inspires you and energizes you.

The love you have for your child, for your grandchild, for your parents, for your beloved pet.

Even if you are suffering from cancer right now, that does not mean your love is already gone. It will never go away because love is your very essence.

So instead of succumbing to bitterness or hatred or anger, pull yourself closer towards the healing energy of love.

Tell someone how much you love him or her. Keep the love in your heart and in your mind burning each day.

And most importantly, continue to love yourself. You are beautiful, you are amazing, you are love.

4. Cancer cannot take your happiness away.

Happiness is not in what you have or what you don’t have.

Happiness is deep within you, in your soul.

So you will never be without happiness because you will never be without your soul! As you stay connected with your inner self, your happiness remains.

What are the things that spark joy in your life? Is it a breath of fresh air? Is it listening to relaxing music? Is it a hug from your loved one? But other than the external sources of happiness, stay in touch with your soul.

Practice stillness and just connecting with your breath.

Just the fact that you’re breathing, your heart is beating, your blood is flowing in your veins are reasons to be happy.

Cancer cannot stop you from enjoying a hobby

5. Cancer cannot stop you from enjoying a hobby.

What are the things you enjoy doing?

Do you like to play board games? Or maybe you enjoy singing, playing the guitar, going for a walk, playing with your dog?

Do them! Your hobbies energize you and keep you alive. The things you are passionate about and make you smile are the ones that continue to keep you going.

Need some ideas on awesome hobbies to do? Here are some of those fun and worthwhile hobbies you can try.

Don’t let this list limit you from doing what you want. I’m pretty sure you can add dozens to this list, so just keep those hobbies coming!

6. Cancer cannot ruin your mind.

Your mind is completely untouched by cancer.

It’s just impossible for it to be destroyed by any kind of disease unless you allow it to. And you shouldn’t.

Practice meditation to maintain peace and silence in your mind. Do the things that keep you focused and keep your mind healthy.

Certain habits help improve your mind and mental health, and here are just a few of the things you can do. Eat well, get plenty of sleep and rest, fill your days with relaxing activities.

It also helps to take supplements that support your overall health – physical, mental, psychological.

7. Cancer cannot define you.

​Most importantly, cancer does not define you. You are NOT your cancer. It is just a disease, and you’re bigger and greater than cancer!

So continue to keep living, continue to fight that cancer, and make each day the best days of your life.

When you don’t give up on yourself, your body will never give up on you. It’s as simple as that.

Don’t forget the stats – millions of people survive cancer. And you are one of them.

Live, love, laugh and always remember that cancer is only a disease and will never, ever corrupt your very soul.

Cancer is Just a Phase, You Will Overcome It!

Cancer is Just a Phase, You Will Overcome It!

Let me end this by saying that miracles happen every single day of our lives. And the greatest miracle is feeling your heart beating, feeling your stomach inflating each time you breathe.

You are alive, and you will continue to live as long as you choose to and make it happen.

So don’t let cancer beat your body and spirit up.

Strive to live each day with love and peace in your heart and always remember that there are so many things cancer cannot do.

Cancer has no power over you!

15 Powerful Ashtanga Yoga Poses And Why You Should Do Them Today

15 Powerful Ashtanga Yoga Poses And Why You Should Do Them Today

15 Powerful Ashtanga Yoga Poses And Why You Should Do Them Today

Have you tried ashtanga yoga yet?

If not, you definitely should!

You’ve probably heard of yoga at some point and maybe a little bit confused because of dozens of yoga types people talk about but…

Ashtanga yoga poses are nothing to shy away from. In fact, they can actually do your body and mind amazing things.

Let’s talk about ashtanga yoga, what it is, ashtanga yoga benefits, and basically everything you need to know about this type of yoga practice.

Ashtanga Yoga Description - A Beginner’s Guide

Ashtanga Yoga Description - A Beginner’s Guide

The Ashtanga yoga history dates back to centuries back, as this yoga system comes from the Yoga Korunta, an ancient text written by the Indian sage named Vamana Rishi. But the modern-day Ashtanga yoga practiced today came from the teachings by K. Pattabhi Jois.

Basically, Ashtanga means “eight limbs”. It means that there are eight components to this type of yoga, and one of these is the yoga asanas or the different Ashtanga yoga poses.

What is Ashtanga Yoga?

Ashtanga yoga features a combination of yoga postures performed in a systematized manner where every posture simply flows. These poses help channel and circulate the energy through the bandhas or the body locks or areas in the body.

Six series make up the Ashtanga yoga, and the basis of all of these is the Primary Series.

But what is constant in all of these series are three elements - Ujjayi breath, drishti, and the bandhas. As you perform the different poses, you breathe into them and allow the energy to flow in various areas of your body.

Because of the nature of Ashtanga yoga, it is without a doubt an effective cleansing and flowing meditation practice.

It helps strengthen and energize the body while giving you a peaceful and calm mind.

Ashtanga yoga benefits are indeed holistic and not merely a physical activity to make you sweat and help you burn calories!

Powerful Ashtanga Yoga Poses to Improve Your Body and Mind

Powerful Ashtanga Yoga Poses to Improve Your Body and Mind

Ready to get started? 

Get your feet wet and check out these ashtanga yoga poses for you to try today.  

These are part of the primary and intermediate series but be sure to consult your medical practitioner before you engage in any of these poses to prevent injuries or unnecessary discomfort.

What is the Purpose of Ashtanga Yoga?

Now that we have established the history and fundamentals of Ashtanga yoga, let’s talk about the benefits.

What exactly does it do to your body?

Here are 9 things that Ashtanga yoga does to help your body and mind - all the more reason to get started with this yoga practice.

1. Enhance your flexibility.

Do you need to be flexible to perform Ashtanga yoga?

It helps but it’s not a primary requirement before engaging in this activity.

No one is born double-jointed, and as you age without ever practicing yoga in your entire life, you cannot expect to be pliable and flexible during your first attempts to doing this type of Yoga.

But as you practice each day, your body will become more flexible. The different yoga postures in Ashtanga also helps to increase the flexibility of your hamstring, which impacts the movements of your trunk.

When your hamstrings lose their flexibility, your pelvic movements will be limited and somewhat uncomfortable. But Ashtanga yoga increases the flexibility of your calf and shoulders.

2. Improve your core strength.

Improve your core strength.

Your core is not just for getting a six-pack.

Most importantly and more than anything else, a strong core keeps your body properly supported and promotes good posture.

This is why by practicing Ashtanga yoga each day, you can reduce lower back pains and even improve core endurance.

3. Help you breathe better.

Do you sometimes find yourself catching your breath?

Or perhaps your breath is a little shallow?

Since Ashtanga yoga involves Ujayii breath or the practice of breathing, this helps you breathe deeply and better.

In fact, Ujjayi breathing is also called the “Victorious breath”, in which you take purified air that you breathe in through each nostril. As you breathe, it helps to increase the energy throughout your body, revitalize the system, and fuel up the metabolic fires.

Not bad for breathing while doing yoga, huh?

4. Build your inner strength.

In yoga, it’s all about prana or energy.

And in Ashtanga yoga, it’s all about harnessing and directing the flow of energy in your mind and body.

This is the secret to inner strength. The focus of the yoga asanas are on the throat, pelvis, and the belly “bandhas”, which keeps you grounded, centered, stable, and strong overall.

5. Minimize body fat.

Minimize body fat.

Ashtanga yoga for beginners and advanced practitioners include a range of postures that help get rid of stubborn fat in various parts of the body, specifically the arms and stomach region. This is why as you use more of your body weight in performing the postures, this aids you in eventually getting a toned and lean body.

But it’s not all about getting leaner because of the vigorous movements and poses…

As you become more grounded and centered, you will also be more aware of your body and be in tune with the relationship between eating and gaining or losing weight.

In simpler terms, you will become more of a conscious eater instead of eating mindlessly and bingeing more often.

6. Relieve stress and promote relaxation.

Feeling stressed?

Ashtanga yoga can help you with that.

This yoga practice focuses on a sequence of different postures that help you concentrate more on what you’re doing instead of what you shouldn’t even be thinking about.

Isn’t that where stress comes from? When you overthink about things that aren’t even worth your energy?

In Ashtanga yoga, you focus on the movements while coordinating every action with your breath. This is why it is also considered as a moving meditative practice that leaves you feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, and invigorated.

7. Reduce injury.

Are you more prone to falls, aches, and bodily discomfort?

It could be due to a lack of flexibility and overall body strength.

As you keep practicing Ashtanga yoga in a mindful and safe manner under the guidance and support of a well-trained instructor, you will reap the benefits of minimizing injury.

Your body will eventually become stronger, more flexible, and more balanced - qualities that contribute to reduced chances of injuries.

8. Keep your back strong.

With all the forward and backbends, stretches, and other movements involved in Ashtanga yoga, there is no doubt your back will become stronger than ever.

This yoga practice also tones your lower back muscles and realigns and strengthens your musculoskeletal system… Helping you say goodbye to backache over time!

So if you want to have a healthy and strong back, this type of yoga is for you.

Bonus benefit - it also improves your posture. This definitely enhances your physical appearance and flow of energy, too!

9. Achieve overall health.

Achieve overall health.

Yoga means “union of the body and mind”.

When you practice Ashtanga yoga, not only can you expect to achieve a healthy and strong body but also a peaceful mind.

Clarity of thoughts, enhanced concentration, focus - these are all the side effects of doing yoga every day.

When your body and your mind are in good condition, then these all contribute to your overall state of health.

You will get that natural “high” that does not wane or fluctuate. Now that’s really something worth shooting for!

Practice Ashtanga Yoga Today and Every Day for an Enhanced Health All Over

Ashtanga yoga is definitely more than just your typical make-me-sweat physical activity.

It goes beyond that as it changes your body and your mind all for the better.

Your spine will become more supple and healthier, your limbs stronger, and your breath deeper and your mind clearer.

There’s absolutely every reason for you to get in the yoga train today… And for the rest of your life.

Is it too late to do all of these??

Of course not. But if you keep delaying and postponing it, then it might be.

So start today and quit the what if’s. Ashtanga yoga is great for you, so give your body the gift that this yoga practice offers.

How to Make a Natural Allergy Relief from Home in 4 Steps


How to Make a Natural Allergy Relief from Home in 4 Steps

A natural allergy relief is the only thing you need to fight seasonal allergies once and for all - and without side effects!

This is why I always recommend to my clients nothing but only natural remedies for allergies instead of shots, drugs, or OTC ones that only serve as a band-aid solution to allergies.

The goal is to allow your body to build a tolerance for these allergens, so they can’t bother you any longer.

And that’s what my natural seasonal allergy relief treatment does.

How do you make this natural allergy remedy?

Keep reading to learn more and beat the allergies effectively and safely!

Seasonal Allergies Symptoms and Causes

Seasonal Allergies Symptoms and Causes

There are many causes of seasonal allergies.

Some people are allergic to certain plants such as rosemary and roses while others have common triggers to allergies including pollen from some tree varieties, shrubs, and weeds.

Once these allergens invade your body, various reactions occur. 

Watch Out for These Symptoms of Seasonal Allergies

The common symptom of seasonal allergies is sneezing.

You sneeze constantly, which is then followed by an itchy throat, reddening of the eyes, headaches, and some may even develop rashes on their skin.

For individuals who have a serious allergic reaction to these allergens, they may also have a hard time breathing. When this happens to children, it can be quite an alarming condition that would require emergency medical attention.

The only answer is to beat these seasonal allergies completely.

But the question is, how??

What are the Common Allergens?

What are the Common Allergens

Even items as simple as roses can add some levels of discomfort to certain people.

And of course, occasionally you'll find some rosemary blooming, which in the spring and early summer can also create some allergens, too.

But some of the most significant are the weeds that will blossom out into large flowers.

All of these materials be an answer to the problem of a sign of suffering and allergies. Let's take a real close look at how we actually prepare this material and we'll teach you to prepare it.

Flowering Herbs

Flowering herbs make your garden look bright and cheery but for some people who are highly sensitive to these, it means bad news to them.

Among the most common flowering herbs that some people are allergic to include:

- Chamomile
- Goldenrod
- Daisies
- Chrysanthemums
- Amaranth (pig weed)
- Ordinary sunflowers

While these herbs may beautify your yard, it may seem unbearable for certain individuals to be around these plants due to nasty allergic reactions.


Do you find yourself sneezing a lot, coughing, or even getting rashes on your skin when you go out in the garden?

It could be caused by some species of shrubs that trigger these allergic reactions.

Typical shrubs that may cause allergies to people are:

- Wisteria
- Juniper
- Jasmine vine
- Rose Plant
- Cypress

Pollen-Producing Trees and Plants

Pollen-Producing Trees and Plants

Did you know that shrubs and flowering herbs are not the only ones that cause allergies to humans?

There are also trees that may mess up your body and give you all sorts of allergy symptoms. These are commonly male species that produce more pollen than female species.

Examples of these trees that contain allergens include:

- Beech
- Box Elder (male)
- Hickory
- Oak
- Pecan
- Sycamore
- Alder
- Aspen (male)
- Elm
- Palm (male)
- Olive
- Pine
- Cedar (male)
- Mulberry (male)


Some people are allergic to weeds while others are not. 

But if you have these varieties of weeds and experience symptoms of allergies, it would be best to get rid of these in your yard:

- Sagebrush
- Russian Thistle
- Cocklebur
- Ragweed

What is the Best Allergy Relief Medicine

Some people are allergic to weeds while others are not. 

But if you have these varieties of weeds and experience symptoms of allergies, it would be best to get rid of these in your yard:

- Sagebrush
- Russian Thistle
- Cocklebur
- Ragweed
What is the Best Allergy Relief Medicine

When it comes to choosing the best allergy relief treatment, you have a few options.

You can find OTC medicines in pharmacies, yet there are risks when using these to young children, as well as to adults who may only end up suffering from side effects.

This is why for a safe, effective, and potent allergy relief, natural is the best solution you’ve got. 

Natural Antihistamine - Tincture with Common Allergens

Natural Antihistamine - Tincture with Common Allergens01

I make natural allergy remedies by creating a tincture specifically for this condition.

Basically, this tincture only contains natural ingredients - samples of allergens affecting an individual, 95% grain alcohol, distilled water, and colloidal silver.

That’s it!

No harsh chemicals or any addicting substance that can compromise your health.

Why Natural is Best for Allergy Relief

Nothing beats natural remedies for allergies.

It is the safest possible solution for allergies since there are no harsh ingredients that can only do more harm than good to your body.

How the Tincture Works

The tincture works by exposing your body gradually to allergens in tiny amounts.

The more your body is exposed to these, the more capable it will become to build a tolerance to it.

This tolerance is what will help you prevent any adverse reactions once you are exposed to these allergens.

It is a potent and sure way of fighting allergens instead of just dealing with the symptoms and weakening your immune system. 

Is it Safe for Treating Seasonal Allergies?

Definitely yes.

A natural relief of allergies is the best way to fo when treating seasonal allergies. Not only is it made of natural ingredients but it also targets the problem right at the root instead of just putting some kind of “band-aid solution” to the problem and not really addressing it properly.

4 Easy Steps on How to Make the Best Natural Remedies for Allergies

There are only 4 simple steps on how to make this tincture for seasonal allergies. Here are the different steps and the materials you will need.

Let’s get started.

1. Get a Jar

Get a Jar

To begin the tincture process, one of the things we need is a nice large two-gallon jar and this will be where we'll place the green materials, various flowers, and various leaves into the jar.

2. Fill Jar With Equal Amounts of Plants

Fill Jar With Equal Amounts of Plants

Let's begin harvesting by coming into the rosemary plants and taking off some of this material with a sharp knife.

Make sure you capture all of the flowers. That's really important because that's where most of the pollen is.

So you've placed that material into the jar and it's as simple as that. We’re also going to go to various other plants and do the same thing.

We'll also want to take some rose petals and leaves, rose material that's fresh because this new material is also laden with pollen and various other components that can be of allergen bearing materials.

Now, of course, we need to get down and get some of this material from these big, large flowering plants and grasses/weeds and do the best we can on that. Just stuff it all in there. It doesn't matter. Make sure you get a lot of the seed pods and potential flowers for later.

Next, harvest leaves from all the trees and shrubs in your environment.

Why the Right Amount of Allergen Matters

We don't want to use too much of any one thing because for example, rosemary, although it has a lot of pollen, you really don't want to take and put a lot of that material in there or the product will be more of rosemary tincture.

The perfect amount of allergen is key in making an effective tincture that can fight the allergies away.

3. Add 50/50 ratio of 95% grain alcohol and distilled water

Add 50/50 ratio of 95% grain alcohol and distilled water

Now comes the interesting part.

In the lab, once we have the jar completely filled with the plants and packed down tightly, the next step is fairly simple.

What we do is to take a liter of 95% grain alcohol and go ahead and pour that into the jar.

So that's what we will do and this will then over a period of anywhere from two to six weeks, completely extract all of the various materials.

If you're going to make a couple of gallons, go ahead and use at least two of these litters of alcohol material and that will give you the material that you need and see.

Then after that, I will be adding some distilled water and there's still water and alcohol together work a lot better than just alcohol.

What happens during the stage of extraction?

During the stages of extraction, our mixture will slowly change in color, texture, and overall appearance.

At this point, the alcohol and water will be absorbed by the plants in the jar, and you will begin to see the color changing to a beautiful, dark green color. Now the reason behind this green color is that the chlorophyll is being extracted by the alcohol and the distilled water, along with all the allergens!

What is the best colloidal silver to use?

The best colloidal silver you can use for your mixture is one that’s from a trusted source, here’s the one that I make in my lab.

And here’s a good option on Amazon

Be wary of those who claim they offer the purest and most authentic colloidal silver yet not giving you the specifics about their product. Never use any colloidal silver product rated over 20 parts per million.

4. Let the mixture sit for 4 to 6 weeks and strain.

Let the mixture sit for 4 to 6 weeks and strain.

At this point, you have your tincture ready to use after letting the mixture sit and go through a period of extraction for up to 6 weeks.

So how are you going to use this tincture?

Here is what you need to do:

How to use the tincture

Ideally, you should put the tincture in a small bottle with a medicine dropper.
(Here’s the droppers:

I recommend that you take 3 to 5 drops a day of this tincture and hold it under your tongue for a few seconds before swallowing it. This will allow for better absorption by your body to produce a more pronounced effect that will help you build a tolerance for allergens all around you. However, if you prefer you may add these drops to a little water and drink it, but it is more effective under the tongue.

There you go - all-natural, completely safe, and absolutely effective for fighting the seasonal allergies away!

Say Goodbye to Seasonal Allergies For Good.... Naturally!

Seasonal allergies are no fun, and thankfully, you don’t have to deal with them any longer!

By using the best natural allergy relief, you can put an end to your seasonal allergy misery and without the nasty side effects that chemical-laden antihistamines have.

Try this easy and all-natural remedy for seasonal allergies and take back your health the most effective way possible!

How to Choose the Best Vegan Protein Powder [Buying Tips]

​Ultimate Guide on the Best Vegan Protein Powder Buying Tips, Health Benefits, and MORE!

Ultimate Guide on the Best Vegan Protein Powder Buying Tips, Health Benefits, and MORE!

A healthy and gorgeous physique is an asset.

No wonder many people go through great lengths to improve their appearance and health by hitting the gym, exercising, following the right diet, etc.

And when it comes to improving the body, taking protein powder is no stranger to this scene.

But what if you’ve decided you’d never again eat meat, dairy, or eggs? What’s the best vegan protein powder that works just as amazing - if not, even better - than animal protein sources?

If you’ve been dreaming of enhancing your gains, bulking up, and getting trimmed without switching over to the other side of the bodybuilding fence where everyone’s downing whey protein shake or dumping raw egg yolks in their mouth (Rocky, anyone?), here’s your one-stop-guide for the best plant based protein powder to get.

You’ll realize that vegan protein will suffice in giving you the bod you want.

Choose the perfect vegan protein powder for you and enhance your workouts, achieve your weight loss goals, and be solid strong like a plant-munching gorilla instead of an animal-devouring lion. 🙂

Here’s the only guide you will need on how your body can benefit from a plant based protein powder and how to buy the perfect vegan protein powder for your optimum health

Organic Protein Powder, Vegan Protein… What Do These Powders Have?

​Organic Protein Powder, Vegan Protein… What Do These Powders Have?

For most ripped folks, athletes, and bodybuilders, whey protein is THE protein to get.

It’s all about whey for these people and any gym regulars.

But if you’ve no longer subscribed to dairy consumption, it’s not exactly the route to take because whey comes from milk.

Well, lucky you, milk and dairy products are not the only sources of protein!

Vegans CAN also get their protein and achieve a ripped, strong, and chiseled body from working hard at the gym.

Here are excellent sources of vegan protein that can be found conveniently in those easy-to-prepare plant based protein powder​ drinks for your post-workout sessions.

Have a look at these vegan protein powder ingredients and learn more about what they do to your body. Then, you can have a clearer idea on which one (or two) of these suits your needs and goals best.

1. ​Soy

Soy is the king of vegan protein, at least in terms of popularity. 

It’s been a household name for plant based protein since 1959… And it still continues to ring a bell among protein junkies who are vegan.

So if you see protein powder made from soy, what exactly does that mean?

Simple - its main component is defatted soy flour, with as much as 90% protein or more. That’s straight up protein for you!

Unlike other protein sources like peas and beans, though, there’s not a whole lot of carbs and fats in soy protein. That explains the less gas you experience after gulping a big glass of your favorite smoothie or protein shake with soy as the main ingredient.

Now, soy has been a hot topic in the past because of its phytoestrogen content. This hormone is responsible for enhancing feminine characteristics such as an enlargement of the breast tissue. If you’re a woman, maybe this would fly. But if you’re a guy, this doesn’t sound too appealing, does it?

But let’s debunk this myth.

Yes, it’s just another soy myth. Because in reality, only a very small percentage of the male population has a soy sensitivity. Most importantly, some unwanted side effects linked with a surge in the estrogen level only occurs with regular consumption of massive servings of soy per day… Like 12 or even more servings of soy!

But there’s nothing wrong with checking with your doctor before taking soy protein, so you can put your mind at rest. In fact, that’s always the best route to take when you’re thinking about adding a new supplement to your diet.

2. ​Hemp


It’s not only a plant based, but it’s also a superfood!

Loaded with nutrients including protein, vitamins, minerals, and 20 amino acids - plus ALL 9 are in this one tiny seed, it simply can’t get better than this.

What’s more, hemp is rich in fiber and omega fatty acids to protect your heart, digestive tract, and strengthen your immune system.

If you’re buying vegan protein powder containing hemp, be sure you go for the organic one. You want to get your protein in, not the nasty stuff from pesticides and chemicals!

Pro tip when using hemp protein:

Hemp is pretty course not like those smooth and fine protein powders. So blending hemp up with your fruit smoothie or with plant based milk will give your drink a sandy texture to it.

I would make sprinkle hemp seeds to my oatmeal or add it to my muesli, or if you’re okay with the course texture it brings to your smoothie, that shouldn’t be a problem, too.

3. ​Brown Rice

​​“Wait, rice?? Isn’t that a carb?”

Don’t be deceived by these tiny grains. They do have carbs but they’re not all carbs.

Especially when it comes to brown rice protein, which has nothing to do with its granddaddy, the rice that we’re very much familiar with.

The process of making protein from rice involves reducing the level of carbs, micronutrients and starch in this gran. It’s why the nutritional profile isn’t how it was before the processing started.

And dig this - over 80% of starch is eliminated in brown rice protein, making it the worst source of sugars and carbs because these guys aren’t quite there anymore.

So if you’re into low-carb vegan protein powder, rice protein is for you. Bonus points, as well, for being gluten-free, lactose-free, and zero allergens that are key culprits for gastric upsets.

4. Pea

Nope, these aren’t those green peas you’ve had on your plate growing up as a kid.

Pea protein is from dried peas or field peas… You know, the kind of peas you use to make soup.

It’s amazing how not only can you make soups out of peas but you can also drink it up - in the form of pea protein powder mixed with your shakes or smoothies.

A little something about its protein content, though.

Pea protein lacks some of the 9 essential amino acids, so if you’re shooting for protein powder with all these 9, it’s not the powder for you. But all hope is not lost since you can always try to get the missing ones from the other foods you eat daily such as your whole grains, vegetables and fruits.

Egg-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, pea protein is an excellent vegan protein powder with as much as 80% protein in it.

​5. ​Plant Based Protein Blends and Superfoods

Plant Based Protein Blends and Superfoods

If you want a little bit of everything - and more - protein blends are for you.

As the name implies, this type of vegan protein powder is not just from one plant based protein source but from two or three or more!

There are soy and rice, pea and brown rice, and several other combos for protein blends available in the market.

But there are more things going on behind the blending of two or more different ingredients in this type of protein powder. It’s not just about the nutrients but also to enhance the texture of the powder.

For instance, brown rice protein hardly mixes smoothly when dissolved in water but with the unique and complementary texture of soy, your brown rice and soy protein drink becomes creamy and smooth.

When you drink protein powder plain, as in, just combined with water, it’s not the most exciting drink on the planet. But with a combination of other high-protein and high-fiber ingredients, along with a blend of other plant based protein sources…. Now we’re talking!

Common Questions Asked about Plant Based Protein Powder

Common Questions Asked about Plant Based Protein Powder

So we all know that plant based protein powder comes from different sources, that some may have more or less protein content, and the taste tends to vary, as well.

Then, there are some myths and questions on your mind regarding the safety and health benefits of the powder.

Let’s have the answer to some of your questions nailed down, so you can decide if vegan protein powder is for you or not.

Is Vegan Protein Powder Bad For You?

This is probably the question that arises from people who’s still hung up on the soy controversy.

But like I said earlier, soy protein can only trigger side effects if you consume several times more than the recommended daily amount. If you drink two servings of your protein beverage each day, that’s way less than the 12 or so servings that can cause your body to act up.

Another thing is it’s vegan. There’s no lactose and sucralose here, so you got your gut well taken care of while achieving the most from your protein drink.

On the other hand, whey means bad news for lactose-intolerant folks. It’s high in milk and sugar, making you prone to bloating, diarrhea, and flatulence.

So to avoid these risks, there are two things to do.

Check the Label

How well do you know and trust the company that makes the vegan protein powder?

This is the first thing to look for, followed by the list of ingredients in the label.

You want to be sure that not only you’re getting your protein in but you’re benefitting from it because it’s 100% safe, organic, and free from allergens.

Know Your Needs

Do you wish to gain muscle that’s why you’re thinking about taking protein powder?

Or maybe you’re into this whole bodybuilding, Mr. Universe kind of a body?

Perhaps you want to reduce your craving, and you think protein can help curb your appetite?

You have to first define your needs and get the answer straight as to why you want to take protein powder. Once you’ve identified your needs, you can start scouting the shop for a safe, effective, and best kind of plant protein powder for your health.

Is Vegan Protein Powder Good For Building Muscle?

Is Vegan Protein Powder Good For Building Muscle?

The straight answer to this question is a big yes.

Protein supports the growth and development of muscle, so you can get ripped from taking the best vegan protein powder combined with regular exercise and workout.

Taking protein powder will not magically transform your body but you have to work hard for it by exercising. Then, drink up your protein powder smoothie instead of feasting on your bags of chips and soda after your workout.

Is Vegan Protein Powder Good For Weight Loss?

Protein is great for giving your body a full sensation.

On the other hand, if you’re not feeling satisfied because it’s either your sweet craving is attacking you or your tummy is grumbling after not eating anything substantial the night before, chances are, you’ll attack the first doughnut shop you pass by.

Bad idea if you’re trying to lose weight…

But if you’re full, satiated, and satisfied from drinking your nutritious protein powder, then the craving for something you’ll only regret won’t even register in your brain.

When you stay on track with your diet, you don’t have the urge to eat foods that are not good for you, then you can achieve weight loss with the help of protein powder. It’s so filling and substantial, yet void of components that don’t help with your weight loss or weight management goals.

What is the Healthiest Vegan Protein Powder

What is the Healthiest Vegan Protein Powder

Now you’re aware of the different types of vegan protein powder sources, the benefits of plant based protein powder, and why you should consider using this type of powder to lose or manage weight, build muscles, and be healthier.

So the question now is -

What is the healthiest vegan protein powder?

There’s no single answer to this, not just one product that fits the bill.

Instead, it’s a matter of what deciding what product works for you best based on your specific needs. If you’re into bodybuilding, then the healthiest and the best vegan protein powder is one that caters to help you meet that goal. If it’s weight loss, then you want that particular feature in the powder you buy.

But essentially, the best vegan protein powder is one that is from an organic, all-natural, preservative-free source.

If it’s from a clean source, from a reputable company, and free from questionable ingredients, then you have in your hands - and in your tummy - the healthiest and best vegan protein powder.

Our Vegan Protein Powder Review and Buying Guide

There are dozens of vegan protein powder brands in the market with their unique selling points and specifications.

But if you’re just going to pick one, which one should you get?

It can be tough reading the specs that may sound quite the same to you.

And you just sometimes want to cut to the chase and boom, pick up that organic protein powder from a bunch of similarly good ones.

So when choosing the ultimate vegan protein powder, you need to consider more than just your budget.

You want to make sure the ingredients are from an organic source, the protein content and nutritional profile matches your requirements, and that it’s from a trusted company.

We help you narrow down your options by presenting you a few of our top picks for the best vegan protein powder according to their main functions and components.

Best Vegan Protein Powder for Bodybuilding

Best Vegan Protein Powder for Bodybuilding

Bodybuilders and powerlifters agree - you gotta get your protein!

It’s an important nutrient responsible for repairing, nourishing, and building healthy tissues in the body. Protein also supplies your body with energy, which is essential for athletes or sports enthusiasts engaged in endurance activities such as swimming, running, and cycling.

So if you’re vegan and thinking about upping your protein consumption, the best way to do this is by adding in vegan protein powder to your drinks. With low fat content and average level of carbs, along with other nutrients that promote your strength, stamina, and endurance, you can improve your performance while sticking to your vegan diet.

Here are two of the top-notch vegan protein powder in the market that any bodybuilder need to take.

Garden of Life Non-GMO Raw Certified Vegan Organic Protein Vanilla Powder

Not only is this plant based protein powder vegan but it’s also organic. Hitting two birds in one stone!

Garden of Life Organic Vegan Protein powder contains a whopping 4 grams of BCAAs that help speed up recovery from fatigue or damages to the muscle after training. So it’s your go-to after putting stress to your body, i.e. after a long hike, strenuous workout, and intense sports.

No wonder it’s the protein powder of choice by the USA Track and Field!

This amazing protein powder has 13 different vegan protein sources (all organic) including amaranth, pea, buckwheat, brown rice, chia seed, quinoa, adzuki bean, millet, and several others. It’s packed with probiotics, digestive enzymes, and essential amino acids.

You can choose from 4 flavors to this powder - vanilla spiced chai, vanilla, original, and chocolate cacao.

The taste leaves a ton to be desired, though, so you might want to blend the powder up with almond milk and fruits and enjoy a tasty smoothie!

Vega Sport Chocolate Protein Powder

Another excellent protein powder for vegans, Vega Sport is perfect for folks engaged in tough workouts, marathons, and bodybuilding. In fact, Brendan Brazier, ultramarathoner and Ironman triathlete developed this product for people into endurance sports like him! Infused with turmeric, probiotics, and tart cherry, this vegan protein powder offers quick recovery from seriously intense workouts.

A serving of this powder gives you an insane 30 grams of vegan protein, 2 grams of carbs, 2 grams of fiber - and just 150 calories.

Made from protein blends including sunflower seed proteins, pumpkin, pea, and alfalfa, this powder also has glutamine and BCAAs for outstanding athletic performance.

If you need a soy-free, vegan, organic, and gluten-free protein powder to improve your strength, build stamina and endurance, and max your performance level, Vega Sport got you covered. You can also choose from a variety of flavors that complement your taste buds including chocolate, mocha, berry, and vanilla.

Just like most vegan protein powders, the taste is a little on the bland side. So just add some fruits to it, nut milk, and maybe a natural sweetener of your choice, and your drink is ready to go!

Best Vegan Protein Powder for Weight Loss

Best Vegan Protein Powder for Weight Loss

​Can vegan protein powder actually help you lose weight??

Well, yes and no.

For the most part, it’s your food choices that can influence weight loss, along with regular exercise and workouts.

But what an organic protein powder can do is improve your metabolism and keep you satiated without having you consume a ton of calories.

High-protein diets help with a more efficient metabolism, which means you get to burn more calories. Protein also reduces your risk of bingeing and obsessing with food since you feel fuller, thus eliminating unnecessary thoughts of food.

So by using vegan protein powder that has a great protein-calorie ratio and some L-glutamine and medium-chain triglycerides, you will feel fuller and have less cravings throughout the day. Now that sure helps for your weight loss goals!

Below are two of the best vegan protein powder for weight loss worth a try.

Orgain Vegan Organic Gluten Free Plant Based Protein Powder

If you want a protein powder that actually supports your health, metabolism, strength, performance AND tastes good, Orgain is the one for you.

It’s got 21 grams of protein per serving, along with 5 grams of fiber, BCAAs, 3 grams of carb, and just 150 calories for two scoops of this powder.

This powder contains a blend of vegan protein ingredients such as pea, hemp, chia seed, and brown rice. With a balanced and impressive nutritional profile, this powder is definitely a craving stopper and a weight loss essential.

As for the flavors, there’s chocolate fudge and vanilla bean to choose from, and both are equally tasty. Blend up some frozen bananas, add some almond milk if you want, and dump in two scoops of Orgain vegan protein powder, and you’re supercharged for the day minus the bloating and gas!

Sunwarrior Warrior Blend Vegan Protein Powder

Where else can you find a drink that’s got 100 calories and 18 grams of protein and complete amino acids?

Definitely not from a bottle of soda!

Sunwarrior Warrior Blend is the ultimate weight loss protein powder that keeps you satiated longer and energizes you for hours. It is made from vegan and organic sources including cranberry, hemp seed, and pea. Plus, it also contains coconut, which is packed with amino acids including Leucine, Lysine, Arginine, and BCAAs.

Available in mocha, berry, vanilla, and the unflavored varieties, Warrior Blend is an outstanding addition to your diet.

Just a word of advice - this powder is a little sandy/ gritty because of the hemp seed. So you’ll need to blend this powder up with a high-powered blender to prevent the powder from settling to the bottom.

Additional Uses of Plant Based Protein Powder

Additional Uses of Plant Based Protein Powder

Bodybuilding, powerlifting, sports, weight loss…

What else is a vegan protein powder used for?

You don’t have to be some jacked dude or weight-conscious guy or gal to consider adding some protein powder to your diet.

Even if you’re not a gym buff, protein powder can do you good because it serves as a supplement, as well.

For instance, raw vegans who are not getting enough protein and essential amino acids from their diet can benefit from vegan protein powder. The same is true for menopausal and perimenopausal women who need a natural supplement that can help alleviate uncomfortable symptoms during this phase in their lives.

The soy isoflavones in soy protein powder helps reduce symptoms such as mood swings, night sweats, and hot flashes that make life harder for women going through menopause.

So whether you’re a child, teen, adult, or senior, vegan protein powder can definitely benefit your health and well-being!

Feel Great, Look Great, BE Great with the Best Vegan Protein Powder for You!

Vegan protein powder is a life-changer no matter what your activity level may be.

Whether you’re a powerlifter, yoga teacher, body builder, or just an average adult doing your normal activities, the best vegan protein powder can improve your health.

By supplementing your body with protein, fiber, some carbs, fats, and a good amount of BCAAs, you’ll notice the positive change not just in your appearance but even in your strength, stamina, and mood.

Be sure to choose the right organic vegan protein powder for you, take it regularly and as indicated in the packaging, and welcome the more amazing YOU that’s thriving with health and energy naturally!

39 Exciting Challenges to Do – Pick One and Just Start

39 Exciting Challenges to Do - Pick One and Just Start

What if I told you that there are challenges to do that can change your life for the better day after day after day?

Let’s face it:

There’s something about you right now that you want to improve on.

It could be your weight, or your relationship with your spouse, or maybe your physical appearance...

Maybe you dream to be someone who’s healthier, more physically fit, more creative, with finances in a better situation, or happier in your relationships..

Of course you’d want all those!

That’s why here’s what I want you to do:

I want you to challenge your life better a little bit more each day, live each minute of your life focused, directing your life, and not letting the bombardment wave of external influences direct you.

And that’s where a challenge for what you want to focus on will come alongside and bring motivation and willpower that is difficult to muster when going alone.

Challenges are not easy, for sure.

But that’s why it’s called a challenge!

You’re breaking down old habits, introducing new ones that you need to improve yourself, getting those new habits embedded in your system, and being consistent with your better routines that give a MASSIVE positive effect in your life.

Challenges to Do List

What is it that you want to accomplish from completing a challenge?

Do you want to feel great about your body by shedding a few pounds or more?

Or are you hoping to improve your relationship with your partner and change some things you’ve been doing wrong?

Or perhaps, you want to have an outlet for your emotional outbursts through art and other wholesome means of self-expression instead of yelling and throwing stuff?

This challenges list I have for you can cover all of these - and more. So once you know what exactly you desire to accomplish for yourself, click the challenge ideas and check it out.

If you need some inspiration, a boost to get you started and keep the momentum as you complete these challenges, check out this whole post to fire you up and make things happen.

  • Weight Loss Challenge Ideas
  • Fitness Challenges to Do with Your Best Friend
  • Challenges to Do With Food - Clean Eating
  • Decluttering - Fun Challenges to Do For Kids (Yep, you can get the kids involved, too!)
  • Art, Self-Expression and Similar Fun Challenges to Do at a Sleepover
  • Smart Financial Planning Challenge
  • Healthier Relationship Challenges Ideas

Maybe some of these may strike you as mere challenges games, or maybe something that seem like exciting challenges to do outside, or even challenges to do alone for your own self improvement.

Whatever it, is just pick one, get the challenge going, because the truth is challenges in life make you stronger and better than where you are right now!

Effective Weight Loss Challenges To Do

Effective Weight Loss Challenges To Do

Losing weight is not all about looking hot in a bikini.

Well, that’s an extra perk, but… You know what I mean.

Weight loss can significantly make you feel great all over. You no longer feel like you’re lugging around a heavy body, which means you’ll feel lighter - figuratively and literally!

Imagine losing that extra 100, 200, or maybe about 300 pounds one day. Don’t you think that would take a huge load off your body?

You’ll also prolong your lifespan, maybe eventually quit taking a bunch of meds for maintenance, spend more time with the family doing outdoors stuff without panting and gasping and barely breathing after a short walk.

These are all AMAZING things that come with losing and maintaining your ideal weight, and you should NEVER deprive yourself of these remarkable benefits.

But yeah, I understand that it’s not THAT easy to go from consuming 3000+ calories, downing 6 bottles of soda, having lunch and dinner that’s enough to feed a family of 12, and getting your midnight snack packed with sugar, salt, and who knows what else is in those bags of chips!

Changing a habit that doesn’t work can be tough.

It’s way tougher when you’ve been used to it for 10, 20, 30 years.

Your mind and body will even resist the change. And you’ll start to feel like giving in to what your mind and stomach want.

But at the same time, you know you just have to let go of these things and challenge yourself.

You don’t want to be a dough ball the rest of your life.

You’re here in this lifetime to LIVE, THRIVE and not just trying to survive!

But unless you take the challenge to lose weight, you can never get to the “live” part. And thriving isn’t even in the itinerary, too.

That’s why I challenge you to challenge yourself to start living by taking that step, making incremental changes, and get into a weight loss challenge that can help you plenty in your goal of becoming a better, healthier, happier version of who you are right now.

Here are some ideas for challenges to do that can help you lose weight:

  1. 10 Day No-Sugar Diet
  2. 30 Day Zero Salt Det
  3. 30 Day Drink 30 Gallons of Water a Day Challenge
  4. 7 Day 10- Minute Walk Challenge
  5. 21 Day Raw Food Challenge
  6. 7 Day Green and Fruit Smoothie Challenge
  7. 30 Day No Soda Challenge

challenges to do that can help you lose weight

Okay, so as you can see, the number of days in these challenges to do may vary. You see some that’s just for a week, some for three weeks, and then there’s the month-long challenge.

But you can totally customize the length according to where you are.

Some cool examples right here:

If you want to really get serious and feel it in your soul that you HAVE to go down to half your body weight right now in 6 months to a year, then go for a 30 day challenge… And keep going for another 30, and another, and another…

You can even combine one challenge with another.

Maybe you want to do the 7-day 10-minute walking challenge with the 30 day zero-salt diet and 30-day no soda challenge.

Heck, why not do all of these for 30 days!

But the MOST important thing is you take it easy. Don’t overwhelm your body.

When it comes to losing weight and shifting from one diet to another, you have to kind of introduce your body slowly to a new meal plan.

I would suggest that you take 3 - 5 days of  mental and physical preparation for your weight loss challenge.

7 Day Green and Fruit Smoothie Challenge

You have to sit down and condition your mind that you can do it, you look at your body, you look at your loved ones, and you go inside your mind and have a good look of the new and improved Sally or Harry that you want to be.

Then, you slowly cut down the calories - don’t go too fast - and limit the types of food that you are completely dropping in the challenge.

As you go along the challenge, you’ll find yourself struggling. Maybe you’ll feel a little sad, a wave of emotions might come in, and you may even feel like giving up.

But that’s why you need the support of your family, friends, and even joining a community that will boost your confidence, encourage you to keep going, and get some tips and advice to those who are going through the same situation you’re in or who have completed their own weight loss challenge.

You can even turn these into challenges to do with your friend, so you two can shape up together and feel amazing!

With your will power, your loved ones’ push, and the support of a community who understands and believes in you, there’s no doubt your weight loss challenge will be a success!

Look Great with These Fitness Challenges To Do

Everyone wants to have a trimmed, toned, and sculpted body.

Maybe for some, it’s an ego booster to have a hot bod, but for others, it’s all tied up with health and vitality.

I mean, sure, a six pack looks plenty delicious. But really, if you have a strong core, six pack or maybe just a four-pack, this helps maintain your balance, strength, and great posture.

Your core muscles keep you stable and not just fumbling about.

But you don’t just want to focus on your core.

When you do your workouts, you want to improve the whole shebang.

That means your butt, arms, and legs. Big muscles in your body that allow you to do your daily routine - walk, run, bend, reach up, so many things!

And you’re not just working out to join American Ninja warrior or a bodybuilding contest.

It’s all about feeling and being stronger, with more endurance, and achieving your optimum best!

Ready to rock one or more of these fitness challenges to do? Pick one and go ahead and start!

  1. 30 Day Yoga Challenge
  2. 30 Day Arms and Butt Workout
  3. 21 Day Perfect Plank Challenge
  4. 30 Day Sexy Legs Workout
  5. 14 Day Squat Challenge
  6. 30 Day Amazing Bubble Butt Challenge
  7. 30 Day Gorgeous Abs Challenge

30 Day Yoga Challenge

Here are some examples to get you started:

Now, there’s one or two things that sometimes hold you back or give you even greater challenges when you take on a fitness challenge.

Number one is time.

You’re a busy mom, always running around to get stuff done, daily chores and errands to deal with, maybe you’re a businessperson currently holding it together while flyin’ solo…

Yeah, you have to get your head on straight and focus and REALLY make your fitness challenge a part of your day.

Set aside a time of the day for these workouts.

Maybe you’re a morning person. Or maybe you’re the type who has too much drive to do stuff in the afternoon.

Listen to your body and do your challenge during the time of the day when you’re MOST motivated, supercharged, and driven.


Stick to the sched no matter what.

Give it 10 or 15 minutes a day, and don’t skip.

No lame excuses, no ifs and buts.

If you want to succeed, you want that “after” look in your head to happen, then this is how you should do it.

Otherwise it’s just wasted effort.

Okay, so number two serious enemy for this challenge is the mind game

Maybe your mind is telling you there’s no way you can do it anymore, or it hurts a lot, or you deserve to couch all day and not push yourself anymore…

All mind games, I’m telling you.

See, the closer you are to your goal, the tougher the mind games.

And that’s why you have to fight it and keep your eyes on the prize.

If you want to make it happen,  no one’s gonna do it for you.

It’s all up to you.

It’s 100% pure effort by YOU.

Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory as you notice incremental changes happen in you and your life!

All for a better and more fit and stronger you, right?

Then, let’s do it!

Clean Eating Challenges To Do - Just Start

Clean Eating Challenges To Do - Just Start

What if I told you that you don’t have to spend $$$ just to prevent an illness or slow down your aging process, or get rid of those zits and wrinkles and what-nots on your face?

That considering your skin is the LARGEST elimination organ of your body, the foul odor, acne, rashes, and all that could be due to your poor food choices.

And of course, if you eat crap, then you feel like crap.

No other way to go about that.

You’re starting to feel the consequences of your diet to your health.

You feel tired easily, you’re starting to feel and look “your age”, you’ve got bad acne, body odor…

Basically not feeling super great about yourself.

Since all of these things are linked with your current diet, then the solution is clear -

You got to ditch the MSG, preservatives, loads of salt, processed food, high sugar snacks and drinks…

Clean eating is the way to go.

So how do you even eat “clean”?

Here are examples of clean eating challenges to do with friends that you definitely have to try:

  1. Clean-ish Eating 30 Day Challenge
  2. 21 Day Whole Foods Eating Challenge
  3. 60 Day ZERO Processed Food Diet
  4. 7 Day Smoothie Challenge
  5. 30 Day All Fruits and Veggies Diet Challenge

Clean Eating Challenges To Do

To give you some ideas on how to get you going in this kind of challenge, here are some amazing stuff you can try:

I suggest you start slow on this one. If you’ve been eating crap all your life, you can cut down some really nasty stuff in your diet first, instead of jumping right in to going all raw for a week straight.

You CAN go ahead doing all raw or all smoothie for a week or something once your body is “cleaner”.

Otherwise, the detox process is just going to feel too heavy for you.

So what you can do is take it easy and do a 7 day whole foods diet, and do that simultaneously with the zero-processed food challenge.

Once you’re pretty much ready and have kind of gotten accustomed to the new diet, you can do it for another set of 7 days, then…

Introduce the raw food diet.

Again, each body is different. You just have to listen to what your body is telling you and how you’re feeling about it.

Detox is nasty, but if you’re not overloaded with stress at work, you’re taking it slowly, then you should be able to go full on your clean eating diet.

I’ve been there, you know.

My ultimate goal 3 years ago was to become 100% vegan.

So I started with cutting down the pork, beef, chicken from my diet.

Became a pescatarian for about a month, ate more veggies and fruits.

Then I decided to also eliminate fish and seafood from my diet, but I was still eating eggs and animal products like milk and butter.

It was a 60-day process before I completely transitioned from being an omni, to being vegetarian, to being a vegan.

The process wasn’t easy. The first 30 days have been tough.

But I think what helped was the mindset I established right from the start and my set of goals.

Also, I took it slowly, was gentle with myself and not doing a 360-degree shift overnight.

That would’ve been crazy challenging if I went too fast.

With the support of your loved ones, if you have family and friends who are on board with clean eating, too, then that makes it easier.

But if you’re flying solo in this challenge, no worries.

Just do it slow, deal with the mind games, and keep your goals clear in your head throughout the entire journey.

You can make it happen!

Easy and Simple Decluttering Challenges To Do

Do you sometimes feel you need to rent another space just so you can live with all your stuff?

Like, you enter your home, and about 70 to 90% of your living space is taken up by your … stuff.

You collect receipts from decades back, super old plastic containers, bottles, Barbie dolls you’ve got when you were 6, 7 years old, bottlecaps, cases of photo albums, seriously retro outfits you last wore at prom back in the 1960s…

You’re a legit packrat and your house can’t lie.

The evidence is all right there.

And the thing is, you know you don’t need those things, but you just don’t know how to get rid of them.

Collecting every single thing has been a strong habit you’ve had since who knows how long, and you just can’t wiggle out of it.

What to do???

First, take a deep breath.

This whole thing can be fixed, you’re not sick in the head, and you CAN eliminate the mess.

Second, watch the Netflix movie Minimalism.

Yeah, that should get you started and kind of put things into perspective as to why you DO NOT need to be collecting every single thing.

Third, here are some helpful challenges to do that you can try to declutter not just your home, or your handbag, or your closet, but ultimately, even your life:

  1. 30 Day Minimalism Challenge
  2. 21 Day Organize Your Home Challenge
  3. 40 Bags of Stuff in 40 Days Challenge
  4. 90 Day Declutter Your Home Challenge
  5. Keep Your Closet Spacious in 14 Days Challenge

Kind of in a daze and not sure how to start?

21 Day Organize Your Home Challenge

These brilliant decluttering challenges have pro tips that break it down into bite-sized pieces for you.

Baby steps. Don’t go too big or you’ll go nuts and give up completely.

And always remember to stay focused on your goal.

You know your home (and maybe your thoughts) are in a mess because of too much… mess.

So there’s no point keeping things the way they are if the present situation doesn’t work, right?

Take deep breaths, watch Minimalism, read this #1 bestseller book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing” by Marie Kondo, and visualize a house and closet and mind that’s spacious, open, and focused only on the basics.

When you’re done with those, get to work..

And keep working as you get closer to your goals.

Art, Self-Expression, and Creativity Challenges To Do

What’s your way of expressing yourself?

Do you love to write poems?

Do you doodle?

Or maybe you’re into embroidery, quilting, pottery, carpentry…

Everyone’s got that creative spirit, but some people don’t tap into it just as much as others do.

I never wrote or read poems as a kid.

I wasn’t even into writing. No diary, no journal, nothing.

But when I entered a period of depression when my mom died, I felt so much stuff in my head that I knew I had to release.

Overwhelming emotions, too much for my brain and heart to handle…

Then I came across this lovely poem by Christina Rossetti called “Remember Me”.

I forgot how I ended up reading that poem, and I really have no recollection of who shared it with me.

But damn, it struck me right to the core.

And then the waterworks came… And kept going…

The poem really got to me, and it opened some serious floodgates.

I got a pen, and a piece of paper, then just scribbled away.

It’s almost like automatic writing, kind of creepy, but really therapeutic.

My thoughts just spilled right out of my head and straight to my paper.

So much anger in the stuff I wrote, some are grim and dark…

But I didn’t care. I just wrote and wrote and wrote. No judgment, but just pure release through writing.

So yeah, maybe for me, it was poetry writing that helped me REALLY expressed myself. Others may be into drawing or handicrafts or dancing.

Whatever it is that floats your boat, DO IT.

If you’re drawn more towards one thing, in my case it was poetry, then just keep at it. Don’t judge your work. You’re not competing for the Nobel Peace Prize Award or the New York Times Bestseller or something.

It’s all about freely expressing yourself for therapy, for sanity, for your own happiness.

And here are some ideas for your art/ self-expression challenges to do today:

  1. 30 Day Photography Challenge
  2. Doodle for 30 Days Challenge
  3. 30 Day Drawing Challenge
  4. Paint a Picture for 21 Days Challenge
  5. 14 Day Make Something Out of a Dollar Store Item Challenge

Paint a Picture for 21 Days Challenge

Some sample challenges to guide you can be found right here:

Since we’re in the topic of self-expression while creating something worthwhile out of it, let me talk about this interesting and quite profitable challenge to do.

It’s the 90 Day Content Marketing Challenge by Miles Beckler.

If you have an online business, whether it’s selling information products, affiliate marketing, writing eBooks, coaching and consultation, or something else, you need constant content on your website where you are selling your stuff.

And at first, it’s a bit of a drag to write content every single day.

But to build a successful online business, procrastination serves no purpose in your life and daily routine at all.

It’s why you need to take up this 90 day challenge, create content consistently day after day, until it becomes a part of your habit and the whole task just flows smoothly in your routine.

Repetition is what you need to form a habit, so you should be committed to doing this task for 90 days straight without fail.

Commit, get started, and keep at it. That’s how you do it right and how you gain success from all your efforts!

Oh, and another thing -

You can totally change up the length of days you want to do the challenge!

The goal is to keep at it, discover your creative spirit, let it out, and have a form of release in a healthy, wholesome, and productive manner.

Get it all out, and most importantly, have fun with what you’re doing. 🙂

My Favorite Smart Financial Planning Challenges To Do

You’re short on cash again?

Man, that must suck a lot…

It ain’t fun when you’re working your ass off to make some money, only to be spent on bills and barely getting anywhere with your savings.

But here’s a thought -

What if I you could challenge yourself to save more money and actually making it happen?

It could be a short-term challenge that runs for a month,

Or heck, why not get it going for one full year!

How about trying out some of these amazing money-saving challenges to do:

  1. Save $5 a day for 12 weeks challenge
  2. 60 Day Fill Up the Jar with $20 Challenge
  3. Give Up Something, Get $10 in Return 52 Day Challenge
  4. 120 Day Save Money for a Cruise Trip Challenge
  5. 52 Week Drop Loose Change a Day Challenge

120 Day Save Money for a Cruise Trip Challenge

May not sound much because we’re talking coins, $5 or $20 at most per day…

But hey, every small amount adds up!

If you’re putting away $5 a day for 12 weeks, that’s going to be $5 x 84 days = $420!

Okay, so it won’t be enough to send your kid to college, but it’s totally something!

A little definitely goes a LOOOONG way.

Healthier Relationship Challenges To Do

Tired of bickering with your spouse?

Maybe it’s not only you who’s sick of yourself flying off the handle when you’re with your partner, but even the neighbors think the daily crashing of plates, slamming of doors are becoming a terrible nuisance…

Plus, a bad relationship takes years off of your life…

So if science is talking, even your neighbors are eavesdropping and gossiping, then this whole fight with the wife or husband has to stop.

It’s time to make love not war. Rekindle the love, the passion, the sex, the laughter, the romance…

And it’s all about becoming a better YOU to become a better partner.

Because remember, you can’t give what you don’t have.

This is why I recommend these effective challenges to do for you, which may just be what your relationship needs:

  1. 30 Day Challenge to Communicate Better with Your Partner
  2. Better Sex in 30 Days Challenge
  3. 30 Day to a Healthy Relationship Challenge
  4. 21 Day Appreciate Your Partner Challenge
  5. 40 Day Challenge to Be An Affectionate Spouse

See, it starts with communicating clearly and nicely with your partner.

If you start with a nagging voice, how do you think your spouse would react?

It’s bound to look ugly, that’s for sure!

30 Day to a Healthy Relationship Challenge

So you have to learn the art of communicating with your partner, and when I say communicate, that means listening and speaking.

Take turns when speaking, not both of you talking at the same time.

Then of course, you have to be more affectionate, romantic, fun - in between the sheets or not.

Sex plays a certain role in any romantic relationship whether you’re married or living together.

Which is why you have to address ALL aspects that affect your relationship, just like what these challenges I have for you:

If it’s broken, fix it. Don’t throw it away.

That’s kind of my mentality when it comes to relationships.

I believe if the problem is not elbow-deep, that both parties are willing to try harder, then you just got to give it another chance.

Don’t throw the towel when you haven’t even tried fixing things with your partner.

Sign them up to a 30 day challenge, do it together, and maybe sparks will start to fly again.

It’s worth it, I’m sure.

Start with These Challenges To Do For a Better YOU

You see, challenges aren’t all that negative.

In fact, there’s nothing negative about challenges at all.

When you’re challenged, it kind of flicks that switch in your brain and heart to solve something, to make things better, to get through it.

So instead of running away from challenges, fearing challenges, and doing everything you can to flee from challenges, maybe you just have to face them head on.

Challenges in life make you a better person by tearing down the walls of complacency, pushing yourself to the limits, unveiling a critical thinker, loving, problem solver, creative, compassionate, resourceful person inside of you.

And to grow and live fully, you just got to let these all out.

Challenge life better and be the best version of yourself.

Practice Hatha Yoga For Total Health and Well-Being

Practice Hatha Yoga For Total Health and Well-Being

Practice Hatha Yoga For Total Health and Well-Being

Famous celebrities are doing it, there’s tons of DVDs and YouTube videos created on this topic, and I’m sure some of your friends have attended a class or two.

But what is Hatha Yoga and what can you get from it?

Yoga studios offer different classes with various names such as hot yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Bikram yoga, etc. And they categorize yoga types as beginner-friendly, advanced, or something that’s in-between.

If you’re new to the yoga scene, looking to check out a Yoga challenge, or you have tried other types except Hatha yoga, this post will shed some light on what this type of yoga is all about and what you can expect from it. So the next time you go shopping for yoga class, you’ll know if Hatha is the perfect fit for you or not.

Let’s get down to it.

Hatha Yoga Definition (Don’t Worry, It’s Jargon-Free!)

Okay, first up - what is Hatha yoga?

Since its inception thousands of years ago, the definition hasn’t really changed much or at all.

The two words combined mean two different things. “Ha” means the sun and “Tha” means the moon. So the main purpose of this type of yoga, and I would say, yoga in general, is to balance and unite the body and the mind.

I’m sure you get into one of those situations when you feel a little out of it or your mind is kind of elsewhere, like you’re doing one thing but your brain’s wafting into space, or you’re feeling anxious even when there’s no reason to feel that way.

Call it stress or exhaustion or whatever, but what Hatha yoga does is to balance the energies in your body and mind. The different Hatha yoga asanas performed with rhythmic breathing help you to relax, reconnect with your body, and be more calm. 

Hatha Yoga Definition (Don’t Worry, It’s Jargon-Free!)

When you’re tensed or under stress, you notice that your breath becomes quicker and you lose that slow, gentle, deep and relaxed breathing. The slow breathing combined with the static posture while doing Hatha yoga pacify your body and make you feel more together, calmer, and more focused on where you are and what you’re doing. It also has an energizing effect since your body is getting that nice stretch with each pose you make.

It won’t be stretching the truth if I say that Hatha yoga is like a cross between a getting a massage, meditating, and doing some gentle workouts at the same time. It’s a 3-in-1 activity that’s definitely worth 20 minutes to even an hour of your time each day!

Hatha Yoga Benefits - What’s In It For You?

Hatha Yoga Benefits - What’s In It For You?

When you see yoga ads or posters of women advertising yoga outfits, it’s pretty common you see these people looking super relaxed, with a slim figure, and having that beautiful glow on their faces. And you wonder… Is yoga really going to do all of these for me?

Being a Hatha yoga practitioner for years (more than a decade, and counting!), I would say it’s not stereotype stuff. When you do yoga, these things pretty much happen to you. Not instantly but it’s a slow, constant, and long-term effects on your body and mind.

1. Improves your posture

Hatha yoga involves a lot of back, forward and side bends. And these do wonders to your spine since it’s that part of your body that hardly gets any or much exercise. You work out your arms with pushups and bicep curls and all that stuff. Your core muscles get much attention from sit-ups and rows, and you have your leg workouts from doing squats and lunges.

But what about your spine???

And it’s your spine that basically holds you in an upright position. It definitely needs to get as much attention as the other parts of your body.

This is why Hatha yoga is great for improving your posture and toning your spine. There’s a Hatha yoga sequence that works your spine including the cobra pose, bow pose, and spine twist, to name a few (more on these in a minute).

So the more often you perform these poses, the more chances you won’t develop bad posture - hunched shoulders and an abnormal curve on your spine. If you spend so much time on your desk or you’re doing office work for long hours, Hatha yoga is perfect for you since being in a seated position for an extended period isn’t healthy at all for your spine and your posture.

2. Releases the tension in your body.

Feeling a little achy here and there?

If you’ve got no time to get a massage, a few Hatha yoga poses can totally help eliminate the tension on your shoulders, legs, neck, and back. The slow, gentle, and flowing movements in the different poses in Hatha can loosen the stiffness and strain in areas you’re working on.

What’s even amazing is that you don’t necessarily need to use a mat to do some of these tension-relieving poses. You’re at work and you feel some tightness around your shoulders and neck? A neck rotation and handclasp behind your back should release stiffness and minor aches in minutes.

There are even poses you can do while standing or sitting in your office chair - no need for your yoga pants and mat!

3. Calms your mind.

Just spend half an hour in rush hour traffic each day, and I’m sure you’ll go nuts.

You’ll start to feel anxious, maybe get a headache or migraine, and feel out of it.

Same thing when you’re in bed and can’t sleep. Your mind is on overdrive and it’s not slowing down enough for you to catch a wink.

But before you go reach for that pill to make you sleep or make you less jittery, do Hatha yoga to calm and restore peace of mind. There are Hatha yoga poses and breathing exercises that help relieve anxiety, promote good sleep, reduce brain fog, and keep you more focused, calm, and relaxed.

No need to head out for a massage or to pop a pill in your mouth. Just a few poses, deep breathing, and you’ll feel a little blissed out… Naturally and effortlessly.

4. Anti-ages you.

Have you heard of yoga for the face???

Yep, it’s one of those poses in Hatha yoga poses that can help tone your face, reduce wrinkles, and slows down the sagging of your skin. It works almost like a face bra - except there’s no weird contraption on your face!!!

We all know stress is the number one cause of aging.

When you’re stressed, your posture gets all messed up, your mind gets all crazy and makes you lose sleep, your face does not look glowing and youthful at all… And stress makes you eat and drink crap.

But when you are relaxed, which is one of the many Hatha yoga benefits, it ultimately helps anti-age you.

You smile more, sleep better, wake feeling refreshed, and your spine gets plenty of exercise and remains toned - instant rejuvenation without going under the knife or being a pill popper!

And yep, there are Hatha yoga poses that stretch the facial muscles and give you a nice facelift without needles.

Bonus benefit - Hatha yoga keeps you flexible, so you don’t feel so stiff all the time. Hello, youthful, vibrant, agile You!

Hatha Yoga Asanas Great for All Levels

Hatha Yoga Asanas Great for All Levels

Is Hatha yoga for beginners???

I’m sure you’re eager to know after learning more about the awesome benefits Hatha yoga does to you and that it’s easy and convenient to do (well, some of the Hatha yoga poses, at least) whether you’re at the office, at the airport, or you don’t have a mat handy.

And yes, there are many poses and a Hatha yoga sequence that’s totally beginner-friendly. You don’t even need to memorize these names if they sound too complicated for you!

Here are some of the different asanas or poses that are perfect for beginners… And variations of these are great for the more advanced and experienced Hatha yoga practitioners.

1. Cobra Pose/ Bhujangasana

It’s a back-bending pose where you lay on your tummy and lift your upper body up by pushing your hands against the floor. What it does is it stretches the muscles in your abdominals, shoulders and neck while toning your buttocks and abdomen because of the squeezing you make in these areas as you push your body up.

1. Cobra Pose/ Bhujangasana

2. Sitting Forward Bend/ Paschimottanasana

I recommend that you do this pose once you have performed the other ones when your body kind of gets warmed and more stretched, so to speak. You sit on the floor with your legs extended forward, then you bend and reach your toes with your fingers. It gives you a nice stretch in your hamstrings and thighs and relieves stress in these areas.

3. Half Spinal Twist/ Ardha Matsyendrasana

A soothing and relaxing pose, it’s a seated twist pose that helps improve your spine’s flexibility while toning your abdominal organs. It also has a relaxing benefit to your mind since the gentle spine twist removes any blockage of energy and tension in your nervous system. Finding it hard to sleep or feeling tensed in your back? The half spinal twist is perfect for you.

4. Triangle Pose/ Trikonasana

If you need a quick stress-relieving Hatha yoga pose for your legs, this one is a great choice for you. You basically stand with your feet apart by and legs stretched to the side. Then you windmill your arm and touch your right calf with your right hand while your left hand is pointed up - your gaze on your left hand. Then you do it to the other side. This is an excellent pose for maintaining physical balance, reducing stress, toning the legs, and improving clarity of the mind and focus.

More Advanced Poses

I call these next poses a little bit more advanced in terms of difficulty but you should be able to work up into doing this steps sooner as your body becomes more open and your flexibility has improved over time.

5. Headstand/ Sirsasana

This is pretty much the common idea people get of a yoga practitioner - upside down position. It may seem intimidating, and it does require some practice to become more confident with getting into this position. But once you are able to do a headstand, the benefits are immense… No wonder it’s the king of asanas! The upside down position improves circulation and increase the blood flow into your hair, scalp, and face while giving you a gentle face lift. It’s also a great pose for reducing stress, anxiety and depression, making you feel lighter.

5. Headstand/ Sirsasana

6. Shoulder Stand/ Sarvangasana

From the king of asanas, let’s go to the queen of asanas - the shoulder stand. It offers numerous benefits to various organs of your body and is known to help relieve asthma, sinusitis, stress, slow metabolism, menopause symptoms, infertility, and depression. This is also one of the best Hatha yoga asanas for weight control, which is perfect if you’re trying to stay in shape or feel concerned about your figure.

7. Fish Pose/ Matsyasana

After doing the shoulder stand, it is advisable that you follow it with a fish pose. After contracting the muscles around the throat, you loosen them and kind of open them up with the fish pose. It’s a back bending pose that helps open up your throat, chest, and abdomen. When you’re constipated, you want to keep your spine and neck flexible, and you wish to relieve menstrual pain, this is a good pose to do.

8. Plough Pose/ Halasana

It’s the pose you do before you get into a full shoulder stand where your legs are stretched back to touch the floor where your head is (lying down). It enhances your flexibility, strengthens your back muscles, and stimulates your reproductive organs and thyroid glands. Yoga experts also claim its benefits for weight loss and weight management.

8. Plough Pose/ Halasana

9. Bow Pose/ Dhanurasana

It’s a pose that helps stretch your back muscles by lying on your tummy and pushing your upper and lower body up and grabbing your ankles with your hands (like a bow). It’s a little tough for beginners but once you have achieved flexibility, it’s a great Hatha yoga pose to tone your arms and legs, strengthen your abdominal muscles and back, and improve your posture.

10. Locust Pose/ Shalabhasana

Another tough-looking pose that gives your back a nice full stretch while keeping it flexible and strong. Imagine yourself as a locust, with your tummy flat on the ground and your legs lifted up. Yes, that’s a lot of leg muscle work to get your legs up as high as you can off the ground! But keep practicing, and this pose is great for enhancing circulation and stimulating your internal organs.

11. Peacock Pose/ Mayurasana

This one and the next pose after this are both balancing pose involving your arms. This pose helps in detoxifying your body and strengthening your core muscles and arms for that push power! It is also known to improve digestion and relieving constipation.

11. Peacock Pose/ Mayurasana

12. Crow Pose/ Kakasana

You’ll have strong upper arms and core once you have perfected this pose. You basically lift your butt off the ground (and your upper and lower body) by using arm power. It’s great for improving your posture and strengthening your upper body altogether.

So there you have the 12 basic Hatha yoga asanas and the Hatha yoga sequence. The other poses in addition to these are just extras but the basics are ultimately these ones and always typical in every Hatha yoga class.

A Hatha Yoga Sequence a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!

Hatha yoga is indeed rich in so many benefits not just for the body but also for the mind. This is why it’s a holistic way to improve health - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

The poses may seem intimidating and the postures may seem a little complex but once you get the hang of it as you practice each day, it will get easier and more effortless for you.

But just be sure to consult your doctor before you engage in any yoga class or session to make sure everything is okay on your end. Several Hatha yoga poses are gentle and great for beginners but it is best to stay on the safe side and know your capacity and readiness to do the more complex poses to avoid injury along the way.

So get your yoga on and see you on the mat soon!

​43 Weight Loss Challenges – The Internet’s Ultimate List

43 weight loss challenges the internets ultimate list

43 Weight Loss Challenges - The Internet’s Ultimate List

Been wanting to lose weight but hardly seeing results?

It’s time to do a weight loss challenge!

By challenging yourself, committing to a 30 days challenge weight loss plan, or maybe even a 4, 6, 8 week weight loss challenge, you’ll be amazed with the benefits you can get!

It’s the everyday participation and dedication to doing the weight loss challenge that matters, and it’s the consistency in taking on your one month weight loss challenge (or however long you want it to last) that gives you stunning results.

So don’t even think about it.

Don’t overanalyze things.

Just get yourself to start a fat loss challenge and commit to it 100%.

Check out our weight loss challenge ideas below, pick one and get started right away.

If you won’t do the weight loss challenge, you can’t expect to get something amazing out of it.

And one more thing - don’t be disappointed if the results come too slow.

A 1 week weight loss challenge is unlikely to produce life-changing results, not even a 21 day challenge weight loss program.

But keep doing the best weight loss challenge plan that works for you, and it’s impossible not to experience awesome improvements in your health - body, mind, and spirit.

weight loss challenge rules

Weight Loss Challenge Rules

How much weight do you wish to lose? And how much time are you willing to put towards losing weight? There are certain rules that apply when you want to lose weight safely and effectively.

1. Prepare yourself mentally before doing a weight loss challenge.

It’s your attitude that will fuel your success from a weight loss challenge.

Perhaps you may bombard yourself with dozens or even hundreds of weight loss challenge ideas, but the only motivation that you need comes from within.

You have to condition your mind, get it to accept completely why you’re even doing this challenge, and prepare for some hiccups along the way.

There may be days when you may not feel as motivated or as inspired as you were on other days.

And when you’re not seeing results, you may be tempted to stop and scrap the weight loss challenge attempts you’ve been making.

“Before you take on a challenge, you have to be mentally prepared by being aware of potential problems, how to address these, and being clear with your reasons for doing a weight loss challenge.”

Once everything is clear and certain in your mind as to why you are starting a challenge, you will be more prepared to do it.

In case difficulties arise, you can always go back to your purpose, look at the big picture, then keep going.

2. An effective weight loss challenge includes a combination of the right diet and exercise.

No amount of crash dieting and fad diets can ever help you lose weight.

Do these things, and you could be headed toward a disaster.

And a potential trip to the emergency room.

Never adopt a diet that you are not completely knowledgeable about, or something that literally starves you to death.

Sure, you want to lose weight, but don’t kill yourself doing it!

You still need to feed your body, but the idea is in the right amounts.

Be aware of your calorie expenditures and match this with your calorie intake.

By doing so, you’re not eating more than you’re burning or not taking in less calories than what you need in a day.

Calorie intake and usage are important areas to look into when doing a weight loss challenge and experiencing results without harming your health.

3. Results come slowly, but steadily in the best weight loss challenge.

There’s no fast route towards losing weight.

This is something that takes time, the same way your excess weight built up over time.

But also remember that the older you are, the slower your metabolism gets.

So you can’t expect to see results like when you were younger with a super efficient calorie-burning body.

“The good thing about a slow result from a weight loss challenge is it spares your body from being in a state of shock. You’re gently easing in towards losing weight instead of getting all crazy about it to the point of destroying your health.”

Slow and steady wins the race… Same rule applies when you’re losing weight.

4. Surround yourself with a supportive group as you do your weight loss challenge.

When things start to get tough, all you need is a little energy and morale boost from friends.

Get yourself a supportive group of people who can keep you inspired, motivated, and committed to completing your weight loss challenge.

If you need some support as you take on the challenge, just let us know, and we’ll be more than eager to help you out in any way that we can!

weight loss challenges list

Weight Loss Challenge List 

Now that we’ve gotten the rules laid down, it’s time to start shaping up and losing weight!

Go straight to your preferred weight loss challenge or browse all of these weight loss challenge ideas that can help you have the BEST days of your life very soon!

30 day diet challenge

30 Day Diet Challenge 

A shift in your diet is a good start when you want to lose weight. Here are examples of a 30 day diet challenge weight loss program that you can try. A diet challenge to lose weight can surely make a difference in your life and energy level, so try one today! 

Diet Challenge to Lose Weight

When it comes to losing weight, you need to actively change up your diet to make it fit a healthier lifestyle. Click on a diet challenge to lose weight below and give it a try today to see results.

1. 14 Days Weight Loss Challenge To Lose Up To 14 Pounds

Don’t know which foods to avoid and which ones to eat, so you can lose weight? Check out this list that you can use for your diet challenge to lose weight and start cleaning up the pantry if need be!

2. Breaking Up With Unhealthy Eating Habits – 5 Week Weight Loss Clean Eating Challenge!

If you want results from your diet challenge to lose weight, then you need to start eating better - and clean! Here are some weight loss challenge ideas you should digest and apply ASAP!

3. The Leptin Diet Weight Loss Challenge #1 – Overview and Basic Needs

What should you eat more of and less of to help you lose weight safely? This post is worth reading and may even guide you in that diet challenge to lose weight you’re planning to do.

4. Lose Up to 10 Pounds in 30 Days with the 4-Step Weight Loss Challenge

A diet challenge to lose weight isn’t as complicated as you think. In fact, just do these 4 steps and you’re golden!

5. 21-Day Diet Challenge if You Weigh 200 lbs or More

Time to fix that diet and make it work for your weight loss goals! These weight loss challenge ideas are totally eye-opening and bound to give you the results you want.

30 Day Weight loss Challenge Meal Plan

Having a hard time planning out your meals for your weight loss challenge? A 30-day weightloss challenge meal plan can definitely be a huge help for you - and we’ve got smart examples for you below.

1. Day 11 Meal Plan – Weight Loss Challenge Recipes for Weight Watchers

Plan your meals right to get a noticeable improvement you want for your body. This sample menu definitely works great for a 30-day weightloss challenge meal plan that gives amazing results.

2. Low Carb Keto Meal Prep 30 Lbs Weight Loss Challenge

Megan Fox, Halle Berry, Adriana Lima… These women swear by the pure awesomeness of the keto diet in helping them lose or maintain their ideal weight. Try this 30-day weightloss challenge meal plan and join the list of sexy and slim women.

3. 14-Day Clean-Eating Meal Plan: 1,200 Calories

Start with 14 days, but continue up to the 30th day… Or even more! This clean eating meal plan will change your life, health, and body all for the better!

4. Joy Bauer's budget-friendly grocery list and meal plan to help you lose 10 pounds

A list and a plan are what you need for an effective weight loss challenge. Take a look at this 30-day weightloss challenge meal plan and grocery list to help you start and do things the right way.

30 day fitness challenge weight loss

30 Day Fitness Challenge Weight Loss

Get fit, trim, and healthy with a 30-day fitness challenge weight loss plan. Below is a combination of gym workouts and yoga poses that can help you burn and shed extra fat in your body more effectively. 

30 Day Workout Challenge To Lose Weight

1. Weight Loss Workouts | The Ultimate 30 Day Sit Up Challenge!

If you want to lose weight, you gotta work hard for it! This 30-day workout challenge to lose weight helps you get sexy abs you’ve always dreamed of.

2. Yoga Weight Loss Challenge! 20 Minute Fat Burning Yoga Workout Beginners & Intermediate

Yoga CAN help you lose weight. Watch this video that definitely deserves a spot in your weight loss challenge ideas and set of workouts to help you drop those stinkin’ pounds.

3. 4 Summer Challenges to Kick-Start Weight Loss

Just 4 types of workouts for your 30-day fitness challenge weight loss plan? Sounds pretty good, yeah? The simpler, the easier it gets, and the details are all in this awesome blog post.

4. Lose Weight This Month with Our 30-Day Slim-Down Challenge

Are you going to be the biggest loser this month? Try this 30 day workout challenge to lose weight and feel the burn (and see your extra pounds shrink away!).

5. 7-Day Weight Loss Workout Challenge for Beginners

Complete noobs in a weight loss challenge will find this guide super helpful to get them started and witness positive changes in their body and health.

​New Year’s Weight ​Loss Challenge

Holidays can be hard on your body as you get your appetite super worked up, it just ruined your health and figure! But with the best New Year’s weight loss challenge to try, you can go back to your normal body shape - maybe even much better!

1. Weight-Loss Solutions for the New Year

Start the year right with this New Year’s weight loss challenge plan. You can even do this any day but be sure to do it for 30 days straight or longer to get maximum results.

2. 50 Recipes for Your New Year’s Weight-Loss Resolution

Looking to greet the New Year with a slimmer, healthier new bod? Check out these recipes to get you super fired up for an epic New Year’s weight loss resolution.

3. 10 Steps to Succeed at Your New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight

new years weight loss challenge

Don’t overcomplicate things. Just stick to these 10 basic steps for a rocking New Year’s weight loss challenge with these weight loss challenge ideas you just have to try.

4. The New Year, New Leaf Weight Loss Challenge

If last year’s weight loss challenge ideas were a flop, then it’s time to change things up with this supercharged, fail-proof New Year’s weight loss challenge tips that bring visible, long-term results.

group weight loss challenge

Group Weight Loss Challenge

Wanna try doing a weight loss challenge with a group of people?

“Doing a weight loss challenge with a group is certainly more fun and makes things easier. Not only can you compare notes and witness changes together, but you even get an instant support group!”

Here are excellent weight loss challenges to do with your office mates and your partner.

Office Weight Loss Challenge

A workplace weight loss challenge can get everyone healthier and slimmer and more motivated to keep shedding because of the support they get from one another! Try a work weight loss challenge today and choose from the following weight loss challenge ideas that appeal to you.

1. How to Create an Office Weight Loss Challenge

The more, the merrier, right? Try these weight loss challenge ideas with your office mates, so you all can be healthier, sexier, and more brimming with energy together!

2. The Best Office Workplace Weight Loss Challenge Ideas

There’s no shortcut to losing weight, but these weight loss challenge ideas are sure to lead to stunning results that you and your office mates will love!

3. 5 Ideas for a Workplace Weight Loss Challenge

Start anytime with these weight loss challenge ideas that you can do with your office mates.

4. 12 Ways to Do a Fitness Challenge in Your Company

A fit and healthy office team leads to better productivity overall! If this sounds great to you, try these awesome fitness challenges in the office sooner than later!

5. Office Weight Loss Challenge Ideas – Lose Weight at Work

An office team that loses weight together, gets healthier and better-looking together! Let this be your mantra as you start an office weight loss challenge today.

Weight Loss Challenge to Do For Couples

When you’ve got a supportive partner who wants to do a weight loss challenge with you, that makes things much easier! Support your sweetheart and get slimmer together by doing one of these weight loss challenges today.

1. Couples Weight Loss Challenge

Try these tips to lose weight with your partner that will not only strengthen your bond but help you stay together longer!

2. Couples Fitness Challenge

Do you feel you and your partner can be better than how you are right now, physically? Then try these weight loss challenges to do for couples that will get you looking and feeling great all over.

3. Couples' Weight Loss Challenge: Meal Plan

No competition here, but just pure supportive and positive environment for you and your partner to get slimmer, healthier, and happier together.

4. Weight Loss Programs You Can Do With Your Boy

If you and your man have been wanting to shrink down but to no avail, maybe doing it together can help. Check out these weight loss challenge ideas that to get you going.

5. The ultimate his ‘n’ hers diet plan - easy but effective shape-up plan made for two

Two is better than one - and this goes for slimming down, too! Take a look at this weight loss challenge diet plan for you and your man.

30 Day Weight ​Loss Challenge Plan 

A smart game plan is what you need to achieve results from a 30-day weightloss challenge. This is why to help you get started, committed, and inspired, I have for you surefire tips and pieces of advice that can guide you along the way.

​1. 7-day weight-loss challenge

Ready to melt that stubborn fat? Here’s a great guide for your weightloss challenge plan that you can extend up to 30 days… Or just keep going!

2. 11 Solutions for Your Common Weight Loss Challenges

It’s not that your 30 day weightloss challenge plan isn’t working. You’re just not doing it right. These solutions should help you knock out that goal of losing weight more efficiently.

3. 90-Day Weight Loss Challenge To A New You

30 day weight loss challenge plan

Check out these practical tips you can use to get visible results from your 30 day weightloss challenge plan - and yep, do it for 90 days, too, if you’re still all fired up to keep losing!

4. Natalie Nunn Dishes On New Bad Girls, Kim Richards, And The 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge

In need of weight loss challenge ideas that can help you safely and effectively flatten out those muffin tops? Be inspired by this story, apply it to your 30-day weightloss challenge plan, and start moving today.

5. 3 Days Weight Loss Challenge | Drink for Weight Loss & Get Slim

A great 30-day weightloss challenge plan to try, these smart tips can give you long-term results if you do it for more than 3 days. Try it and feel the difference!

6. The TRUTH Behind The 30 Day Water Challenge For Weight Loss

Drink more water to lose weight? Is this really possible or just one of those crazy weight loss challenge ideas that never work? Read this post and learn a thing or two about what water does to those extra pounds.

7. 9 Weight Loss Challenges That Are Totally Doable

These weight loss challenge ideas offer holistic tips on how to lose weight with a combination of the right diet, lifestyle, and workout. Know what these are by checking out this great post.

8. The Skinny on Weight Loss Challenges and What you REALLY Should be Looking for!

Get the skinny on how to be skinny for great results you’ve always wanted. Here are brilliant weight loss challenge ideas you just gotta use to shed those pounds one by one.

9. 30 Days Weight Loss Challenge

Losing weight in 30 days isn’t as tough as you think it would be. I really like these comprehensive weight loss challenge ideas that must be a part of your game plan.

a weight loss challenge that lasts

A Weight Loss Challenge That Lasts 

It’s easy to have that desire to lose weight, be healthy, get a sexy body, experience a higher level of energy.

But the real test is in taking on a weight loss challenge, committing to it, and completing it.

If you want to witness optimum results from a diet challenge or a fitness challenge, then you need to take the right steps from the start.

Get these steps all nailed down, do the best you can in following these, and success will soon be yours.

It may not be something you can accomplish or witness in a day…

But a successful weight loss challenge involves a steady improvement day after day after day.

So don’t just daydream about it.

Your daydreams won’t make you shed pounds.

Start a weight loss challenge today, do your best in completing it, and awesome results will soon be yours!

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