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7 Things Cancer Cannot Do

7 Things Cancer Cannot Do

Cancer is a fatal illness that wreaks havoc to millions of people worldwide. According to the National Cancer Institute, cancer is one of the primary causes of death in the world. Over 8 million deaths globally were attributed to cancer in 2012.

But here’s a surprising fact…In 2016, about 15.5 million individuals in the United States survived from cancer. And with recent technologies, the number of cancer survivors are expected to rise in the coming years. All hope is not lost, after all!

This is why if you or your loved ones are currently suffering from cancer, you should not lose hope: There are many things that cancer cannot do.

It may cause pain, sorrow, suffering, and desperation but cancer can never break you. Here are just some of the things that cancer will and can never ever touch.

What Cancer Cannot Do – 7 Reasons Why Cancer is Powerless Over You

Maybe you have been diagnosed with cancer. Or perhaps it’s someone you know, someone you care deeply about who has been dealing with cancer.

But here’s the thing – cancer is powerless over so many things about you and your life.

These 7 things are just a few of what cancer can never do to you and cannot take away.

1. Cancer cannot destroy your soul.

There are good days and there are better days. Today may not be as good as how you want it to be.

Perhaps you’re experiencing so much discomfort, pains here and there. Or you’re generally not feeling OK. But tell you what – cancer can’t destroy your spirit. Never.

There may be cancer cells in some areas of your body right now but they can never touch or get to your spirit. It’s just not a possibility.

Strive to strengthen your spirit by surrounding yourself with inspirational, positive, and encouraging people, things, music.

Read the Bible, listen to inspirational and soothing music, have regular conversations with people who are uplifting and optimistic.

These things can keep your spirit, your soul thriving, which can impact your mood, emotions, and ultimately, how your body feels.

Studies have been made on how adopting a more positive outlook in life can even help with cancer!

So just because you have cancer right now, it does not mean it’s the end of you. Cancer can never destroy your very core, which is your soul.

Cancer cannot stop you from living your dreams.

2. Cancer cannot stop you from living your dreams.

Remember those dreams you’ve got? Those goals, aspirations, and wishes that you have in your mind or written in your journal?

Go chase after them and live them! YES, even in the midst of cancer.

Cancer can never stop you from actualizing those dreams. You may need the help of someone to help you do them but still, you’re the main man/ woman behind the realization of those dreams you’ve got.

Go write that book you’ve always wanted to write. Create a scrapbook full of memories. Play the piano. Do them all!

Nothing can ever stop you from making those dreams happen. It’s been proven in the film The Bucket List, and you can make your own version of that movie by simply living your life.

You are breathing, your heart is pumping, you are alive! Create your bucket list and check everything off in that list today and in the days to come!

3. Cancer cannot pull you away from love.

Love is what keeps you going. It is the moving force, the inner power that inspires you and energizes you.

The love you have for your child, for your grandchild, for your parents, for your beloved pet.

Even if you are suffering from cancer right now, that does not mean your love is already gone. It will never go away because love is your very essence.

So instead of succumbing to bitterness or hatred or anger, pull yourself closer towards the healing energy of love.

Tell someone how much you love him or her. Keep the love in your heart and in your mind burning each day.

And most importantly, continue to love yourself. You are beautiful, you are amazing, you are love.

4. Cancer cannot take your happiness away.

Happiness is not in what you have or what you don’t have.

Happiness is deep within you, in your soul.

So you will never be without happiness because you will never be without your soul! As you stay connected with your inner self, your happiness remains.

What are the things that spark joy in your life? Is it a breath of fresh air? Is it listening to relaxing music? Is it a hug from your loved one? But other than the external sources of happiness, stay in touch with your soul.

Practice stillness and just connecting with your breath.

Just the fact that you’re breathing, your heart is beating, your blood is flowing in your veins are reasons to be happy.

Cancer cannot stop you from enjoying a hobby

5. Cancer cannot stop you from enjoying a hobby.

What are the things you enjoy doing?

Do you like to play board games? Or maybe you enjoy singing, playing the guitar, going for a walk, playing with your dog?

Do them! Your hobbies energize you and keep you alive. The things you are passionate about and make you smile are the ones that continue to keep you going.

Need some ideas on awesome hobbies to do? Here are some of those fun and worthwhile hobbies you can try.

Don’t let this list limit you from doing what you want. I’m pretty sure you can add dozens to this list, so just keep those hobbies coming!

6. Cancer cannot ruin your mind.

Your mind is completely untouched by cancer.

It’s just impossible for it to be destroyed by any kind of disease unless you allow it to. And you shouldn’t.

Practice meditation to maintain peace and silence in your mind. Do the things that keep you focused and keep your mind healthy.

Certain habits help improve your mind and mental health, and here are just a few of the things you can do. Eat well, get plenty of sleep and rest, fill your days with relaxing activities.

It also helps to take supplements that support your overall health – physical, mental, psychological.

7. Cancer cannot define you.

​Most importantly, cancer does not define you. You are NOT your cancer. It is just a disease, and you’re bigger and greater than cancer!

So continue to keep living, continue to fight that cancer, and make each day the best days of your life.

When you don’t give up on yourself, your body will never give up on you. It’s as simple as that.

Don’t forget the stats – millions of people survive cancer. And you are one of them.

Live, love, laugh and always remember that cancer is only a disease and will never, ever corrupt your very soul.

Cancer is Just a Phase, You Will Overcome It!

Cancer is Just a Phase, You Will Overcome It!

Let me end this by saying that miracles happen every single day of our lives. And the greatest miracle is feeling your heart beating, feeling your stomach inflating each time you breathe.

You are alive, and you will continue to live as long as you choose to and make it happen.

So don’t let cancer beat your body and spirit up.

Strive to live each day with love and peace in your heart and always remember that there are so many things cancer cannot do.

Cancer has no power over you!

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