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Colloidal Silver Dosage That Can Treat Various Infections

Colloidal Silver Dosage That Can Treat Various Infections

What if I told you that there’s a safe, effective, and 100% natural way to treat infections? And it’s nothing new to the history of humankind. It’s been around for centuries…

Since Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire! Colloidal silver has been known to treat diseases and ensure overall health. But the question is – what’s the required colloidal silver dosage for different ailments?

Keep reading and I’ll let you in these amazing revelations on colloidal silver dosage for colds, ear pain, respiratory infections, and important tips on how to take colloidal silver orally to actually reap all the wonderful health benefits it offers.

Let’s dive deeper into it!

Is Colloidal Silver Safe?

I know what you’re thinking – silver is a metal and the idea of ingesting it seems rather intimidating for some people.

But it’s completely safe, as long as you’re using TRUE colloidal silver, which I’ll elaborate more in the next sections.

As for the safety of colloidal silver, you can rest assured that it’s absolutely safe. In fact, even young children can take it without having to worry about colloidal silver side effects.

Just take a look at these impressive facts.

Colloidal Silver Uses During the Ancient Times and Over the Years

Colloidal Silver Uses During the Ancient Times and Over the Years

Here are pieces of evidence that there is nothing new about the use of silver, which takes us back hundreds of years ago.

Ancient Greece

In Ancient Greece, people retained the freshness of water, wine, and other liquids by using silver vessels like jugs, jars, and sealed containers.

Roman Empire

Silver urns were used in Ancient Rome to store wine as this type of container prevents spoilage.

Middle Ages

The wealthy people believed that it was their silverware that protected them from the pangs of the plague during the Middle Ages.

Australia and the U.S

In Australia, the people suspended silverware such as silver spoons in the water tanks to keep the liquid fresh.

Pioneers who trekked for months in the American West placed silver coins in water containers to protect their drinking water from algae, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms.


Ayurveda, the oldest, natural medicine system in India, includes the use of small amounts of silver in various healing herbs and tonics. Silver served as a rejuvenating agent or elixir for sick individuals.

In addition to all of these, colloidal silver was regarded as a bactericide hundreds of years before antibiotics were created. Hospitals used colloidal silver to treat patients suffering from a bacterial and viral infection for over 1000 years.

So you see – there is nothing new to colloidal silver. It’s been the go-to natural medicine ages and ages ago, and its benefits remain to be true even up to this modern day!

How Much Colloidal Silver to Take When Sick?

How Much Colloidal Silver to Take When Sick

Now that you know about the history of colloidal silver as natural medicine, let’s talk about colloidal silver dosages.

Colloidal Silver Dosage for Colds and Upper Respiratory Infection

If you are suffering from colds, cough, and other infections in the upper respiratory system, I advise that you take 3 to 4 ounces of colloidal silver daily.

Do this until the infection is gone and there is no longer any symptoms.

Ear Infections Caused by Bacteria

Using antibiotics often come with nasty side effects, so if you want a natural medicine for ear infections, colloidal silver is good for that.

Simply place a few drops of colloidal silver in the ear. This is what I’ve done to my children when they suffer from ear infections, and in a day or two, the infections are completely gone.

And yes, no side effects or long term bad effects on the health.

Colloidal Silver Dosage for Staph Infection, UTI, Candida, Herpes, Etc.

For any type of infection including Candida, Herpes, Staph, and even urinary tract infection, colloidal silver is an excellent natural treatment that works best for these ailments.

Mix in 2 ounces of collodial silver juice or water. Do this 2 times a day. Then, drink this mixture daily until the infections are gone.

Sinus Infections, Seasonal Allergies, Hay Fever

Do you suffer from seasonal allergies, hay fever, pollen allergy, and the like?

Or are you prone to sinus infections?

Forget those nasty pills and nasal sprays that contain steroids and other chemicals that lead to serious long-term effects on your body.

Colloidal silver is a natural and effective treatment for sinus infections and seasonal allergies.

My wife had severe sinus infections for many years until she started using colloidal silver for her sinuses. The last 5 to 7 years, she had absolutely no sinus infections because the colloidal silver completely healed her from it!

What she does is simply fill up a nasal spray with colloidal silver and half with saline nasal spray, then spray it inside her nose 2 or more times daily.

I also have created a potent tincture made from colloidal silver and other natural ingredients to treat seasonal allergies and hay fever. The result is phenomenal, according to my clients who have tried this product.

Not only did the symptoms go away but their seasonal allergies were gone for good!

Most importantly, there were zero side effects at all and no more coming back of those allergies because the body’s immune system became stronger and is no longer under attack by those allergens.

Colloidal Silver Vs. Ionic Silver

I mentioned earlier that there is TRUE colloidal silver and one that you shouldn’t mess with, which is ionic silver.

When we talk about true colloidal silver, this means that there are 20 to 25 parts per million of silver.

Colloidal silver contains nanoparticles of complete metallic silver, and these components do not mix or merge with the other elements or with each other.

On the other hand, ionic silver is missing one electron. When it misses an electron, this ionic silver transforms into silver chloride once it enters the body due to the sodium chloride (salt) supply inside of you. This is also the reason why people who consume highly concentrated ionic silver turn blue, which is a disease called agyria. This skin discoloration is permanent and irreversible. The blood has actually become photosensitive.

But true colloidal silver contains 20 to 25 parts per million, which is just what is safe for your body and effective in treating bacterial and even viral infections.

If you want to get authentic colloidal silver that is safe and effective for treating infections, I highly recommend the Time Challenger Colloidal Advantage Silver that I make available to my clients.

Colloidal Silver Takes the Infections Away… Naturally

Colloidal Silver Takes the Infections Away

When it comes to treating infections, the best way to go is a natural way.

Not only will you be able to get rid of the symptoms but you’re also targeting the root of the problem.

And, most importantly, natural medicine is safe because it does not contain harmful chemicals that threaten your overall health and cause side effects.

So give real colloidal silver a try today for those infections you have and experience the amazing results that you deserve to have!

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