Direct Your Life 6 Days At A Time – A Whole Life Challenge – Challenge Life Better

Direct Your Life 6 Days At A Time - A Whole Life Challenge

Are you genuinely happy about the way things are in your life right now?

What about those little idiosyncrasies you have that kind of hold you back from being your ultimate best?

Or habits, perhaps, that eat up so much of your time, and make you so inefficient.

There’s room for improvement within everyone’s life and that’s ok. There’s nothing wrong with being unhappy with running in place.

A Whole Life Challenge

A lot of us fall into our routines of just trying to survive, running around, heading to work, taking care of the kids, making sure everything in your home is in order. It’s easy to get caught up in survival mode, but after a while life can start to feel heavy.

You can only give what you have within yourself.If deep down, you’re not happy, not feeling super great about yourself, and you feel like you’re just swimming up the creek with the current running against you, then that makes life extra tough.

You’re not really living life, but merely surviving.

Tell you what, that’s not what you’re here for. That’s not the kind of “life” you deserve.

You’re not here to just get up each morning, do your usual stuff with eyes half-open and mind partly present. I want you to live the kind of life you deserve!

And that means really feeling it deep within your soul that you’re alive, whole, and walking each step towards the actualization of your greatest dreams!

Living life partly dead, just trying to get by with the daily routine, almost kind of numbed out, or feeling unhappy about most things in your life isn’t exactly living. When was the last time you truly felt alive? Not just for a day, but consistently?

I challenge you to challenge your life better and be the best version of yourself.And I want you to start NOW.

Little by little. Incremental steps. Baby steps each day until you get closer and closer and closer to your goals and accomplishing them.

Right now it might feel like this is just the way it is, you’re not alone in that feeling, but man, you’re made for so much more. I want you to be at a place where you can finally start truly living, and that’s the challenge I’m giving you today.

Let me share with you these THREE simple steps on how to get that 6-day whole life challenge going:

1. Quit the mind games.

It’s all mind games at the start and in between.

Before you accept this feeling of being run over and run down as all there is to your life, let’s challenge life for six days. That’s how I want you to start.

Six full days of getting your head on straight, focusing on the bigger picture, and making each day count as a step closer to your dreams.

These six days will probably not come too easy for you and that’s ok, we aren’t striving for perfection but rather a better life than what you’re living right now.

There may be days that you may feel like throwing the towel and reverting to your old habits.

But I want you to keep at it. Thought patterns take time to break, old habits take time to break. Fight, don’t give up.

This is not for me. This is not for Laurie or for Harry or for Julie.

This is for YOU.

Quit the mind games

I want you to wake up each day feeling radiant, vibrant, and ready to take on ANYTHING. I know you want that for yourself too. And that’s who you are. That’s your essence. You CAN be what you want to be.

So it’s all about listening to your positive self and say screw it to the doubters and skeptics around you. Becoming mindful and challenging every negative thought and bad habit with truth. The truth that you were made for so much more than the holes you’ve fallen into.

You know yourself way better than they do. They’re on the outside, and you’re in the inside.So whose voice should you listen to, right?

And that little taunting voice in your head… The one that says you can’t do it, or you’re just a failure… It’s NOT you talking. It’s YOUR fears and doubts whispering.

And your fear is not you. Your fear is the past, or shadows of your past. Fear is a liar.

Between the past and the present, which one is more real? Which one should you listen to? Can you do anything to change your past? As much as we might like to, no you can’t. But you can change today and thereby you can change where you’re going.

The answer is clear. There is ONLY ONE moment. And that moment is the PRESENT.

So this is the present situation. You want to make positive changes in your life. You want to challenge life better. And all of these are declarations of confidence, of yearning for living your dreams and accomplishing your goals. Fear and doubt don’t have any place at all when this is where you’re at.

Most important step, step number one when you’re doing a 6-day whole life challenge is to talk to yourself, gently remind yourself that you can do it and you WILL do it. Don’t fight with yourself, don’t hate yourself from occasionally having doubts.

You want to be allies with yourself not be your own worst enemy.

So unify your mind and heart by declaring and BELIEVING and TRUSTING and FEELING these words:

I have beautiful goals.

I want to reach those goals.

And I will accomplish those goals.

Because I am strong. I am capable.

And I will succeed.

reach and accomplish your goals

It’s all about reminding yourself day after day that your goals are beautiful, worthwhile, and a game changer for you.

As long as you have the big picture in your head, then you look inside yourself and see a strong, able, and determined person, you can make things happen. And you will!

2. Direct your 6-day whole life challenge with a list.

Okay, ready to roll?

First things first. You got to start with a list. This list will be like your road map that guides you to where you’re going.

Maybe it’s a 3-item list, or 5, or 6…

But keep it simple.

Keep those items measurable, doable, and realistic.

Maybe you want to watch less TV, eat better, sleep better, or exercise more.

Say it in a measurable way.

Be specific.

Here’s an example:

1. Limit watching TV to one hour each day.

2. Eat vegetables for lunch and dinner and drink a green smoothie for breakfast.

3. Lights out and be in bed by 8. Don’t get on the computer or phone to check emails or text in the middle of the night!

4. Spend 30 minutes each day on some physical activity - bicycling, walking, jogging, yoga, etc.

Direct your 6-day whole life challenge with a list

Measurable, specific, doable, and good for ya, right?

Don’t come up with a super long list.

You don’t want to bite off more than you can chew, get overwhelmed, and just give up completely!

Important thing is you have your positive self-talk, your specific list of items you want to accomplish during this 6-day challenge, and revisit the list at the end of the day to see where you’re at and if you’ve made them happen. If you struggle with the things on your list, that’s only a clear indication of your greatest challenges, take those items and ask yourself how do these specific things affect my life? Knowing is half of the battle.

Three things.

Get these done, and you’re definitely going to make incremental steps towards challenging life better day after day! 

3. Keep going and keep challenging yourself

But don’t stop at Day 6.

You can have another set of 6, and another, and another, and another for all you want!

The 6-day challenge is only to get your feet wet and get you started with making positive changes in your life.

It doesn’t even have to end completely at day 6.

Keep going for another 6 days, and this time, you’ll feel more empowered and much more confident than when you first started.

By this time around you’ll start to recognize what your greatest challenges are on your list and begin to realize how much more important it to challenge them head on.

It’s all about making things happen, feeling good that you’ve gotten things done, and getting mentally and physically stronger each day to challenge your life better and better.

That’s the game plan and that’s where you’re heading with this 6-day whole life challenge.

You’re starting from zero, but the next levels will get easier because you already have that foundation. So once again, you start by quitting the mind games, getting on your list, staying on top of it, and keeping your focus on the big picture.

And yep, one more thing.

Have FUN.

Enjoy every moment of it.

Keep those baby steps coming in, keep those incremental changes coming in, and you’ll realize that all of your efforts, your time, your energy, these things you do to challenge YOUR life better are all worth it.Take That First Step…

And Keep Walking

Sounds like a hell lot of work?

Not really.

Keep going and keep challenging yourself

You’re just taking small steps towards a big change, one day at a time.It’s like when you’re just learning to walk.

You have the finish line in your head, you take that step, a little wobbly at first… 

Maybe you’ll stumble and fall…

But you pick yourself right up, still focused on your goal. It would be insane if we never got back up after that first wobbly step.. we would have never learned to walk.

Those steps are a part of life, they aren’t bad, and they aren’t too much. Our goals are just like this parable. They may not be perfect or look exactly how you’d like them to but that doesn’t mean just give up. Head, heart, and hand to where you’re going.

Your mind is focused on your goals, you’re replacing those fearful and doubtful thoughts with positive ones, and you’re doing everything you can to make INCREMENTAL changes.

If you’re 100% on board on this challenge, you’re present at the present moment, then how can you possibly screw up?So just take that step, get that 6-day challenge started, and keep going.

It gets easier and it gets super rewarding as you go along. Don’t take my word for it.Join myself and others on this 6 day challenge and see it for yourself!

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