Where to buy colloidal silver – The Ugly and Excellent – Challenge Life Better

Where to buy colloidal silver - The Ugly and Excellent

Over and over, we are told that the golden years of modern medicine, as far as its ability to fight germs and viruses, are about to end.

A visit to the hospital to witness the whole situation of patients dying from flesh-eating bacteria or the elderly succumbing to upper respiratory infections will surely be an eye-opening experience for you. These people are withering away by the hundreds of thousands, and it is such a shame to see.

But can something be done about this?

What if there’s a natural way to preserve life by combating these bacteria and viruses instead of just letting them take control of the body?

Hand wringing, shoulder shrugging, head shaking for sure.

Research MAY help.

But for the most part, it’s all about money…

It could be that marketplace control and lack of patents that  are responsible for this crippling situation about man’s potential to heal through modern medicine.

What exactly do I mean by that?

Let me explain.

Colloidal Silver Benefits - Metal Turned Medicine?

You see, back in Ancient Egypt, batteries were produced to provide electricity needed for electroplating jewelry. These objects were discovered to have been plated jewelry, and this very same technology was responsible for the creation of metalized water.

And guess what?

This water has been found to have natural healing properties.

In fact, people working in this industry have suffered very few infections. And what’s the reason for this?

It’s all in the water they take in, which is laden with gold or silver that kill bacteria. No known pathogen can survive in the presence of silver-laden water.

Now, this material is what we know today as colloidal silver. It’s been tested against over 600 viral, fungal, and bacterial pathogens, and none of these survived in a petri dish for more than 5 minutes!

And here’s a bonus -

Colloidal silver is totally non-toxic to humans in quantities known to kill pathogens!

Colloidal Silver Benefits - Metal Turned Medicine?

Colloidal Silver Benefits

- It can be used to treat fungal infections such as ringworm and candidiasis

- Helps repair damaged tissue caused by burns and wounds

- A natural remedy for viral infections and diseases including shingles, herpes, warts and    pneumonia

- Minimizes swelling and inflammation

- Can be used as a nasal spray for people suffering from sinusitis

What is Colloidal Silver - The Real Deal

So what is colloidal silver? Is colloidal silver the best thing since apple pie for people looking for a natural treatment to infections?

If you get a hold of the real deal, the potential becomes enormous.

But how can you tell the difference between colloidal silver products that are real vs the fake stuff? REAL colloidal silver is silver MOLECULES suspended in distilled water.

It is not silver at the atomic level. The real stuff does not cause any risk of toxicity to humans and is capable of fighting viruses, bacteria and more.

Molecules are two or more silver atoms bonded together. It’s why genuine colloidal silver NEVER goes beyond the 20-30 Parts-Per-Million (PPM) density.

Another thing simplified - colloid is a molecule of a single element that’s suspended in water.

But not all colloidal silver sold in the market is the same which is why it’s important to be able to identify the differences.

Many companies peddling “Colloidal Silver” contain PPMs far greater than 20-30… Several, reading in the hundreds or thousands!

This is NOT at all what colloidal silver is since once the PPM density exceeds 20-30, the silver molecules end up clumping together and falling to the bottom of the container.

So how do they even get to such massively high PPM levels? And what ever happened to the supposed “Colloidal Silver”?

Easy. With very high voltage in the tens of thousands of volts!

This drives silver atoms, which are stripped of some of their electrons from silver rods or plates suspended in water, and end up being dispersed into the water. These atoms do not want to join with other silver atoms and clump together.

What is Colloidal Silver - The Real Deal

And here’s more -

These atoms have transformed into silver ions as they are stripped of electrons.

Bottom line, they no longer meet the chemical requirements of being colloids or being molecules suspended in water.

Maybe you’re thinking - what’s wrong with all that? It’s still silver, right?

Well, that’s true. In essence, it’s still silver.

But, the problem is the biological effects once you take it in. Some companies mislead people by still advertising this solution as Colloidal even when it’s not!

It’s ionic silver and not colloidal!

Inside the human body, this ionic silver takes only a few seconds to “find” another material from which it can acquire an electron, which is sodium chloride. And this is the salt in your blood.

Now, this “new” chemical created is now considered as Silver Chloride Salts…. The very same silver chloride salts that were first used to coat paper and make black and white photographs.

That’s really nasty stuff because your blood becomes photosensitive!

On the other hand, a different situation takes place with colloidal silver. Since it contains silver molecules not looking for an electron “meal”, all it does is flow through your body’s blood system. While it does that, it destroys fungus, bacteria, and viruses that it meets.

Colloidal / Ionic silver  in human body

Then, these materials are flushed out from the system by your kidneys. They are also excreted through your bowels.

Most importantly, colloidal silver has a MUCH larger surface area with which to come in contact with these pathogens.

Going back to ionic silver, the skin may have a tinge of blue over time the longer and more often this material is consumed.

Sounds pretty ironic, since ionic silver is clear regardless of the strength, while colloidal silver comes with a slightly yellow to bluish tint.

Yep, you can NEVER become a Smurf from taking in colloidal silver.

To make matters worse, companies selling ionic silver even market their product as a supplement… And they claim you need to use it daily to get the maximum effects? (Maximum effects of turning blue, perhaps?)

But you see, silver of any kind, whether it is ionic or colloidal, is NOT a supplement. A supplement, in definition, is a material we take in because our body needs it to support its biological processes.

Silver has NO biological function in the human body.

You can NEVER become deficient in silver.

Perhaps, it is why silver works so well as a “natural antibiotic”.

So, claiming it as a supplement and worse, spreading the lies that it must be used daily, is completely immoral. And, it MUST be stopped.

Colloidal Silver Products Are Not Daily Supplements

Buyers be aware… And be forewarned!

Colloidal silver is not intended as a daily supplement, nor is it required for your body’s biological processes.

It also has no similarity whatsoever with ionic silver, except for the fact that they are both the same kind of metal.

But in terms of the components, the PPM density, how they react inside your body… They are very much different from one another.

I strongly advise that you take what many peddlers of ionic silver have to say with a “grain of salt”.

And remember - this salt could come in handy if you decide to believe their hype and false claims.

Be well.

Buy Great Colloidal Silver

Where To Buy Great Colloidal Silver

I’ve tracked down a couple of online marketplaces  whose products actually back up their claims.

TimeChallengerLabs and  PowerLineHealth are two of those companies.

I feel very strongly about businesses following strong ethical sales practices which is why I mention them.

The risks associated with getting your hands on fake colloidal silver are in opposition to what real colloidal silver is intended to be used for.  I also encourage you to not just take my word for it and investigate it for yourself! I think you’ll be glad that you did.

Colloidal Silver False Claims Create Fears

If colloidal silver truly possesses these traits and benefits, then how come many people continue to wither away, deteriorate, and die needlessly because of a viral or bacterial disease?

More so, why do many people remain ignorant and clueless about this apparent miracle?

There’s only one reason behind that - money.

No one can ever patent this silver or the process of making colloidal silver no matter how hard some people try. So what happens is those who are not even knowledgeable about it cast fear and doubt to others who are on the fence and deciding whether they should give it a try or not.

Colloidal Silver

It has become more like a “Lunatic Fringe” process, claimed by non-believers and skeptics as a material in the realm of witchcraft, sorcery, and ignorance.

Sadly, not many people are able to experience the outstanding benefits of colloidal silver. Hurting and dying people be damned!

But the story does not end there.

Charlatans come into the mix, the people who are aware of both sides of the argument. But instead of presenting the positive effects of colloidal silver, they work in their labs and make junk silver products that’s supposed to be supported by junk science.

What gives?

They do this in the name of obscene profit and greed.

So how does the story end?

Colloidal silver was thought of as pure quackery

The medical community and the drug companies don’t hold back in saying “I told you so…” to people who have tried this water laden with silver but experienced no improvement in their condition.

Colloidal silver was thought of as pure quackery. Meanwhile, huskers continue to sell it and the lack of improvement in people’s health give doctors bragging rights to say, “I’m your doctor, and you MUST do what I tell you.”

Fast forward to today, we’ve come a long way from 2 years ago. The genie is now out of the bottle. Real science is stepping up its game to offer credible and effective treatments for infections by using and recommending this silver material.

The average person also has the opportunity to brew his own using a colloidal machine. There’s an influx of articles written about this type of water, and researchers work closely to further make people realize that it’s not sheer quackery at all.

I wouldn’t be surprised if hospitals will soon jump on the bandwagon and eliminate the horrors and grim experiences of Hospital Acquired Infections.

After all, colloidal silver has absolutely ZERO chances of causing bacterium, fungus, or virus to adapt and become immune to its toxicity. Period.

It really has the potential to change the way we look at treating infectious diseases, tissue damage, inflammation and more. With all the colloidal silver uses, this can lead to better natural treatment options for sufferers. Greed has no place in modern or natural medicine, we’re talking about the quality of life here! And if we can improve individual health without the risk of all those nasty negative side effects, well, how beautiful is that? So really I guess we can say that the story has really only just begun.

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