Longevity Fitness Is In the Little Things You Do Each Day – Challenge Life Better

Longevity Fitness Is In the Little Things You Do Each Day

Do you want to live longer and have a better quality of life at the same time?

Then you have to seriously work on ramping up your longevity fitness plan sooner than later!

You can’t just expect yourself to live longer because you’re eating right.

Fitness is a combination of a lot of things such as health, exercise, and stress management. If you leave out one of these things, you cannot achieve fitness… And you can forget about your longevity plans either.

And there’s this one other thing that has a MASSIVE impact on your dreams of attaining your longevity fitness goals. Not many people know about this, that’s why they’re missing something when they work towards improving their health.

Want to know what this thing is that you need to include in your fitness plans for longevity?

Keep reading and start doing things right for your optimum health and goals of living a longer life.

Mitochondria and Longevity Fitness Little Things You Do Each Day

Mitochondria and Longevity Fitness – What’s the Connection?

Yeah, you’ve heard of cells and tissues and organs in your body.

But there’s one other thing that is much smaller than these things, which dictate how long you can live.


So these things are super small organelles that lie inside your cells, and they feed your cells with nutrients and energy. Stronger cells lead to a healthier body. And you know what happens when your cells are not being fed right…

When you were born and up to the age of 28, you’ve got an abundant supply of mitochondria in your cells. You’re thriving and glowing and just so full of life!

But as you get older, become more exposed to toxins in the environment, get stressed out too often, eat poorly, sleep insufficiently, your mitochondria slowly become weaker and die.

Then, there’s that nasty domino effect – your cells don’t receive the number of nutrients they need, your organs get weaker because of compromised cellular health, and you become more susceptible to diseases.

And yes, you start aging FASTER.

So if you’re serious about attaining success in your longevity fitness goals, you have to feed your mitochondria and make sure they return to their ideal amount inside your body.

You’re probably wondering if it’s even possible to restore mitochondria.

Of course, it is!

Scientists have determined mitochondria reproduce just like how bacteria do, which is by cell division. They divide and grow in number when you feed them right and with proper nutrients. Restore your mitochondria, and you’ve got healthier cells and organs in your body.

You get to think clearer, move with greater ease, feel ALMOST like you’re 28….

And it’s all about getting your mitochondria levels back up – and it’s completely possible and doable!

Moderation is Key to a Successful Longevity Health Plan

Isn’t it amazing how you don’t have to just succumb to old age, wither, die, and give up on your longevity fitness goals?

It may seem like a surprise to you but really, aging is just a myth.

You do get a year older each time you blow those birthday candles but you CAN not age.

If you keep your mitochondria healthy, you do all the right things to stay healthy, then aging should be the least of your worries.

Your Longevity Fitness Plan Moderation is Key

Heal your mitochondria, and you heal your cells, your organs, your whole body. A healthier you translates into a richer quality of life. A longer life.

This in itself is amazing science and not a panacea.

“So what should I do to turn my longevity fitness goal into reality?!”

A few things. Regular, little things you do – or you SHOULD do – each day.

First, just keep moving. Walk, swim, hike, play sports… Don’t be a couch potato!

The body that lives longer is a body that is in motion.

Across the world, we can find numerous examples of mountain populations where people live well into their 90s or even their 100s in perfect health. You know why? Because they keep moving!

Movement allows your blood to circulation and brings oxygen to your cells and the different body systems.

Which is why it’s not a surprise that you feel even more tired when you do nothing all day but stay in bed or sit around…

Another thing you should do for your longevity fitness plan is to eat right. Get rid of all that crap that the standard American diet is all about. Eat more whole foods and dump the junk. Follow the 80% rule and not overwhelm your stomach by overeating. Eat up to 80% of fullness.

It even helps to do intermittent fasting to reset the body.

Drink more water, reduce the amount of wheat you eat each day, focus more on fruits and vegetables.

And most importantly, do your best to de-stress. Meditate, practice yoga, do some stretching exercises, laugh, go outdoors more, read a book, do something fun and wholesome!

When you are moving, eating right, and feeling happier and at peace, longevity will be all yours.

Appreciate life each day, find peace within yourself, and you will feel much more alive and make each moment worthwhile.

This is your ticket to longevity fitness and an overall meaningful life.

Be well.

ticket to longevity fitness Moderation is Key to a Successful
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