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8 Best Natural Mosquito Repellents That Care For Your Skin and Health

I just love spending time outdoors!

When the weather is mild and gorgeous, that’s the perfect time for a nice stroll or a lovely picnic in the garden.

Nothing but the gentle breeze on my face, wind in my hair, and the nurturing ambiance all around.

Everything is ALMOST perfect until…


Mosquitoes start to attack my skin left and right!

Pretty relatable scenario, huh?

I bet you’ve had one of those days when you’re just hanging out in the yard, enjoying your book or your double chocolate fudge sundae, just to be driven away and shoved back inside your house because of these pesky blood-suckers.

So what do you do?

Get that bottle of insect spray and coat every single part of your skin with it - and worry about the health risk later?

Stay indoors, sit beside the window, and mope and cuss for being held prisoner in your own home by the annoying mosquitoes?

Or what about trying something safe, effective, and 100% natural to repel these blood-sucking insects so you can enjoy the beautiful outdoors?

If you choose option number three, good for ya!

There’s NO way you should compromise your health by using a bunch of chemicals on your skin, NOR should you feel deprived of going outside your home when mosquitoes dominate your yard.

The choice is too easy!

But wait, what’s wrong with those store-bought mosquito repellent again? What do they have that’s a BIG hazard to your health?

Here’s what…

DEET Won’t Do You Good

Okay, so you’ve probably spotted a ton of mosquito repellent in stores and came across the word “DEET” in them. Well, not really a word, but it’s an acronym for dietyl-meta-toluamide. Kind of twisted your tongue right there trying to say it out loud, huh? Happened to me, too!

Now DEET isn’t just tough to pronounce, but hard on your health, too.

You think all it does is leave your skin stinky with a few pumps. But it’s more than B.O that you get from it.

Researchers from Duke University found out that DEET has nasty effects with prolonged use. 

Frequent and long-term exposure to this chemical causes brain cell damages in animals. So if it can happen to them, there’s absolutely EVERY chance in the world that it can diss your brain cells, too!

DEET Wont Do You Good

In fact, the US National Library of Medicine provides some eye-opening facts about the side effects of using DEET. Among these are:

- Temporary redness and burning of the throat, nose, ears, and eyes

- Disorientation and lightheadedness when walking

- Skin irritation, hives, blistering

- Tremors, coughing, difficulty in breathing

- Coma

- Death


Not just for the last 2, but they’re ALL nasty, scary stuff!

Can you imagine what you’ve been doing to yourself each time you spray that thing to your skin? It MAY scare mosquitoes away, but it’s also inching you closer to sickness and even death…And, what about your children?

Not good. Definitely not good.

And here’s more. Scientists have discovered that 15 percent of this toxic chemical goes straight to your bloodstream once your skin absorbs it. So you’re feeding your body with a bunch of things such as genetic material mutations, disorders of the central nervous system, and disturbances in your reproductive system.

I bet now you’re regretting soaking up all that DEET last summer… Or maybe several summers ago. Or every summer and whenever there are bloodsuckers around!

And probably you’re starting to seriously think about ditching your dreams of spending more time outdoors. That, or bundling up to shield your skin from these insects… Even if it’s 70 degrees outside!

Sounds ridiculous, right? No kidding.

That’s why I’m here to share with you BETTER alternatives to those chemical-laden mosquito sprays. Wait, I won’t even call these “alternatives” because really, knowing how bad DEET is for you, natural is the ONLY way to go!

Shoo Mosquitoes Away with a Natural Mosquito Repellent

Quick question: Have you noticed you’ve been slapping your leg, arm, even face silly with every sting and bite of those bloodsuckers? Meanwhile, the others hanging out in the yard with you are oddly unscathed?

Yep, mosquitoes play favorites without a doubt.

Female mosquitoes.

These are the ones doing the stinging while the males basically are pretty much not into sucking.

The gals use your blood as their protein source to keep producing their babies.

And they’re also very picky…

What are mosquitos attracted to?

Here are their top targets:

1. People with high cholesterol level on the skin.

2. Pregnant women

3. Type O blood folks

4. Those who sweat a lot

5. Alcohol breath

6. Sweet, floral fragrances (lotion, soap, detergent)

What are mosquitos attracted to

7. Your dark-colored shirt. Okay, not the shirt, but the person wearing this kind of shirt.

Are you in this list of a female mosquitoes MOST WANTED victims?

Don’t worry. You have a way out.

But I want you to ditch the DEET.

Cut all that crap that commercial mosquito repellents cause for your skin and health. Here are my recommended natural and effective solutions to get those mosquitoes out, so you can stay out. 🙂

And guess what? They work just as effectively as DEET. Minus the bad stuff.

Shoo Mosquitoes Away with a Natural Mosquito Repellent

Natural Mosquito Repellents

1. Neem Oil

Neem oil has that garlicky smell and bitter taste that mosquitoes absolutely hate. Plus, this natural insecticide comes with azadirachtin that drive insects away and kills them on contact. But don’t worry. It’s totally safe on your skin. So feel free to soak up some neem oil when you head out and put an end to the itching and stinging experience from mosquito bites.2. Black Pepper

You love ‘em on your pasta, soups, and any dish. Mosquitoes, on the other hand, can’t stand the smell and taste of pepper. But I’m not saying you get that pepper shaker and lather up with ground pepper. I don’t think you’d love your smell either! What you can do is mix it up with other herbs to come up with an anti-mosquito spray that’s good for ya. So you need 30 drops of these essential oils - black pepper, neem, lavender, citronella, and catnip. Shake them all up in a spray bottle with 30 ml of unscented natural oil. That’s about it and you’re good to go (out)!

3. Catnip

Nope, you’re not gonna draw kitties’ attention and have them stick to you like glue when you walk around like a human giant catnip for these cuties. But what’s gonna happen is you’ll drive the bloodsuckers away without even trying! Just rub the oil on your skin and double the power by growing catnip in the yard, maybe right next to your favorite lounge chair, so you can chillax outdoors completely bug-free!

Natural Mosquito Repellent-catnip

4. Lemon Eucalyptus

These herbs smell lovely, but can you believe that mosquitoes think they’re super gross? You can make your own lemon eucalyptus mosquito spray by mixing the essential oil with jojoba oil. That, or buy in stores. But if you want to go cheap and super practical, just make your own. It’s just as effective as store-bought ones.

5. Apple cider vinegar with herbs

They say that if you can eat it, then it’s good for your skin, too. And whoever said that isn’t kidding at all - ACV works great as a natural mosquito repellent when combined with a few awesome herbs such as rosemary, mint, sage, lavender, and thyme. You can simply grab a jar and submerge the leaves in ACV for a couple of weeks, then strain the liquid to remove the leaves. This mixture is best kept in the fridge, by the way.

6. Lemon Basil

When I hear the word “basil”, I immediately think of pesto. But for mosquitoes, just a sniff of this herb makes them think of one thing - RUN (er, fly away)! I suggest that you use basil varieties that have the most powerful scent like the lemon basil or the Peruvian basil. Mix 10 drops of lemon basil oil with 20 drops of citronella oil and about 2 cups of distilled water. Put the mixture in a spray bottle and don’t shy away from spraying and getting your skin to soak up this natural mosquito repellent that works all the time.

Natural Mosquito Repellent- Lemon Basil

7. Rosemary

It’s awesome on your pasta, but it’s also great for your bust-the-bloodsucker mission! Mix this fragrant essential oil (about 4 drops) with a quarter cup of natural oil such as olive oil. Keep the bottle in a cool place and freely apply on your skin as needed.

8. Lavender

They’re perfect for calming the nerves and getting ready for bed, and they also work amazingly well for repelling mosquitoes. Dilute lavender essential oil in distilled water and gently apply on your skin. You can even try growing a few lavender in pots all around the patio, so you can have the garden all by yourself. Meaning, no buzzing guys in your ear telling you they want to suck your blood.

Hello Outdoors - Bye Mosquitoes

Hello Outdoors, Bye Mosquitoes!

It’s always a treat to stay outdoors in the summer or whenever you just want to cool off and have a load of fresh, sweet air outside.

But when mosquitoes attack, they take the fun out of this whole thing!

And you know what?

DEET doesn’t make things fun for you, either.

When you think of those long-term effects and how this chemical destroys your cells, you’re totally better off without it.

So do yourself a favor and don’t even think about grabbing that bug spray and feeding your skin and bloodstream with all that toxic stuff.

Instead, make yourself a nice concoction of organic, super safe, uber good for ya natural mosquito repellent that keeps the bug away, so you can enjoy hours of fun outdoors!

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