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Top ​ Weight Loss Challenges - The Internet’s Ultimate List

Are you ready to add some fun into your weight loss journey? If you’re ready to start a weight loss challenge or just need some inspiration then this post is for you!

By committing to 30 days, 4, 6 or an 8-week weight loss challenge you’ll be amazed by the benefits you’ll get!

Losing weight isn’t always easy however successful weight loss comes down to participation and dedication to get stunning results. When it comes to your health the key is to stay motivated so don’t over-analyze your plans, this is all about fun!

Make realistic goals, and commit 100%. Don’t worry about setbacks or slow progress, keep going until you see the results you’re looking for and focus on every small achievement you make.

Try out different weight loss challenges to find the one you most enjoy and which one is best for you and challenge your life better one day at a time!

Let’s dive in!

4-Steps to Weight Loss Challenge Success

How much weight do you wish to lose? And how much time are you willing to put towards losing weight? There are certain rules that apply when you want to lose weight safely and effectively.

1. Prepare yourself mentally before doing a weight loss challenge.

It’s your attitude that will fuel your success from a weight loss challenge.

Perhaps you may bombard yourself with dozens or even hundreds of weight loss challenge ideas, but the only motivation that you need comes from within.

You have to condition your mind, get it to accept completely why you’re even doing this challenge, and prepare for some hiccups along the way.

There may be days when you may not feel as motivated or as inspired as you were on other days.

And when you’re not seeing results, you may be tempted to stop and scrap the weight loss challenge attempts you’ve been making.

“Before you take on a challenge, you have to be mentally prepared by being aware of potential problems, how to address these, and being clear with your reasons for doing a weight loss challenge.”

Once everything is clear and certain in your mind as to why you are starting a challenge, you will be more prepared to do it.

In case difficulties arise, you can always go back to your purpose, look at the big picture, then keep going.

2. An effective weight loss challenge includes a combination of the right diet and exercise.

No amount of crash dieting and fad diets can ever help you lose weight.

Do these things, and you could be headed toward a disaster.

And a potential trip to the emergency room.

Never adopt a diet that you are not completely knowledgeable about, or something that literally starves you to death.

Sure, you want to lose weight, but don’t kill yourself doing it!

You still need to feed your body, but the idea is in the right amounts.

Be aware of your calorie expenditures and match this with your calorie intake.

By doing so, you’re not eating more than you’re burning or not taking in less calories than what you need in a day.

Calorie intake and usage are important areas to look into when doing a weight loss challenge and experiencing results without harming your health.

3. Results come slowly, but steadily in the best weight loss challenge.

There’s no fast route towards losing weight.

This is something that takes time, the same way your excess weight built up over time.

But also remember that the older you are, the slower your metabolism gets.

So you can’t expect to see results like when you were younger with a super efficient calorie-burning body.

“The good thing about a slow result from a weight loss challenge is it spares your body from being in a state of shock. You’re gently easing in towards losing weight instead of getting all crazy about it to the point of destroying your health.”

Slow and steady wins the race… Same rule applies when you’re losing weight.

4. Surround yourself with a supportive group as you do your weight loss challenge.

When things start to get tough, all you need is a little energy and morale boost from friends.

Get yourself a supportive group of people who can keep you inspired, motivated, and committed to completing your weight loss challenge.

If you need some support as you take on the challenge, just let us know, and we’ll be more than eager to help you out in any way that we can!

weight loss challenges list

Weight Loss Challenge List 

Now that we’ve gotten the rules laid down, it’s time to start shaping up and losing weight!

Go straight to your preferred weight loss challenge or browse all of these weight loss challenge ideas that can help you have the BEST days of your life very soon!

30 day diet challenge

30 Day Diet Challenge 

A shift in your diet is a good start when you want to lose weight. Here are examples of a 30 day diet challenge weight loss program that you can try. A diet challenge to lose weight can surely make a difference in your life and energy level, so try one today! 

Diet Challenge to Lose Weight

When it comes to losing weight, you need to actively change up your diet to make it fit a healthier lifestyle. Click on a diet challenge to lose weight below and give it a try today to see results.

1. 14 Days Weight Loss Challenge To Lose Up To 14 Pounds

Don’t know which foods to avoid and which ones to eat, so you can lose weight? Check out this list that you can use for your diet challenge to lose weight and start cleaning up the pantry if need be!

2. Breaking Up With Unhealthy Eating Habits – 5 Week Weight Loss Clean Eating Challenge!

If you want results from your diet challenge to lose weight, then you need to start eating better - and clean! Here are some weight loss challenge ideas you should digest and apply ASAP!

3. The Leptin Diet Weight Loss Challenge #1 – Overview and Basic Needs

What should you eat more of and less of to help you lose weight safely? This post is worth reading and may even guide you in that diet challenge to lose weight you’re planning to do.

4. Lose Up to 10 Pounds in 30 Days with the 4-Step Weight Loss Challenge

A diet challenge to lose weight isn’t as complicated as you think. In fact, just do these 4 steps and you’re golden!

5. 21-Day Diet Challenge if You Weigh 200 lbs or More

Time to fix that diet and make it work for your weight loss goals! These weight loss challenge ideas are totally eye-opening and bound to give you the results you want.

30 Day Weight loss Challenge Meal Plan

Having a hard time planning out your meals for your weight loss challenge? A 30-day weightloss challenge meal plan can definitely be a huge help for you - and we’ve got smart examples for you below.

1. Day 11 Meal Plan – Weight Loss Challenge Recipes for Weight Watchers

Plan your meals right to get a noticeable improvement you want for your body. This sample menu definitely works great for a 30-day weightloss challenge meal plan that gives amazing results.

2. Low Carb Keto Meal Prep 30 Lbs Weight Loss Challenge

Megan Fox, Halle Berry, Adriana Lima… These women swear by the pure awesomeness of the keto diet in helping them lose or maintain their ideal weight. Try this 30-day weightloss challenge meal plan and join the list of sexy and slim women.

3. 14-Day Clean-Eating Meal Plan: 1,200 Calories

Start with 14 days, but continue up to the 30th day… Or even more! This clean eating meal plan will change your life, health, and body all for the better!

4. Joy Bauer's budget-friendly grocery list and meal plan to help you lose 10 pounds

A list and a plan are what you need for an effective weight loss challenge. Take a look at this 30-day weightloss challenge meal plan and grocery list to help you start and do things the right way.

30 day fitness challenge weight loss

30 Day Fitness Challenge Weight Loss

Get fit, trim, and healthy with a 30-day fitness challenge weight loss plan. Below is a combination of gym workouts and yoga poses that can help you burn and shed extra fat in your body more effectively. 

30 Day Workout Challenge To Lose Weight

1. Weight Loss Workouts | The Ultimate 30 Day Sit Up Challenge!

If you want to lose weight, you gotta work hard for it! This 30-day workout challenge to lose weight helps you get sexy abs you’ve always dreamed of.

2. Yoga Weight Loss Challenge! 20 Minute Fat Burning Yoga Workout Beginners & Intermediate

Yoga CAN help you lose weight. Watch this video that definitely deserves a spot in your weight loss challenge ideas and set of workouts to help you drop those stinkin’ pounds.

3. 4 Summer Challenges to Kick-Start Weight Loss

Just 4 types of workouts for your 30-day fitness challenge weight loss plan? Sounds pretty good, yeah? The simpler, the easier it gets, and the details are all in this awesome blog post.

4. Lose Weight This Month with Our 30-Day Slim-Down Challenge

Are you going to be the biggest loser this month? Try this 30 day workout challenge to lose weight and feel the burn (and see your extra pounds shrink away!).

5. 7-Day Weight Loss Workout Challenge for Beginners

Complete noobs in a weight loss challenge will find this guide super helpful to get them started and witness positive changes in their body and health.

​New Year’s Weight ​Loss Challenge

Holidays can be hard on your body as you get your appetite super worked up, it just ruined your health and figure! But with the best New Year’s weight loss challenge to try, you can go back to your normal body shape - maybe even much better!

1. Weight-Loss Solutions for the New Year

Start the year right with this New Year’s weight loss challenge plan. You can even do this any day but be sure to do it for 30 days straight or longer to get maximum results.

2. 50 Recipes for Your New Year’s Weight-Loss Resolution

Looking to greet the New Year with a slimmer, healthier new bod? Check out these recipes to get you super fired up for an epic New Year’s weight loss resolution.

3. 10 Steps to Succeed at Your New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight

new years weight loss challenge

Don’t overcomplicate things. Just stick to these 10 basic steps for a rocking New Year’s weight loss challenge with these weight loss challenge ideas you just have to try.

4. The New Year, New Leaf Weight Loss Challenge

If last year’s weight loss challenge ideas were a flop, then it’s time to change things up with this supercharged, fail-proof New Year’s weight loss challenge tips that bring visible, long-term results.

group weight loss challenge

Group Weight Loss Challenge

Wanna try doing a weight loss challenge with a group of people?

“Doing a weight loss challenge with a group is certainly more fun and makes things easier. Not only can you compare notes and witness changes together, but you even get an instant support group!”

Here are excellent weight loss challenges to do with your office mates and your partner.

Office Weight Loss Challenge

A workplace weight loss challenge can get everyone healthier and slimmer and more motivated to keep shedding because of the support they get from one another! Try a work weight loss challenge today and choose from the following weight loss challenge ideas that appeal to you.

1. How to Create an Office Weight Loss Challenge

The more, the merrier, right? Try these weight loss challenge ideas with your office mates, so you all can be healthier, sexier, and more brimming with energy together!

2. The Best Office Workplace Weight Loss Challenge Ideas

There’s no shortcut to losing weight, but these weight loss challenge ideas are sure to lead to stunning results that you and your office mates will love!

3. 5 Ideas for a Workplace Weight Loss Challenge

Start anytime with these weight loss challenge ideas that you can do with your office mates.

4. 12 Ways to Do a Fitness Challenge in Your Company

A fit and healthy office team leads to better productivity overall! If this sounds great to you, try these awesome fitness challenges in the office sooner than later!

5. Office Weight Loss Challenge Ideas – Lose Weight at Work

An office team that loses weight together, gets healthier and better-looking together! Let this be your mantra as you start an office weight loss challenge today.

Weight Loss Challenge to Do For Couples

When you’ve got a supportive partner who wants to do a weight loss challenge with you, that makes things much easier! Support your sweetheart and get slimmer together by doing one of these weight loss challenges today.

1. Couples Weight Loss Challenge

Try these tips to lose weight with your partner that will not only strengthen your bond but help you stay together longer!

2. Couples Fitness Challenge

Do you feel you and your partner can be better than how you are right now, physically? Then try these weight loss challenges to do for couples that will get you looking and feeling great all over.

3. Couples' Weight Loss Challenge: Meal Plan

No competition here, but just pure supportive and positive environment for you and your partner to get slimmer, healthier, and happier together.

4. Weight Loss Programs You Can Do With Your Boy

If you and your man have been wanting to shrink down but to no avail, maybe doing it together can help. Check out these weight loss challenge ideas that to get you going.

5. The ultimate his ‘n’ hers diet plan - easy but effective shape-up plan made for two

Two is better than one - and this goes for slimming down, too! Take a look at this weight loss challenge diet plan for you and your man.

30 Day Weight ​Loss Challenge Plan 

A smart game plan is what you need to achieve results from a 30-day weightloss challenge. This is why to help you get started, committed, and inspired, I have for you surefire tips and pieces of advice that can guide you along the way.

​1. 7-day weight-loss challenge

Ready to melt that stubborn fat? Here’s a great guide for your weightloss challenge plan that you can extend up to 30 days… Or just keep going!

2. 11 Solutions for Your Common Weight Loss Challenges

It’s not that your 30 day weightloss challenge plan isn’t working. You’re just not doing it right. These solutions should help you knock out that goal of losing weight more efficiently.

3. 90-Day Weight Loss Challenge To A New You

30 day weight loss challenge plan

Check out these practical tips you can use to get visible results from your 30 day weightloss challenge plan - and yep, do it for 90 days, too, if you’re still all fired up to keep losing!

4. Natalie Nunn Dishes On New Bad Girls, Kim Richards, And The 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge

In need of weight loss challenge ideas that can help you safely and effectively flatten out those muffin tops? Be inspired by this story, apply it to your 30-day weightloss challenge plan, and start moving today.

5. 3 Days Weight Loss Challenge | Drink for Weight Loss & Get Slim

A great 30-day weightloss challenge plan to try, these smart tips can give you long-term results if you do it for more than 3 days. Try it and feel the difference!

6. The TRUTH Behind The 30 Day Water Challenge For Weight Loss

Drink more water to lose weight? Is this really possible or just one of those crazy weight loss challenge ideas that never work? Read this post and learn a thing or two about what water does to those extra pounds.

7. 9 Weight Loss Challenges That Are Totally Doable

These weight loss challenge ideas offer holistic tips on how to lose weight with a combination of the right diet, lifestyle, and workout. Know what these are by checking out this great post.

8. The Skinny on Weight Loss Challenges and What you REALLY Should be Looking for!

Get the skinny on how to be skinny for great results you’ve always wanted. Here are brilliant weight loss challenge ideas you just gotta use to shed those pounds one by one.

9. 30 Days Weight Loss Challenge

Losing weight in 30 days isn’t as tough as you think it would be. I really like these comprehensive weight loss challenge ideas that must be a part of your game plan.

a weight loss challenge that lasts

A Weight Loss Challenge That Lasts 

It’s easy to have that desire to lose weight, be healthy, get a sexy body, experience a higher level of energy.

But the real test is in taking on a weight loss challenge, committing to it, and completing it.

If you want to witness optimum results from a diet challenge or a fitness challenge, then you need to take the right steps from the start.

Get these steps all nailed down, do the best you can in following these, and success will soon be yours.

It may not be something you can accomplish or witness in a day…

But a successful weight loss challenge involves a steady improvement day after day after day.

So don’t just daydream about it.

Your daydreams won’t make you shed pounds.

Start a weight loss challenge today, do your best in completing it, and awesome results will soon be yours!

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