39 Exciting Challenges to Do – Pick One and Just Start - Challenge Life Better

39 Exciting Challenges to Do - Pick One and Just Start

What if I told you that there are challenges to do that can change your life for the better day after day after day?

Let’s face it:

There’s something about you right now that you want to improve on.

It could be your weight, or your relationship with your spouse, or maybe your physical appearance...

Maybe you dream to be someone who’s healthier, more physically fit, more creative, with finances in a better situation, or happier in your relationships..

Of course you’d want all those!

That’s why here’s what I want you to do:

I want you to challenge your life better a little bit more each day, live each minute of your life focused, directing your life, and not letting the bombardment wave of external influences direct you.

And that’s where a challenge for what you want to focus on will come alongside and bring motivation and willpower that is difficult to muster when going alone.

Challenges are not easy, for sure.

But that’s why it’s called a challenge!

You’re breaking down old habits, introducing new ones that you need to improve yourself, getting those new habits embedded in your system, and being consistent with your better routines that give a MASSIVE positive effect in your life.

Challenges to Do List

What is it that you want to accomplish from completing a challenge?

Do you want to feel great about your body by shedding a few pounds or more?

Or are you hoping to improve your relationship with your partner and change some things you’ve been doing wrong?

Or perhaps, you want to have an outlet for your emotional outbursts through art and other wholesome means of self-expression instead of yelling and throwing stuff?

This challenges list I have for you can cover all of these - and more. So once you know what exactly you desire to accomplish for yourself, click the challenge ideas and check it out.

If you need some inspiration, a boost to get you started and keep the momentum as you complete these challenges, check out this whole post to fire you up and make things happen.

  • Weight Loss Challenge Ideas
  • Fitness Challenges to Do with Your Best Friend
  • Challenges to Do With Food - Clean Eating
  • Decluttering - Fun Challenges to Do For Kids (Yep, you can get the kids involved, too!)
  • Art, Self-Expression and Similar Fun Challenges to Do at a Sleepover
  • Smart Financial Planning Challenge
  • Healthier Relationship Challenges Ideas

Maybe some of these may strike you as mere challenges games, or maybe something that seem like exciting challenges to do outside, or even challenges to do alone for your own self improvement.

Whatever it, is just pick one, get the challenge going, because the truth is challenges in life make you stronger and better than where you are right now!

Effective Weight Loss Challenges To Do

Effective Weight Loss Challenges To Do

Losing weight is not all about looking hot in a bikini.

Well, that’s an extra perk, but… You know what I mean.

Weight loss can significantly make you feel great all over. You no longer feel like you’re lugging around a heavy body, which means you’ll feel lighter - figuratively and literally!

Imagine losing that extra 100, 200, or maybe about 300 pounds one day. Don’t you think that would take a huge load off your body?

You’ll also prolong your lifespan, maybe eventually quit taking a bunch of meds for maintenance, spend more time with the family doing outdoors stuff without panting and gasping and barely breathing after a short walk.

These are all AMAZING things that come with losing and maintaining your ideal weight, and you should NEVER deprive yourself of these remarkable benefits.

But yeah, I understand that it’s not THAT easy to go from consuming 3000+ calories, downing 6 bottles of soda, having lunch and dinner that’s enough to feed a family of 12, and getting your midnight snack packed with sugar, salt, and who knows what else is in those bags of chips!

Changing a habit that doesn’t work can be tough.

It’s way tougher when you’ve been used to it for 10, 20, 30 years.

Your mind and body will even resist the change. And you’ll start to feel like giving in to what your mind and stomach want.

But at the same time, you know you just have to let go of these things and challenge yourself.

You don’t want to be a dough ball the rest of your life.

You’re here in this lifetime to LIVE, THRIVE and not just trying to survive!

But unless you take the challenge to lose weight, you can never get to the “live” part. And thriving isn’t even in the itinerary, too.

That’s why I challenge you to challenge yourself to start living by taking that step, making incremental changes, and get into a weight loss challenge that can help you plenty in your goal of becoming a better, healthier, happier version of who you are right now.

Here are some ideas for challenges to do that can help you lose weight:

  1. 10 Day No-Sugar Diet
  2. 30 Day Zero Salt Det
  3. 30 Day Drink 30 Gallons of Water a Day Challenge
  4. 7 Day 10- Minute Walk Challenge
  5. 21 Day Raw Food Challenge
  6. 7 Day Green and Fruit Smoothie Challenge
  7. 30 Day No Soda Challenge
challenges to do that can help you lose weight

Okay, so as you can see, the number of days in these challenges to do may vary. You see some that’s just for a week, some for three weeks, and then there’s the month-long challenge.

But you can totally customize the length according to where you are.

Some cool examples right here:



If you want to really get serious and feel it in your soul that you HAVE to go down to half your body weight right now in 6 months to a year, then go for a 30 day challenge… And keep going for another 30, and another, and another…

You can even combine one challenge with another.

Maybe you want to do the 7-day 10-minute walking challenge with the 30 day zero-salt diet and 30-day no soda challenge.

Heck, why not do all of these for 30 days!

But the MOST important thing is you take it easy. Don’t overwhelm your body.

When it comes to losing weight and shifting from one diet to another, you have to kind of introduce your body slowly to a new meal plan.

I would suggest that you take 3 - 5 days of  mental and physical preparation for your weight loss challenge.

7 Day Green and Fruit Smoothie Challenge

You have to sit down and condition your mind that you can do it, you look at your body, you look at your loved ones, and you go inside your mind and have a good look of the new and improved Sally or Harry that you want to be.

Then, you slowly cut down the calories - don’t go too fast - and limit the types of food that you are completely dropping in the challenge.

As you go along the challenge, you’ll find yourself struggling. Maybe you’ll feel a little sad, a wave of emotions might come in, and you may even feel like giving up.

But that’s why you need the support of your family, friends, and even joining a community that will boost your confidence, encourage you to keep going, and get some tips and advice to those who are going through the same situation you’re in or who have completed their own weight loss challenge.

You can even turn these into challenges to do with your friend, so you two can shape up together and feel amazing!

With your will power, your loved ones’ push, and the support of a community who understands and believes in you, there’s no doubt your weight loss challenge will be a success!

Look Great with These Fitness Challenges To Do

Everyone wants to have a trimmed, toned, and sculpted body.

Maybe for some, it’s an ego booster to have a hot bod, but for others, it’s all tied up with health and vitality.

I mean, sure, a six pack looks plenty delicious. But really, if you have a strong core, six pack or maybe just a four-pack, this helps maintain your balance, strength, and great posture.

Your core muscles keep you stable and not just fumbling about.

But you don’t just want to focus on your core.

When you do your workouts, you want to improve the whole shebang.

That means your butt, arms, and legs. Big muscles in your body that allow you to do your daily routine - walk, run, bend, reach up, so many things!

And you’re not just working out to join American Ninja warrior or a bodybuilding contest.

It’s all about feeling and being stronger, with more endurance, and achieving your optimum best!

Ready to rock one or more of these fitness challenges to do? Pick one and go ahead and start!

  1. 30 Day Yoga Challenge
  2. 30 Day Arms and Butt Workout
  3. 21 Day Perfect Plank Challenge
  4. 30 Day Sexy Legs Workout
  5. 14 Day Squat Challenge
  6. 30 Day Amazing Bubble Butt Challenge
  7. 30 Day Gorgeous Abs Challenge
30 Day Yoga Challenge

Here are some examples to get you started:



Now, there’s one or two things that sometimes hold you back or give you even greater challenges when you take on a fitness challenge.

Number one is time.

You’re a busy mom, always running around to get stuff done, daily chores and errands to deal with, maybe you’re a businessperson currently holding it together while flyin’ solo…

Yeah, you have to get your head on straight and focus and REALLY make your fitness challenge a part of your day.

Set aside a time of the day for these workouts.

Maybe you’re a morning person. Or maybe you’re the type who has too much drive to do stuff in the afternoon.

Listen to your body and do your challenge during the time of the day when you’re MOST motivated, supercharged, and driven.


Stick to the sched no matter what.

Give it 10 or 15 minutes a day, and don’t skip.

No lame excuses, no ifs and buts.

If you want to succeed, you want that “after” look in your head to happen, then this is how you should do it.

Otherwise it’s just wasted effort.

Okay, so number two serious enemy for this challenge is the mind game

Maybe your mind is telling you there’s no way you can do it anymore, or it hurts a lot, or you deserve to couch all day and not push yourself anymore…

All mind games, I’m telling you.

See, the closer you are to your goal, the tougher the mind games.

And that’s why you have to fight it and keep your eyes on the prize.

If you want to make it happen,  no one’s gonna do it for you.

It’s all up to you.

It’s 100% pure effort by YOU.

Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory as you notice incremental changes happen in you and your life!

All for a better and more fit and stronger you, right?

Then, let’s do it!

Clean Eating Challenges To Do - Just Start

Clean Eating Challenges To Do - Just Start

What if I told you that you don’t have to spend $$$ just to prevent an illness or slow down your aging process, or get rid of those zits and wrinkles and what-nots on your face?

That considering your skin is the LARGEST elimination organ of your body, the foul odor, acne, rashes, and all that could be due to your poor food choices.

And of course, if you eat crap, then you feel like crap.

No other way to go about that.

You’re starting to feel the consequences of your diet to your health.

You feel tired easily, you’re starting to feel and look “your age”, you’ve got bad acne, body odor…

Basically not feeling super great about yourself.

Since all of these things are linked with your current diet, then the solution is clear -

You got to ditch the MSG, preservatives, loads of salt, processed food, high sugar snacks and drinks…

Clean eating is the way to go.

So how do you even eat “clean”?

Here are examples of clean eating challenges to do with friends that you definitely have to try:

  1. Clean-ish Eating 30 Day Challenge
  2. 21 Day Whole Foods Eating Challenge
  3. 60 Day ZERO Processed Food Diet
  4. 7 Day Smoothie Challenge
  5. 30 Day All Fruits and Veggies Diet Challenge
Clean Eating Challenges To Do

To give you some ideas on how to get you going in this kind of challenge, here are some amazing stuff you can try:




I suggest you start slow on this one. If you’ve been eating crap all your life, you can cut down some really nasty stuff in your diet first, instead of jumping right in to going all raw for a week straight.

You CAN go ahead doing all raw or all smoothie for a week or something once your body is “cleaner”.

Otherwise, the detox process is just going to feel too heavy for you.

So what you can do is take it easy and do a 7 day whole foods diet, and do that simultaneously with the zero-processed food challenge.

Once you’re pretty much ready and have kind of gotten accustomed to the new diet, you can do it for another set of 7 days, then…

Introduce the raw food diet.

Again, each body is different. You just have to listen to what your body is telling you and how you’re feeling about it.

Detox is nasty, but if you’re not overloaded with stress at work, you’re taking it slowly, then you should be able to go full on your clean eating diet.

I’ve been there, you know.

My ultimate goal 3 years ago was to become 100% vegan.

So I started with cutting down the pork, beef, chicken from my diet.

Became a pescatarian for about a month, ate more veggies and fruits.

Then I decided to also eliminate fish and seafood from my diet, but I was still eating eggs and animal products like milk and butter.

It was a 60-day process before I completely transitioned from being an omni, to being vegetarian, to being a vegan.

The process wasn’t easy. The first 30 days have been tough.

But I think what helped was the mindset I established right from the start and my set of goals.

Also, I took it slowly, was gentle with myself and not doing a 360-degree shift overnight.

That would’ve been crazy challenging if I went too fast.

With the support of your loved ones, if you have family and friends who are on board with clean eating, too, then that makes it easier.

But if you’re flying solo in this challenge, no worries.

Just do it slow, deal with the mind games, and keep your goals clear in your head throughout the entire journey.

You can make it happen!

Easy and Simple Decluttering Challenges To Do

Do you sometimes feel you need to rent another space just so you can live with all your stuff?

Like, you enter your home, and about 70 to 90% of your living space is taken up by your … stuff.

You collect receipts from decades back, super old plastic containers, bottles, Barbie dolls you’ve got when you were 6, 7 years old, bottlecaps, cases of photo albums, seriously retro outfits you last wore at prom back in the 1960s…

You’re a legit packrat and your house can’t lie.

The evidence is all right there.

And the thing is, you know you don’t need those things, but you just don’t know how to get rid of them.

Collecting every single thing has been a strong habit you’ve had since who knows how long, and you just can’t wiggle out of it.

What to do???

First, take a deep breath.

This whole thing can be fixed, you’re not sick in the head, and you CAN eliminate the mess.

Second, watch the Netflix movie Minimalism.

Yeah, that should get you started and kind of put things into perspective as to why you DO NOT need to be collecting every single thing.

Third, here are some helpful challenges to do that you can try to declutter not just your home, or your handbag, or your closet, but ultimately, even your life:

  1. 30 Day Minimalism Challenge
  2. 21 Day Organize Your Home Challenge
  3. 40 Bags of Stuff in 40 Days Challenge
  4. 90 Day Declutter Your Home Challenge
  5. Keep Your Closet Spacious in 14 Days Challenge

Kind of in a daze and not sure how to start?

21 Day Organize Your Home Challenge

These brilliant decluttering challenges have pro tips that break it down into bite-sized pieces for you.




Baby steps. Don’t go too big or you’ll go nuts and give up completely.

And always remember to stay focused on your goal.

You know your home (and maybe your thoughts) are in a mess because of too much… mess.

So there’s no point keeping things the way they are if the present situation doesn’t work, right?

Take deep breaths, watch Minimalism, read this #1 bestseller book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing” by Marie Kondo, and visualize a house and closet and mind that’s spacious, open, and focused only on the basics.

When you’re done with those, get to work..

And keep working as you get closer to your goals.

Art, Self-Expression, and Creativity Challenges To Do

What’s your way of expressing yourself?

Do you love to write poems?

Do you doodle?

Or maybe you’re into embroidery, quilting, pottery, carpentry…

Everyone’s got that creative spirit, but some people don’t tap into it just as much as others do.

I never wrote or read poems as a kid.

I wasn’t even into writing. No diary, no journal, nothing.

But when I entered a period of depression when my mom died, I felt so much stuff in my head that I knew I had to release.

Overwhelming emotions, too much for my brain and heart to handle…

Then I came across this lovely poem by Christina Rossetti called “Remember Me”.

I forgot how I ended up reading that poem, and I really have no recollection of who shared it with me.

But damn, it struck me right to the core.

And then the waterworks came… And kept going…

The poem really got to me, and it opened some serious floodgates.

I got a pen, and a piece of paper, then just scribbled away.

It’s almost like automatic writing, kind of creepy, but really therapeutic.

My thoughts just spilled right out of my head and straight to my paper.

So much anger in the stuff I wrote, some are grim and dark…

But I didn’t care. I just wrote and wrote and wrote. No judgment, but just pure release through writing.

So yeah, maybe for me, it was poetry writing that helped me REALLY expressed myself. Others may be into drawing or handicrafts or dancing.

Whatever it is that floats your boat, DO IT.

If you’re drawn more towards one thing, in my case it was poetry, then just keep at it. Don’t judge your work. You’re not competing for the Nobel Peace Prize Award or the New York Times Bestseller or something.

It’s all about freely expressing yourself for therapy, for sanity, for your own happiness.

And here are some ideas for your art/ self-expression challenges to do today:

  1. 30 Day Photography Challenge
  2. Doodle for 30 Days Challenge
  3. 30 Day Drawing Challenge
  4. Paint a Picture for 21 Days Challenge
  5. 14 Day Make Something Out of a Dollar Store Item Challenge
Paint a Picture for 21 Days Challenge

Some sample challenges to guide you can be found right here:



Since we’re in the topic of self-expression while creating something worthwhile out of it, let me talk about this interesting and quite profitable challenge to do.

It’s the 90 Day Content Marketing Challenge by Miles Beckler.

If you have an online business, whether it’s selling information products, affiliate marketing, writing eBooks, coaching and consultation, or something else, you need constant content on your website where you are selling your stuff.

And at first, it’s a bit of a drag to write content every single day.

But to build a successful online business, procrastination serves no purpose in your life and daily routine at all.

It’s why you need to take up this 90 day challenge, create content consistently day after day, until it becomes a part of your habit and the whole task just flows smoothly in your routine.

Repetition is what you need to form a habit, so you should be committed to doing this task for 90 days straight without fail.

Commit, get started, and keep at it. That’s how you do it right and how you gain success from all your efforts!

Oh, and another thing -

You can totally change up the length of days you want to do the challenge!

The goal is to keep at it, discover your creative spirit, let it out, and have a form of release in a healthy, wholesome, and productive manner.

Get it all out, and most importantly, have fun with what you’re doing. 🙂

My Favorite Smart Financial Planning Challenges To Do

You’re short on cash again?

Man, that must suck a lot…

It ain’t fun when you’re working your ass off to make some money, only to be spent on bills and barely getting anywhere with your savings.

But here’s a thought -

What if I you could challenge yourself to save more money and actually making it happen?

It could be a short-term challenge that runs for a month,

Or heck, why not get it going for one full year!

How about trying out some of these amazing money-saving challenges to do:

  1. Save $5 a day for 12 weeks challenge
  2. 60 Day Fill Up the Jar with $20 Challenge
  3. Give Up Something, Get $10 in Return 52 Day Challenge
  4. 120 Day Save Money for a Cruise Trip Challenge
  5. 52 Week Drop Loose Change a Day Challenge
120 Day Save Money for a Cruise Trip Challenge

May not sound much because we’re talking coins, $5 or $20 at most per day…

But hey, every small amount adds up!

If you’re putting away $5 a day for 12 weeks, that’s going to be $5 x 84 days = $420!

Okay, so it won’t be enough to send your kid to college, but it’s totally something!

A little definitely goes a LOOOONG way.

Healthier Relationship Challenges To Do

Tired of bickering with your spouse?

Maybe it’s not only you who’s sick of yourself flying off the handle when you’re with your partner, but even the neighbors think the daily crashing of plates, slamming of doors are becoming a terrible nuisance…

Plus, a bad relationship takes years off of your life…

So if science is talking, even your neighbors are eavesdropping and gossiping, then this whole fight with the wife or husband has to stop.

It’s time to make love not war. Rekindle the love, the passion, the sex, the laughter, the romance…

And it’s all about becoming a better YOU to become a better partner.

Because remember, you can’t give what you don’t have.

This is why I recommend these effective challenges to do for you, which may just be what your relationship needs:

  1. 30 Day Challenge to Communicate Better with Your Partner
  2. Better Sex in 30 Days Challenge
  3. 30 Day to a Healthy Relationship Challenge
  4. 21 Day Appreciate Your Partner Challenge
  5. 40 Day Challenge to Be An Affectionate Spouse

See, it starts with communicating clearly and nicely with your partner.

If you start with a nagging voice, how do you think your spouse would react?

It’s bound to look ugly, that’s for sure!

30 Day to a Healthy Relationship Challenge

So you have to learn the art of communicating with your partner, and when I say communicate, that means listening and speaking.

Take turns when speaking, not both of you talking at the same time.

Then of course, you have to be more affectionate, romantic, fun - in between the sheets or not.

Sex plays a certain role in any romantic relationship whether you’re married or living together.

Which is why you have to address ALL aspects that affect your relationship, just like what these challenges I have for you:




If it’s broken, fix it. Don’t throw it away.

That’s kind of my mentality when it comes to relationships.

I believe if the problem is not elbow-deep, that both parties are willing to try harder, then you just got to give it another chance.

Don’t throw the towel when you haven’t even tried fixing things with your partner.

Sign them up to a 30 day challenge, do it together, and maybe sparks will start to fly again.

It’s worth it, I’m sure.

Start with These Challenges To Do For a Better YOU

You see, challenges aren’t all that negative.

In fact, there’s nothing negative about challenges at all.

When you’re challenged, it kind of flicks that switch in your brain and heart to solve something, to make things better, to get through it.

So instead of running away from challenges, fearing challenges, and doing everything you can to flee from challenges, maybe you just have to face them head on.

Challenges in life make you a better person by tearing down the walls of complacency, pushing yourself to the limits, unveiling a critical thinker, loving, problem solver, creative, compassionate, resourceful person inside of you.

And to grow and live fully, you just got to let these all out.

Challenge life better and be the best version of yourself.

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