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Painful swollen gums

​End Gum Problems: Inflamed, Swollen and Sore Gum Home Remedies

Bothered with that painful swelling of your gums?

Swollen gums are never fun. It gets really painful each time you brush your teeth, your gums bleed easily, and chewing food can be a nightmare, especially if your food hits the affected area.

Good thing there are things you can do to prevent swollen gums and also to treat this problem.


Keep reading to learn more about the different ways - natural ways - to get rid of gum problems safely and effectively.

​What Causes Swollen Gums or Inflamed Gums

​Oral health does not only include your teeth but also your gums, too.

In fact, when your gums are healthy, your teeth are healthy.

But when you are suffering from swollen, inflamed gums, the affected teeth may start to hurt. In some cases, infected, inflamed gums can even cause you to lose your tooth!

When you have swollen gums, they tend to bulge out or protrude. They may even hide some parts of the teeth.

​What Causes Swollen Gums or Inflamed Gums

​Causes of Swollen Gums

With gingival swelling, your gums become painful or irritated. Then it becomes very difficult to brush your teeth or floss without spitting out a bunch of blood because of your bruised, bleeding gums.

But what really causes swollen gums? Here are some of the reasons behind inflamed gums.


This is the main culprit behind the swelling of your gums.

This gum disease causes the irritation and swelling, and when left unaddressed, tooth loss and periodontitis may occur eventually.

The tough part is that most people are not even aware they’re suffering from gingivitis because of mild symptoms.

Poor oral health and hygiene causes gingivitis. When you fail to take care of your teeth and gums, plaque starts to build up on your gum line and also on your teeth. This film contains food particles and bacteria that deposit on your teeth.

Wait longer before you get the plaque out, and it will soon become tartar. Now that’s something you can never remove by brushing or flossing. It is something that requires a professional to do it, and if yu wait a little longer, you are at risk of gingivitis.


Gum swelling can also occur because of a vitamin deficiency.

For instance, being deficient in vitamin C can increase your chances of developing scurvy, which can eventually lead to a gum disease.

This is why you should make sure you are getting enough vitamin C daily. Eat plenty of green leafy vegetables and fruits, and you can also take vitamin C supplements to receive the required amount of this vitamin if you are not receiving it from your diet.

getting enough vitamin C daily


Infections that are viral or fungal in form can lead to swollen gums.

A medical condition called thrush, for example, is due to an overgrowth of yeast that is naturally occuring in your mouth. This disease can also cause your gum to swell.

Dental decay that is left untreated can also cause an infection, which can then result to a dental abcess or a localized swelling of your gums.

​Issues with Your Gut

How healthy is your gut?

Did you know that having a weak gut puts you at higher risk of infection and also swollen gums?

Your gut affects your immune system, so if it is weak, this reduces your body’s ability to fight off infection that can cause swelling of the gums. This is particularly true if the infection is in your gum or oral cavity.

​Can You Treat Painful Swollen Gums Overnight?

Now that you know the different causes of swollen gums, you must be wondering -

Is it possible to treat painful swollen gums overnight?

It depends on the cause and other underlying factors that result to a swelling.

You can relieve the pain but treating it completely and putting your gums back to a normal condition is not possible.

The treatment process can take some time, and it also depends on how well your body reacts to the treatment.

But what I can recommend is to perform some home treatment for swollen gums that can help improve the state of your gums and eventually heal the swelling.

​What Can You Do for Inflamed Gums without Medication

​What Can You Do for Inflamed Gums without Medication

​Speaking of home remedies for swollen gums…

You can perform basic steps to address an inflamed gum.

For the most part, practice good oral care daily, after meals. Brush and floss regularly, and you can also gargle with salt and water.

I particularly recommend that you gargle with a colloidal silver mixture, which I will discuss in detail below.

It is also important that you avoid irritants to your gums such as tobacco, alcohol, and strong mouthwashes.

Another thing that can help with the pain and swelling is warm compress on your face, placed over the affected area. This works for gum pain while cold compress helps minimize the swelling.

If you have tartar, it is important that you schedule a dental appointed to get your teeth cleaned. This way, you can prevent future episodes of swollen gums.

​How Do You Get Rid of Inflamed Gums Naturally?

Let’s talk about the different things you can do to treat swollen gums while at the same time decreasing your risks of gingival inflammation in the future. Here are four things you can do.

Take resveratrol

I recommend that you start taking at least 600 milligrams to 1200 milligrams of resveratrol each day.

This material is very potent in fighting off infection by boosting your immune system. And as your immune system becomes stronger, this also helps reduce inflammation and speed up the healing process of a swollen gum.

​​Stay hydrated

Hydration is not just an important thing to do when you’re thirsty or you do physical activities.

Drinking water is also beneficial for keeping your gums healthy. It washes away toxins in your body and refreshes you.

I advise that you drink water that is half of your weight in ounces.

So if you weight 100 pounds, you should drink 50 ounces of water daily.

​Do oil pulling

Have you ever tried oil pulling?

If you haven’t tried oil pulling yet, I highly recommend that you do.

I would use organic coconut oil, warm it up properly and use that twice a day, morning and evening and along with the colloidal silver.

Simply gargle this mixture in your mouth and spit it out to remove impurities and strengthen your gums and teeth at the same time.

Gargle with colloidal silver

Colloidal silver is your best ally against swollen gums.

For swollen gums,I would use a mixture of 50% colloidal silver, say about 20 parts per million and something that will be similar to the hydrogen peroxide that’s actually a really great mouthwash.

I've had really great success in people using that three times a day and holding it in their mouth as long as they possibly can and then spitting it out.

Do this daily for best and quick results.

​Proactive Things You Can Do to Prevent Swollen Gums

If you don’t have swollen gums, great for you!

But you should make an effort to be proactive and perform certain steps to prevent inflammed gums from causing you problems in the future.

Here are things you can do to protect yourself against nasty swollen gums.

​Brush your teeth regularly.

​Brush your teeth regularly.

This is not even debatable.

Poor oral hygiene leads to gum swelling, so you should make an effort to keep your teeth, tongue, and gums clean and healthy.

Brush after meals and use a good toothpaste that can eliminate bacterial and prevent plaque buildup.


It is not enough that you brush your teeth.

You also need to floss since there are food particles that get stuck in between teeth that end up forming into a plaque when left unaddressed.

Floss daily and gum swelling should be the least of your problems!

​Mind your diet

Your diet affects your health.

Garbage in, garbage out, remember?

So eat nutritious food, consume plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and stay away from sugary, very sour, and salty foods. The more alkaline your food is, the healthier it is for your body.

​Boost your immune system

Take your vitamin C, supplement daily with resveratrol, follow a healthy diet.

These are habits that all contribute to a healthy, thriving immune system.

With a strong immune system, you can fight off infections naturally and make you less susceptible to diseases caused by virus and bacteria.

​Keep your gut healthy

Since we’re in the topic of boosting your immune system...

To get the immune system boosted, one of the best things you can do is immediately start 100 billion units of probiotics for your improvement of your gut bacteria and at least 30 strains of bacteria that are part of that hundred billion. And get started on that.

I've had a lot of success from people who tell me almost within a week, they start to feel better all over because they start being regular with their bowel movement.

With your body clear of toxins and wastes, this makes your body stronger in fighting inflammations such as swollen gums.

Painful Swollen Gums and Unhealthy Gut

Painful Swollen Gums and Unhealthy Gut - What is the Link?

A weak gut can cause swollen gums.


Just the fact that your body’s elimination system is compromised means you have more toxins lingering in your body.

When you have a higher percentage of bad bacteria in your body and not enough good bacteria to fight them, this puts you at risk of various diseases…

And it includes gum swelling and infection.

So I would recommend that you take good care of your gut by regularly supplementing yourself with probiotics.

You can take probiotic capsules or drink kombucha, kefir, eat yogurt, sauerkraut, and other foods that contain probiotics to strengthen your immune system, prevent infection, and give you overall health and well-being.


Swollen gums is a nightmare.

But the good news is that there are preventive measures you can take and also natural treatment you can do to get rid of swollen gums.

By staying hydrated, keeping your gut healthy, performing good oral hygiene, and following a healthy diet, swollen gums can be prevented and treated without the use of medication.

Try these steps and techniques I have shared with you today, and I wish you great health always. Be well!

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