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Your Thoughts Affect Your Health Positively and Negatively

Mumbo Jumbo? Any truth that just thinking about something can affect your health?

Yes! Yes, it can and in a big way. Also, being sick can have a Giant effect on your mental state. So, what to do. Find out just what is going on. Here we go.

The human mind controls just about everything in the body. 

Is it not true that thoughts lead to actions? You think about going hiking, and you do it. You think about going to get a chicken dinner, and you do it. The mind influences the body to action; muscles move, and blood flows, and soon we are getting the task at hand done. Conversely, we feel bad, and our minds tell us to rest, take aspirin and put our feet up…right?

So far, so good. But, did you know that a simple yeast infection can make you eat beyond what your body needs. A yeast can control our minds! Morbidly obese people are often infected with Candida yeast and have lost the ability to know when they are full. The yeast overrides the sensors (nerves) in the stomach and drives a person to gorge. It has NOTHING to do with Will Power!

There is also a virus that infects cats and people (primarily women) to have virtually no fear of any situation. In the case of mice, they completely ignore the scent of cats and fail to hide in the sight of a hungry cat. In the case of women, they are driven to take risks in life that others would never take and go into situations they should have avoided.

What about food, or the lack thereof? People with low blood sugar seem to function as if they were from a different planet with the loss of basic logic or direction. Commonly, they also lose the very real sense of direction and cannot find their way home.

Well, what does this have to do with thinking one is sick and getting that way?

human mind controls the body

Psychosomatic distress can create an idea in one’s mind that something is true about one’s health and soon that person is expressing very real symptoms of the disorder they believe they are a victim of. There is now a condition related to Munchausen’s disorder (where people make themselves sick for the pity of others) that is based upon reading too much material on the Internet about some disease. The people become sick with faux symptoms which closely mimic the true disease.

We are not that way, are we? Most, no. But, many, many people truly believe that they will get the flu without a flu shot each year.

Scientists have now proven that virtually all flu vaccines are completely ineffective since the flu strains have mutated 15 or 20 times since the vaccine was created. Yet, the people who fail to get their shots often become deathly ill, believing they have the flu since “I could die without my shot!” The media does an incredible number on us all with this regard.

But, is the science really behind this head-body relationship for tipping reality? 

Absolutely. It’s used every day in the medical field for research: the Placebo Effect. Our brains are so powerful (capable of producing powerful chemicals) that when people are given a simple, inert and ineffective pill for some disorder, much of the time 50% are seeing positive results!

Can this have any effect on one’s mood? The yeast story has another sad twist: people lose self-esteem as they gain weight beyond their control. In essence, they become depressed. In general, most obese people suffer from some level of depression. Well, here’s a great opportunity to medicate for that! Many obese people are on the Depression Pill prescription treadmill.

head-body relationship for tipping reality

Shortly, they also end up having to “get their cholesterol down” so they are fed statins. Bad news…statins feed depression…get the picture?

Another factor for “believing it and it is so” is aging.

Ever hear someone say, “He needs to act his age!”? Sure, but what does that mean exactly? It means that one must conform to the stereotype of the decrepit old person and restrict their activities and “their dreams”! But, you and I know the sad truth: inactivity breeds despair and loss of desire to be active. Remember, the rocking chair kills more people than old people falling off mountains while they are hiking!

believing it and it is so - aging

Personally, I resent being told that I must conform. I will not let someone else dictate that my mind needs to shut my body down because I look “too old”! I say to them, “get over it.” My body being in shape sends good chemicals to my brain, so I do not convince myself I am too old or too sick to move.

No medication can take the place of a “Can Do Attitude” but, plenty of meds can take that “Can Do Attitude” and flush it! I watched my favorite 100-year-old aunt become a drugged “zombie” in a nursing home because she demanded her daily paper and a chance to visit the other ladies up and down the hall. Within two weeks she merely stared at the wall and mumbled. She had driven herself to the home to check in. Her family allowed the medication because the home referred to her as busybody talker. They always said, “Well, the doctor’s right…He’s the doctor.”

Sainthood? BS...

Keep your mind and your body.

Do not allow inactivity to create an inactive mind that sends out “Inactive” signals. Activity spawns activity!

We are fully capable of going down the right road. Read, think, talk & communicate with others every day. Argue over something for which you are passionate and never, never, give up!

Be well.

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