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Mitochondria's Anti-Aging Job

Mitochondrial Health: 9 Ways to Help Mitochondria's Anti-Aging Job

What’s the best way to turn back the clock on your health? If you think that the only way to achieve anti-aging is through creams, lotions and surgery then you’re probably one of the millions of people chasing the white rabbit of health that can never quite be caught.

Good mitochondrial health is the secret to living a vibrant thriving and long life. This is a well kept secret that we’re going to expose today.

Rapid aging, disease and an overall feeling of poor health is caused by damage to your mitochondria. These little organelles are vital to your body’s cellular health. Yet, when a problem arises, it’s treated as if it’s a completely separate issue. But it all can be linked back to these damaged and dying systems.

We’re going to explore what exactly mitochondria is, how they work within your body and 9 ways that you can improve your mitochondrial health.

​What is Mitochondria?

You may have heard that mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cells, but what exactly does that mean?

Every cell in your body contains hundreds of mitochondria. These are “power converts”. Your stomach, heart, lungs, kidneys, and every other organ in your body needs nutrients from food to thrive.

Within the cell, mitochondria take these nutrients and convert them into energy that allows every single cell in your body to function properly. Mitochondria is responsible for synthesizing 90% of a cell’s chemical energy in the form of ATP. (1)

Need your heart to beat regularly? You have mitochondrial for that. Want to be able to get up out of a chair without it completely draining you? There’s mitochondria for that.

See, these little powerhouses are so absolutely critical for the health of your body. And guess what else these little guys are responsible for?

Proper cognitive function. (2)  We each have an even greater number of mitochondria within our brain cells.

When mitochondria are stressed or damaged, our mood, memory and concentration are affected. And because everything within the body is instructed what to do i.e the control center being the brain, a sick brain equals a sick body. 

Mitochondria Die Over Time...

Unfortunately, mitochondria are not immortal organelles in your body. They DO weaken and die. Without functioning mitochondria, what is going to nourish your cells?....

Well, the remaining mitochondria can still stay on the job and do their job but it’s like increasing work hours while decreasing employees. Eventually, EVERYTHING will crash and burn. In the human body, this takes time and we see this in the form of aging along with other physical symptoms.

Both environmental factors and lifestyle factors are responsible for mitochondrial damage and death. Are there signs that this is happening within your body?

Signs you Are Experiencing Mitochondrial Damage

​What Mitochondrial Damage is Like

You may experience chronic fatigue, rapid aging, poor memory, poor concentration, chronic illnesses, problems with sleep, mood disorders, issues with gut health, the list is pretty extensive.

The development of tumors is also caused by mitochondrial damage because mitochondria are also responsible for cell death. This is a normal process where your cells die and you get new ones to replace the old ones.

If the mitochondria aren’t working properly, they don’t “sweep out the house” so to speak and those old and damaged cells continue to grow, often resulting in tumors. (3)

This is why feeding the mitochondria and supporting mitochondrial health is so important.

There’s one more important factor that you should know about mitochondria before we explore ways to care for them.

​Youth and Mitochondria - What’s the Link?

Before you turn 28, you have the MOST amount of mitochondria in your body.

That’s why you notice your skin has less or virtually no wrinkles, you have boundless amounts of energy, and inflammation is the least of your worries.

But as the pages on the calendar turns, you begin to face the harsh reality of aging.

We all experience the decline in mitochondria production, but that’s okay. With the right knowledge you can capitalize the most on the ones you have and yes, healthy cells will lengthen your life. But better than that, you’ll feel younger longer.

Accelerators of Aging

If you have been depriving yourself of sleep, consume a lot of junk, ignore the need for fresh fruits and vegetables, are inactive and consume too much alcohol or other substances it’s going to be reflected inside and out.

The result? Wrinkles, fatigue, and inflammation.

You’ll start to feel sick frequently, your muscles and joints become inflamed, your annual physical tests don’t come out clean, reflecting that you aren’t as youthful as you once were.

If you’d like to watch some valuable information on Mitochondria Research click below!

Does Aging Come with… Age?

Here’s the thing…

Age is just a number. You age not because of the number of candles you blow but because of how you mistreat your mitochondria.

We can easily get caught up in this mindset of “Oh, I’m just old, that’s just the way it is”....

Nonsense! That’s just programming… I won’t get into that here but you are not destined to have mountains of medical bills and defeat to aging.

Even if you’re 45, if you’re taking care of your mitochondrial health, you’re going to reap the anti-aging benefits and you won’t have to deal with those “aging symptoms” that your contemporaries go through.

You’ll be the youngest looking 45 year old people know because your mitochondrial health is on check!

​Healthy Mitochondria = Younger Body

Age does not mean you should expect to develop “age-related” degenerative diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s.

Just because you have more years under you belt doesn’t mean you HAVE to look and feel like you’ve lost your youth. You CAN stay youthful as ever with an excellent mitochondrial health.

And the best news of all?!

If you are sick or you are starting to see signs of sickness in your body, you can reverse it!

Below are simple and effective ways to reverse aging, and restore your body to a more youthful version of you.

​Powerful Ways to Achieve Mitochondrial Health and Reverse Aging

After reading this list you may find that you might need to make some serious lifestyle changes. It’s not easy to break a habit and create new ones but you can do it and your health and your life depends on it.

This list is synergistic, meaning that you can’t simply pick one thing off the list, you want to do as many of these things on the list as possible as they work together in harmony to create and environment of health in your body.

mitochondria anti-aging

1. Stay Hydrated

Water is not just a necessity when you’re thirsty.

Your body is made up of 60% water, so it is important to stay hydrated as your cells, tissues, organs, and your life depends on it.

We can live without food, (in fact IF has been proven to lead to longevity), but we can not live without water.

There is one MAJOR ISSUE  when it comes to water and the amount of water to drink in a day. You’ve heard “8 glasses a day”, this is a completely false recommendation.

How much water should you drink?

The goal is to drink half your body’s total weight in ounces.

If you weigh 100 pounds, divide that by two, it’s 50. You need to drink 50 ounces of water daily because that’s the right amount your body needs.

Although rare, if you drink too much water, this will cause water intoxication, ultimately flushing out your body’s electrolytes, responsible for transporting electrical signals in your body.  

Or what’s more common is dehydration which will cause feelings of sluggishness and creating a toxic soup within your body and  blood.

Without the proper hydration you can’t support your body’s need to eliminate waste and move things around. A precursor to disease or worse.

2. Eat a Balanced Diet

What’s on your plate each day? As the saying goes, you are what you eat. If you want to have a healthy, thriving body and mind for longer, it starts with the foods you eat.

There is such a thing as The Longevity Diet and it works! Check out the link to learn more and take back your health!

A diet that supports mitochondria and is anti-aging includes whole, fresh, organic foods.

The more colors on your plate, the better.

No matter what, your mitochondria are going to convert the foods you eat into chemical energy. A poor diet leads to (4) and an overload of free radicals. (The exhaust of the mitochondria).

Listen to your body when it comes to eating enough and make sure your diet is plentiful of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, fiber, nutrients, vitamins and minerals that your body needs to thrive.

Where your food comes from is also extremely important. If you can make the switch to organic (5), this will reduce the amount of free radicals in the body that cause the body to become toxic.

What else causes toxicity in the body?

S​kip the Preservatives and Processed Foods!! 

Preservatives! I once heard from a gentleman that by eating preservatives his body would last longer. That’s like saying when you’re sick you should drink alcohol to “disinfect” yourself.

Of course this is an absurdity but what’s the big deal about preservatives anyway?

These are chemicals added to foods to keep their shelf life longer. They do not have any nutritional value and cause serious harm to your health. This includes A.D.H.D in children and adults, increased risk of cancer, allergies to foods, increased risk of heart disease, weight gain and so much more.

Meanwhile, these same foods often contain high amounts of processed sugars and flours that burn out your pancreas and lead to numerous health complications including type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease. (6)

Processed foods are stripped of their nutritional value and sold to you as a convenience….

Please, for mitochondrial sake, skip the preservatives and processed foods.

3. Take Mitochondrial Supplements

We all know that our planet is having some environmental issues and the food industry is being exposed for their dirty little cost saving techniques that you pay for with your health.

But what’s up with this supplement craze?

First off, there is no need to run off and buy up all the supplements you can find. You want to become educated about supplements, why you need them and how to find the right supplement for you.

But there is merit behind the need for supplements. Our soils are being stripped of their nutrients and minerals and being doused with three main ingredients. Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.

These are great to grow plants and produce flowers on fruit and vegetable crops but this limitation is causing inadequate human nutrition. (7)

Pair that with the stripping of processed foods and you have a huge population of rapidly aging, sick individuals.

Your Mitochondria Need Supplements, Too!

This is where mitochondrial supplements come in, which provide the nutrients and antioxidants your mitochondria need that are not obtained from your regular diet.

The two most important antioxidants that support mitochondrial health are Co-enzyme Q10 and alpha lipoic acids. These are food for your mitochondria that ensure bio-genesis of the renewal and growth of mitochondrial cells. (8)

Currently, this is one of those hush hush remedies, so I understand there isn’t a lot of options out there available even though the research on mitochondrial health is extensive.

I’ll leave some information at the end so you can have some resources to learn more about Mitochondria Supplements.

4. Get at Least 7 Hours of Sleep Each Night

sleep each night

Sleep has the potential to restore your health. Do you ever wonder what happens when you sleep and why we need it in the first place?

Sleep is nature’s way of giving our bodies time to heal. When you sleep your body is able to focus on the task of restoration and also flushes toxins out of your system.

Without enough sleep you are compromise your immune system leaving your more susceptible to getting sick.

Day time naps are beneficial to your body as well, improving memory and concentration, mood and more. Just a 20-30 min nap a day can help you effectively re-energize yourself without the caffeine!

Not Getting Enough Sleep Ages You

Not getting enough sleep causes all sorts of health problems. Not only does it age you MUCH FASTER but it causes issues with the immune system, heart, digestion and overall healing.

People who are sleep deprived are more likely to experience extreme stress, chronic fatigue, cardiovascular problems, mental fog, impaired memory and make untimely mistakes that can lead to death.

Make sure to cherish bed time, your health depends on it.

5. Stay Physically Active

mitochondria and exercise

It’s common knowledge that exercise is good for you. But do you know why?

  • Increases muscle mass and makes for stronger, thicker bones

  • Boosts immune system

  • Improves cognitive abilities

  • Makes you happier

  • Increases energy levels

  • Reduces the risk of chronic diseases

  • Helps with sleep

These are just a few things exercise is good for but did you know physical activity also prevents cellular aging? .

A study published in Cell Metabolism done by Dr. Sreekumaran Nair showed that exercise encourage cells to make more RNA copies of genes that code for mitochondrial proteins. (9)

These are genes that are responsible for muscle growth. In addition, it also increased the ability of ribosomes to build mitochondrial proteins, something your mitochondria “eat”.

It Does Not Have to Be a Gym Membership.

When you think of exercise, you might automatically think of the gym or lifting weights.

On the contrary, walking for 30 mins a day, (brisk walking is even better), is sufficient to get the health benefits of exercise while keeping it low impact.

The goal is to elevate your heart rate for at least 20-30 mins a day. (10)

If you’d like to hit the gym or join a yoga class, go for it!! Just don’t feel like you HAVE to get into bodybuilding to reap the health benefits of exercise.

The more active the better. Stretch, dance, garden, walk, stand instead of sitting at your desk, just get up and get moving!

6. Manage Stress

Stress is a major aging trigger.

When you’re stressed out, you just feel your body is contracting, your heartbeat is going faster, and sleep is… Well, forget about sleeping because your worries have the ability to keep you awake at night.

In other words, stress is what causes you to lose sleep, eat junk, lose the motivation to exercise, and these all make you feel old, tired, and sick.

You have to realize and accept the fact that stress is an inevitable part of life. There will always be stressors whether you’re 15 or 50, married with kids or living alone, an empty nester or with toddlers in the house.

But you CAN take a stand and get ahead of these stressors.

Check out this video on 3 Tips to Take Off the Pressure in Life!

Mind Over Stress.

Potential for stress is all around us. But what can make or break your youth and your health is how you perceive those stressors and how you handle overall stress.

When everything is overwhelming, it can be tempting to turn to destructive habits. Drinking, drugs, screen time, late night snacking. The first thing that has to become a priority in your life is learning how to manage your stress.

Ask yourself the question: Are Your Thoughts Helping or Hurting You? Because the truth is that  Your Thoughts Affect Your Health Positively and Negatively.

Mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and even watching a funny movie can help you de-stress and decompress.

Make it a habit to allot a couple of hours each day to de-stress and your mitochondria will thank you for it.

7. Stay Away From Alcohol, and Drugs.

The known effects of excessive use of alcohol are:

  • Cardiomyopathy

  • Stroke

  • High Blood Pressure

  • Arrhythmias

  • Fibrosis of the Liver

  • Cirrhosis of the Liver

  • Fatty Liver

  • Inflammation and swelling of the pancreas

  • Cancer

  • Weakened immune system (11)

The overuse of alcohol will age you quickly and kill of your healthy cells.

On top of alcohol, there’s the drug epidemic. I’m sure you’ve read a lot about street drugs and it’s nothing to sneeze at. I want to also mention prescription drugs.

Prescription drugs is the 3rd leading cause of death for Americans….

That’s insane. And I know this is a delicate topic, so I don’t say any of this lightly.

But that pain medicine your doctor gave you to cover up a root health problem, or that pill given to your college student or child for A.D.D... These are killing Americans more quickly than car accidents. (12)

I encourage you to approach your health from a holistic point of view and uncover the truth about health and wellness.

8. Increase your intake of resveratrol-rich food.

Resveratrol supports your health while slowing down the aging process.

It is also an important material that helps fight diseases, strengthen your immune system, and reverse various ailments.

With all of these amazing benefits of resveratrol, it makes perfect sense to consume food rich in this material to support mitochondrial health.

According to a study published in the Biomedicines Journal in the US National Library of Medicine “Resveratrol possesses a wide range of biological properties, among them antioxidant, cardioprotective, neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory and anticancer activities” (13)

That’s pretty incredible! So where does it come from and how can you get it into your diet?

Foods Containing Small Amounts of Resveratrol  

Foods that contain resveratrol include:

  • Grapes

  • Blueberries

  • Dark chocolate

  • Pistachios

  • Cacao

  • Red wine

  • Peanuts

Consuming foods that contain resveratrol is an excellent way to boost health and support your mitochondria, however foods do contain only a small amount.

One thing you can do to increase your intake of resveratrol is take it as a supplement.

Time Challenger Resveratrol is a favorite among the Time Challenger Products and comes with 120 capsules.

Bonus Tip on How to Achieve Mitochondrial Health

With the combination of environmental stressors, nutritional stressors and physical stressors it’s no wonder that so many people are sick and the rate of aging is speeding up. 

These 8 steps will greatly improve your mitochondrial health, allowing them to do their job keeping you younger and healthier.

Earlier I mentioned supplements for mitochondrial health. I talked about how mitochondrial supplements help you slow down the aging process while minimizing your risk of developing age-related diseases.

As a naturopath and engineer, I created this product after I was diagnosed with a brain tumor, which I’m happy to say I have recovered from and I talk a lot about that in my Youtube videos if you’re ever in the neighborhood.

This is the Time Challenger Mitochondrial Advantage.

It is specially-formulated to ensure the health of your mitochondria by feeding it with the right nutrients including vitamins D3, E, B6, B12, B1, Co-Q10, ALA, and several more. With just one pill a day, that’s all it takes to feed your mitochondria, which you also need to support with ample sleep, daily exercise, and stress management.

If you’re not getting adequate nutrients from your diet, it helps to supplement with this product that is designed to boost mitochondrial health safely, effectively, and naturally.

​Support Healthy Mitochondria and Stay Youthful

​Support Healthy Mitochondria and Stay Youthful

When you take care of your mitochondria health, everything about you, inside and out is effected.

Everybody gets older but aging is optional.

You can choose to stay youthful by implementing the right techniques that will help you achieve this goal. Don’t get sucked into the mindset of “That’s just the way it is”.

Through good nutrition, staying positive, exercise, proper sleep, stress management, and staying away from an excess of drugs and alcohol you are inevitably giving your body more time to thrive. These plus the right supplements, you can restore your health and youthfulness and challenge life better!!  

So take action, work towards keeping your mitochondria healthy, and your body will thank you for all your efforts by giving you great health, youthful skin, more focus, and outstanding brain power.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section below or check out my Youtube channel where I upload multiple videos weekly on natural healing and health.

Be Well

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