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What is Longevity? The Secret You Need to Know to Live Longer

Longevity… Is it really possible to attain it, or is it just wishful thinking?

But before we go to that, what is longevity, anyway?

And what’s the key towards it?

Let’s explore further on what longevity means and how you can obtain it.

You’ll be surprised to know that the secret to longevity is not complicated at all!

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What is Longevity? More About Aging and Longevity Genes

Who has not heard of some new and exciting Key to Longevity? It seems every Health Guru or Longevity Expert has the answer.

If you search Longevity on the Internet, hundreds of websites pop up immediately with the latest and greatest.

But essentially, longevity means having a long duration of life. You live past your 20s, 30, 50, maybe even 90s!

Nowadays, it’s something that seems a bit of a tough goal to achieve. People die at a young age, they get sick too frequently, and there goes their longevity plan…

Meanwhile, people from centuries ago celebrate their 100th birthday or so like it’s the norm. They see their great, great, great, great grandkids even before they become bed-ridden and ready to die.

What is the secret to longevity?!

What is the average person to do?

The amount of information on the internet may seem daunting, and one needs an impartial guide to help separate the chaff from the wheat…

But really, longevity all boils down to slowing down the aging process.

You see, longevity and aging are pretty much tied up.

Dictitionaries define aging as the process of growing old. So does it mean we can never conquer aging because we are not immune from getting old?

True, we get older every year but we can slow down aging if we want to… If we do things right.

By slowing down aging, we don’t end up succumbing to fatal illnesses just yet. We can enjoy having youthful energy as long as we want.

They say that there’s such a thing as longevity genes. That some people are born inheriting “good” genes and “bad” genes. But here’s a fact:

You really do not have to have Longevity Genes to be successful. Scientists tell us not all genes you inherit will ever be expressed. It simply means just because you were born with the potential genetically to have some disease or some advanced physical capability, it may not happen due to environmental or other factors which trigger that gene sequence to activate.

Conversely, if you do not have a Longevity Gene it does not mean you cannot get your body tuned up to make up for this deficiency. You can change your destiny physically speaking.

Now that is quite an optimistic thing to hang on to!

Definition of Longevity and Making It Come True In Your Life

Now that we’re clear about the fact that longevity is not an impossible goal, the next question is this: How can we attain longevity?

Three things.

healthy diet Definition of Longevity

One, follow a longevity diet.

No, not those fad diets intended to help you lose weight as though weight loss requires a one-size-fits-all solution and very strict calorie depletion.

It’s all about consuming more whole foods, drinking more water, and following the 80% fullness rule instead of treating your stomach like a bottomless pit.

Two, there’s longevity fitness.

Move more, don’t act and pretend like a rock!

Aim for 10,000 steps a day, swim, play sports, ride a bicycle, exercise, stay active…

Three, longevity supplements that actually work.

It is common for people to not get all the right nutrients and enzymes and antioxidants they need to achieve a radiant health. In this case, you can get a boost by taking the right longevity supplements. The ones that help you recover and heal on a cellular level.

Do all of these, and you can achieve longevity. You will no longer ask yourself what is longevity and dream that one day it will be yours.

You are already walking the path towards it with these three basic components that a longevity plan includes!

So start today and not when you’re feeling super weak and terrible about your health.

Make each day count and let today be day number one towards longevity!

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