Unleash the Creative Spirit Inside of You – Challenge Life Better

Unleash the Creative Spirit Inside of You

Remember when you were 5, and you would dip your fingers in paint and just pat them all around that blank piece of paper and create a splash of colors all over it?

Or when you were helping dad build a mailbox and painting and adding those cool designs to it?

That was LOT of fun, wasn’t it?

The power of creativity unleashes joy, excitement, and confidence in you.

To create something, anything, that can give you such a liberating, exhilarating feeling.

It makes you feel so alive. Like you can do anything you put your mind, heart, and hand into.

It’s like making magic, only there’s no illusion, pixie dust, or hocus-pocus involved.

You let your imagination run wild, you gather the things you need, and you get to work. Really focused at it and keeping your eye on the big picture.

That’s what creativity is all about, and that’s the very nature of humans. We are creative by nature.

Forms of Creativity - It’s In the Small Things

Forms of Creativity - It’s In the Small Things

To be creative, that doesn’t mean you have to be a Picasso or a Michaelangelo or a Steven Spielberg.

You don’t have to have your name in every newspaper or on a giant billboard paying tribute to the things you’ve done.

Really, you can be a poet with unpublished poems, or an artist with artwork just hiding in the basement or in your drawing book, or you must have created short films that remain in your computer.

Maybe your name doesn’t exactly ring a bell on someone’s mind, and you probably think what you can create is so insignificant, nothing special…

But it’s your creation, your unique ideas, your blood and sweat, your hands, your brain that made it all happen!

You’re probably a mom who’s super creative and can come up with scrumptious dishes each week, or a business leader who has brilliant ideas on how to deal well with your staff members, or a fashion design student who has a sketchbook full of gorgeous gown designs.

Be proud of what you can create! Your creativity spirit drives you towards your passion by making it happen through your sketches, cartoons, poems, business ideas, ingenious solutions to day to day problems.

Because of creativity, you’re an amazing problem solver, critical thinker, and optimist. This creative spirit allows you to be productive, passionate, and so full of life.

And it shows in how you get along with others, the way you communicate with people, how you create your daily routine, and your choice of activities.

Your creativity makes your life richer, fuller, happier.

Creative Art Activities for Adults

Need some inspiration to channel that spirit of creativity in you and let it manifest in your life?

Here are some cool creative art activities for adults that you have to try today. Do these to let your creative self come out and experience the liberating and transforming effects that creativity offers.

Art Therapy Forms of Creativity

Art Therapy Forms of Creativity

Grab your sketchbook, your watercolor set, paintbrushes, or maybe even fill up a giant tub with paint and allow your creative spirit to control your body and mind as you create something unique out of these tools. This is a great way to express what you’re feeling at the moment, let go of negative emotions, or simply let your imagination run wild.

1. Paint a music.

Music and art go hand in hand as these are both forms of self-expression. Listen to a song or instrumental music that you resonate with and paint images or even a bunch of lines, squiggles, shapes all around - anything that moves you at this point. Let the rhythm, beat, and lines of the song take control of your hand and imagination. Heck, you can even use your toes for painting!

2. Close your eyes and draw.

Do you find yourself judging yourself too often? Or are you feeling less sensitive of the things around you? Then you have to let the power of creativity take over. Get your water color, brush, and paper, then close your eyes as you paint. Painting with your eyes closed intensifies intuition, touch, sensitivity, and fluidity. No more judgment, just let go!

3. Paint something BIG.

Don’t limit your painting to your sketchbook. Find a wall in in your garden where you can paint on, kind of like a mural. Involve your whole body and make huge movements with your arms as you paint. Feeling a little daring? Roll over a tub of paint and be a giant paint brush!

4. Color by design.

Remember how you enjoyed those coloring books when you were a kid? Maybe it’s a little restricting because you have to follow the lines and not paint over them. But coloring in a design is meditative and soothing - perfect when you’re feeling anxious.

Other Ways to Bring Out Your Creative Spirit - Photography

Other Ways to Bring Out Your Creative Spirit

Maybe your idea of art doesn’t involve painting. Try these amazing art activities that should unleash your creative spirit without even trying hard.

1. Create a Zen garden.

Find a spot outdoors that can be your sanctuary when you’re feeling overwhelmed with stress or intense emotions. A Zen garden is perfect for this because of the simplicity and sense of peace and calm that it offers.

2. Make a “Love Collage”.

Love is a powerful feeling that allows you to be free of any negative emotions, the thing that often blocks you from being creative. One way to generate feelings of love is by reminding yourself of things that uplift you, which a love collage can do. Collect images, quotes, and tangible things that mean “love” to you and create a collage out of them. It’s more of a 3D collage instead of a flat or digital one, and frame it and put it up on your wall.

3. Make prayer flags.

This is such an uplifting project that definitely involves creativity - and some sewing tools. You can make your prayer flag by quilting or sewing by hand. This is an excellent project that lets you send out prayers and loving thoughts to yourself and other people.

4. Get into photography.

Photography is not just a hobby involving shooting pictures. It involves lighting, lines, the right angle, and basically making your subject “come to life”. You may either enroll in a photography class or learn some photography skills online to know the basics on how it’s done.

Look Within and Find Your Creative Spirit

“But I don’t think I can really draw, write poems, dance, cook, or make awesome films.”

You know what, maybe you first need to get to know yourself to really understand what your creative spirit truly is.

You don’t have to look to your left and right or find out what the other person is doing just for you to know what you’re skilled at.

Ask yourself - what are you passionate about?

What can REALLY make you happy?

Or maybe the thought of doing something inspires you, and you fantasize about working on it soon.

If you are yet to discover your creative self, then it helps to find that quiet space inside of you and get to know your heart’s deepest desires.

You may fall into that illusion that you’re not creative because you don’t do much each day. Like, you do your daily commute, sit in an office chair all day, go home, eat your dinner hastily, then collapse in bed and watch Netflix until you fall asleep.

What can REALLY make you happy?

See, EVERYONE is creative.

But there are just different ways of expressing creativity, which may be through the arts, music, language, interpersonal relationships, culinary arts, literature, and so on.

Nonetheless, these all lead to an expression of creativity or the ability to create.

So next time you feel and think to yourself that you’re not creative, don’t believe your thoughts.

Your creative power is inside of you, and you just got to take the time and silence to learn more about it.

Don’t turn the other way.

You’re not competing with Sara or Terry or David or Mark.

You just want to let your inner self out and journey into your creativity spirit so you can confidently let it out one day without hesitations, fears, and apprehensions.

Be the best version of yourself.

Be the creative genius that you are in your own unique way.

What can REALLY make you happy
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