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​How to Make Yourself Poop Anytime, Naturally​

​Don’t you just get stressed when you KNOW you need to poop but you just can’t go?

You have to catch an early morning flight, and you want to get your toilet duties over and done with, so you won’t be bothered anymore once you’re on the plane.

Or, you haven’t gone for a few days, and you’re starting to feel not so good…

No matter what it is, I’m pretty sure you have a perfectly good reason why you’re reading this post right now. And you need to get your pooping schedule back in the groove again.

After all, doesn’t it just feel so liberating once you have gone exactly when and where you wanted to?

The feeling of lightness, of being clean inside… That’s priceless!

So read up and check out these no-fail tips on how to make yourself poop the easy, natural, and quick way.

​A Very Serious Matter…

​Not being able to poop is something not to be taken lightly.

In fact, if you’ve been having a hard time going, or you haven’t gone at all for a couple of days or so, it’s actually quite alarming.

Just think - you’ve been eating everyday but the wastes aren’t coming out of your body.

It’s like not taking the trash out at home for days or even weeks!

You’re literally a walking pile of junk inside… And it’s not good for you at all.

And where does the junk go? Just circulating in your body, that’s what!

No wonder some people develop all nasty diseases and various medical conditions. It’s because wastes are just getting reabsorbed in their bloodstream, wreaking havoc to their cells, tissues, organs.

This is why if you’ve been having a hard time pooping, you need to take action - quick. Time to take the trash out where it’s supposed to pass naturally instead of turning it into a major, very expensive medical procedure!

What Happens When You Don’t Poop

What Happens When You Don’t Poop

​In a normal world, your body eliminates wastes from the food you eat. This is why you pee, sweat, breathe, and yes, poop.

Bowel movements is the way in which your body gets rid of undigested material from food such as nutrients that you may be intolerant to. There are also sloughed off cells of your intestinal wall that need to be eliminated.

Then, there are fat-soluble toxins that are basically useless substances in your body, which can only be eliminated by pooping.

So, if you don’t poop, all of these things just sit in your colon and can’t get out.

Your wastes are piling up and obviously, the result is going to get ugly...

Why Can’t You Poop?

Now you know what happens when you don’t poop, and the next question is, why can’t you poop?

When you can’t poop, or you’re constipated, it’s because there’s not enough bulk in your body.

You don’t have fiber that causes the wastes to get pushed out and pass through your colon.

It’s also possible that you are not pooping because you don’t drink enough, or you don’t exercise enough.

Your diet, your lifestyle, all of these things impact the ease or difficulty of passing stool through the colon.

You’ll find out more about the reasons why pooping is hard for most people as you keep reading. I have enumerated 9 ways for you to have regular poop, and doing the opposite of those things are the culprits why you’re not taking the trash in your body out.

Fiber - The Magic Poop Pill

I have mentioned earlier that fiber is important in helping you poop regularly.

Dietary fiber is the roughage or food components that your body cannot digest. So what it does is it passes through your stomach, your small intestines and your colon, and then out your body.

There are two types of fiber, the soluble fiber that is easily dissolved in water and the insoluble, which does not dissolve in water.

Insoluble fiber is what helps move material through the digestive system and helps ease constipation. These foods include whole wheat flour, beans, nuts, potatoes, and cauliflower, to name a few.

As for soluble fiber, this is responsible for regulating your cholesterol levels and keep your heart healthy. Food items such as oats, whole grains, and seeds are rich in this type of fiber.

Be sure to include both the soluble and insoluble fiber in your body to achieve optimum benefits from it!

Important Reasons Why You Need Fiber

Fiber is necessary for keeping your bowel movements regular. It also increases the size and weight of your stool, as well as softens it.

When you have a bulky stool, this passes easier, and you’ll have a lower risk of being constipated. Watery stools, however, can become harder and more solid with the help of fiber because of the roughage it adds.

Aside from helping you poop regularly, fiber also does other things to your body. It helps regular your blood sugar levels, reduce your cholesterol level, and assist with weight loss.

According to the Institute of Medicine, adults 50 years old and younger need 25 grams (women) to 38 grams (men) of fiber daily. As for those who are 51 years and up, they need 21 grams (women) and 30 grams (men) of daily fiber intake to ensure good health.

By consuming the right amount of fiber in your body, you can stay healthier and live longer!

9 Easy Ways to Make Yourself Poop

You don’t have to hold on to that poop for too long!

There are simple things you can do to make yourself poop, and these 9 tips can get you regular to achieve better health.

1. Increase your fiber intake.

How much fiber do you eat each day?

If you are not eating enough fiber, pooping is much more difficult to do.

Be sure to include fiber-rich foods in your diet daily such as oats, whole grains, nuts, seeds, leafy greens, and fruits.

Start your day with a fruit smoothie, a bowl of muesli or oatmeal, and fruits. Then, get your greens in for lunch, whole grain bread and veggie sticks dipped in peanut butter for snacks, and brown rice with steamed vegetables for dinner.

It’s so easy to incorporate fiber in your diet, and it is just a matter of really making an effort to planning your meals each day.

2. Drink up!

Water helps you have a more regular bowel movement.

But most people are not aware of the right amount of water they should drink each day.

Be sure to drink half your body weight in ounces. So if you weigh 100 pounds, you need to drink 50 ounces of water daily.

Are you 150 pounds? Then it’s 75 ounces of water for you.

3. Laxatives help.

If you need an extra boost to poop, laxatives can definitely help.

You can find over the counter laxatives available at the pharmacy including bisacodyl and senna-sennosides. Osmotic laxatives are also quite common such as polyethylene glycol, lactulose, and magnesium hydroxide.

For a much stronger PEG laxative, you will need a doctor’s prescription for that.

4. Soften that stool.

Dehydration is one of the main culprits for constipation, which makes your stool hard and tough to come out.

Fortunately, there are stool softeners sold at local pharmacies that can help people who have a difficult time pooping because of this problem.

Common stool softeners include docusate calcium and docusate sodium. These help facilitate the exiting of your stool more easily.

5. Do an enema.

Enemas help soften the stool to make it easier and more efficient for you to move bowels.

There are different types of enema you can try including soapsids, tap water enemas, and sodium phosphate.

Just be sure to follow the correct procedure on how to administer enema to get favorable results from it.

6. Get moving.

Couching all day definitely won’t help you poop.

You need to get moving to increase the blood flow in your abdomen and help push the stool out of your body.

Simple physical activities such as jogging or walking should suffice in making you poop much easier. There are also yoga poses to help you poop that are worth giving a try and adding in to your daily routine.

7. Grab your cup of Joe.

Did you know that coffee makes you poop?

Coffee is packed with chemicals including chlorogenic acid that helps your body produce gastric acid. This acid reduces your stomach’s pH while speeding up the food’s movement in your digestive tract. As a result, your stomach pushes out wastes much more efficiently.

There are also hormones released with the help of coffee, and these include cholecystokinin and gastrin. These hormones improve digestion and activate your colon to move things around.

Leaning more towards decaf coffee? No problem. Whether you drink caffeinated or decaf coffee, this does not stop gastrin and gastric acid from being released in your body because it’s not a caffeine thing that makes it happen.

8. Take fiber supplements.

If eating fiber-rich food is not enough, you can also consider taking fiber supplements to move things much faster in your stomach.

These supplements include psyllium, methylcellulose, and polycarbophil.

All of these supplements help treat constipation, IBS, and diarrhea. Generally, you will have to take these supplements a couple of hours before you sit on the toilet.

Although these are over the counter fiber supplements, you still need to consult your doctor before taking them to make sure they don’t counteract with the existing supplements or medicines you take, or to ensure their safety to your specific health condition.

​9. Massaging can do the trick.

Lastly, a simple thing to do to help yourself poop is by massaging the perineum. It’s that part between your anus and genitals, and putting pressure in this area may assist in the softening and breaking up of stools.

It definitely won’t hurt to try, along with the other recommended tips on how to make yourself poop that I have listed above. It’s natural, safe, and many people swear by how it works for them.

​Go Forth and Be Regular!

​Not being able to go regularly is not just uncomfortable but it’s also dangerous to your health.

You’re just allowing your body to reabsorb wastes, which can lead to long-term and even immediate health problems.

So apply these tips on how to make yourself poop to keep your body functioning right and avoid diseases that will impact your life.

Stay on a fiber-rich diet, get moving, keep hydrated, and have a regular bowel movement today and everyday!

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