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Colloidal Silver Soap - Why You Should Use Silver Soap and Not Anything Else

Colloidal silver has been used to come alongside great health since Hippocrates!


It's about time this amazing natural remedy made it into our soap.

No more junky chemicals for anti-bacterial, natural here we come.

Today you will be awakened to the benefits that await you when you begin to use colloidal silver soap.

Colloidal Silver Soap Bar - A Look Back in History

Have you ever used silver soap?

Nope, not talking about soap made from this metal.

That’s gonna be HARD to use…

I’m talking about colloidal silver soap bar, which is basically soap that contains nano silver  suspended in distilled water. 

It’s nothing new in history, actually. In fact, we’re just reviving it and reintroducing its amazing benefits, which the ancient civilizations have relied on as their natural antibiotics, among a TON of other things.

In Ayurvedic Medicine, a 5000-year old natural healing system, silver was used to create elixirs, rejuvenative formulas and tonics to cure a vast range of diseases.

Colloidal silver promotes cellular respiration, which makes it potent as a natural treatment for wounds, skin diseases, viral infections, bacterial, and yeast infections.

Colloidal Silver Soap Bar

Colloidal Silver Soap Benefits

So think about it.

If colloidal silver can do all of those, just imagine how a nano silver soap with this special ingredient can be a total game changer…

For a limited time you can try a bar for free, just pay shipping, that even has an anti-aging supplement in the soap

Because of the natural healing and restorative properties of colloidal silver…

And MOST importantly, colloidal silver is 100% natural. Not some weird product created by combining a bunch of nasty, toxic chemicals in a test tube.

So you see, silver soap benefits go beyond simple acne or treatment of wounds. Psoriasis, eczema, burns, scrapes… You can pretty much count on colloidal silver to improve these skin problems.

Colloidal Silver Soap Benefits
natural healing and restorative properties of colloidal silver

Colloidal Silver Soap Uses

Could it be that colloidal silver is THE answer you’ve been looking for to all your skin issues?!

Basically, colloidal silver is nothing but that - microscopic silver compounds processed using electricity then suspended in water. There’s nothing way out of the ordinary with that. Just two ingredients - silver and water.

It may sound too simple, but with true colloidal silver, you can count on it to offer healing benefits to various infections caused by bacteria and viruses. It’s even safe and good for everyday use - babies and seniors alike!

Colloidal silver is a very potent and natural antibiotic and germicide. It can also destroy certain enzymes to promote the growth of “good” bacteria, which your body needs to thrive.

And as a wide range of diseases are caused by bacteria, germs, virus, and other pathogens, can you imagine how these are no match for colloidal silver’s healing properties?

You can find colloidal silver in liquid form, which is best consumed when you are suffering from pneumonia, colds, flu, sinusitis, and other upper respiratory infections.

But when it comes to skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne, you’re better off using colloidal silver soap.

It offers a cleansing and disinfecting and healing action all in one bar - without killing the good bacteria in your body!

How Colloidal Silver Soap For Acne Works

How Colloidal Silver Soap For Acne Works

No one likes to have a pimple-infested face.

Acne is the quickest route to low self-esteem, feeling bad about yourself, and getting super annoyed with people commenting on your pimples.

But even if you absolutely hate acne, it seems to love certain people a lot. Most teens get it bad, even adults have a few acne here and there, and yep, some older women entering menopause are plagued by a bad case of hormonal acne.

What gives??

There’s no one cause of acne. It’s a combination of different things such as hormonal imbalance, genetics, pollution, poor hygiene, high humidity, oil-based cosmetics, and diet. You can also blame lack of sleep and stress for those zits on your face and body.

Okay, so how does acne develop?

A certain bacterium called the P. Acnes clog your skin pores, combined with dirt and sebum or excess oil. The clogging results in the dreaded breakouts.

Now, that’s where colloidal silver gets in and colloidal silver acne sprays go to work!

Like I said earlier, colloidal silver is anti-bacterial. So if breakouts are caused by bacteria, then silver soap for acne is just what can help.

In fact, Dr. Harry Margraf, who has done extensive research on colloidal silver, stated its potency as a non-toxic and all-natural germ fighter. According to his studies, the silver particles destroy bacteria surrounding the tissue without harming the tissue itself.

Another study on colloidal silver was published in the Science Digest, which reported the antibiotic properties of colloidal silver. It can kill about 650 disease organisms while preventing resistant strains from developing.

And here’s the BEST part. Colloidal silver does not destroy the good bacteria. So it’s completely safe to use whether topically and internally as an acne treatment.

Considering how safe and effective colloidal silver is for acne, you’re much better off using it to solve your acne problems instead of dumping harsh products on your skin that only leave it dry and irritated. 

Colloidal Silver Soap for Acne

Silver soap does none of that. It offers a gentle healing effect to acne while caring for your skin and keeping it clear, smooth, and soft at the same time.

The Healing Powers of Colloidal Silver Soap For Eczema

Now let’s get into something just as irritating and annoying as acne:


This type of dermatitis is the inflammation and redness of the skin. And it’s so damn itchy, you just can’t help but keep scratching until your skin ends up looking so hideous...

But what causes this skin disorder, exactly?

Doctors are not very certain about the causes of eczema. Yet, there are factors that trigger this condition among some people such as genetics, environment, weak immune system, and seasonal allergies.

Then, there’s topical infection with a type of bacteria called the Staphylococcus, which contributes to eczema.

The Healing Powers of Colloidal Silver Soap For Eczema

In a study published in the Dermatology clinical journal, it presented how wearing clothing with nanosilver integrated into the fabric helped reduce the amount of Staph on the skin. This also helped improve eczema over time.

Can you just imagine how even more powerful the effect of colloidal silver soap is to treating eczema? That’s actually lathering up with good quality nano silver soap and getting these bacteria-fighting substances directly into your inflamed skin!

Colloidal Silver Soap - Is It Just a Hype?

So yeah, colloidal silver is not some crazy hype, a passing trend, a new invention, or some magic formula that’s full of empty promises.

It’s nothing but tiny particles of silver suspended in distilled or demineralized water to activate the healing and rejuvenating properties of this element.

And the “blue man” fear, the thought that colloidal silver will turn your skin blue….That is something you’ll get from taking ionic silver. It’s NOT a colloidal silver concern at all.

Colloidal Silver Soap - Is It Just a Hype?
It’s been around for thousands of years, proven to fight infections, promote healing on a cellular level, and without harmful side effects to your health.

With all these things being said, it only makes sense to have this tried and tested component in your soap. Pricing Here

We’re talking centuries of life-changing effects by using colloidal silver.

Now, does your soap have this ingredient?You know what to do.Ditch that bar and get yourself a great quality silver soap MUCH worth your time and money.

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